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September 2016

Navigating the Documentation of Community Need
by Sandy Champion, CMSR | Vice President at Coker Group 
   Physician recruitment arrangements present risks to all hospitals engaged in physician recruiting and tax-exempt hospitals face additional risks. Laws and regulations in place weigh heavily on physician recruitment activities. Before a healthcare organization can recruit a physician that involves financial arrangements, it must demonstrate a need for that physician in the community. And the details required for verifying that need are rigorous.

    Hospitals and health systems continue to recruit physicians and providers in their mission to provide the needed medical care for their communities. Hospitals are required to document the highest level of specificity to maximize documentation for the community need for recruited physicians. This documentation, which must be completed prior to allocating resources to recruit a physician, can increase or decrease the chances of adverse audit findings.  
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Creating Balance between Clinician Needs and Cyber Security Policies
by Marissa Maldonado | IT Systems Project Manager at Coker Group

   One of the original benefits of the healthcare industry's migration to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) was to more easily share Protected Health Information (PHI) in order to better serve the patient. Unfortunately opportunistic groups of cybercriminals have discovered profitable margins when they become part of the information supply chain. Cyber security breaches are increasing in frequency at an epidemic rate. It is no longer thought of as an "if it happens" scenario but "when it happens" scenario. As cyber security policies become more complex in order to protect PHI how does a practice promote a culture of compliance without the policies disrupting the quality of care?

    Similar to any culture shift within a practice, you first need to develop a strategy on how to identify existing IT security exposures and weaknesses. Seek out third party cyber security experts who will utilize tools on your network to evaluate how secure your network is from the outside and the inside. These assessments are known as white hat or ethical hacking practices. A few of the key components include network penetration testing, HIPAA security audits, social engineering testing, and email phishing attacks. Based on the analysis of these results you will be able to create firm network risk assessments and the steps to address vulnerabilities.

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Learn how to successfully navigate the path to value with Coker Group's mini-webinar series. Senior executives from Coker will present on the components related to the shift from volume to value. This series will be multiple mini-webinars that will be 30 minutes each. During that time, presenters will introduce the topic, address the issues and challenges related to the topic, and answer previously submitted questions. To ensure these sessions are beneficial, we invite you to submit your questions here. For more information on the dates and topics, click here. 
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Coker Group, a global healthcare consulting and financial services firm that provides operational and financial solutions to healthcare organizations throughout the US and abroad, seeks well-qualified candidates for these positions:

  • Chief Medical Officer, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, Alamogordo, NM
  • Chief Executive Officer,  Northwest Surgical Specialists, Eugene, OR
  • Assistant Vice President- Patient Care Services, Cardio Vascular Services, DCH Health System, Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Director of Purchasing, Genesis Health System, Zanesville, OH
  • Executive Director of Facilities and Campus Operations, Springhill Medical Center, Mobile, AL
  • Chief Executive Officer, Children's Specialty Group, Norfolk, VA

Candidates interested in learning more about these opportunities should forward a resume to:
Charles L. Nagle, President
Nagle & Associates
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