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February 2016

A Strategic Systematic Approach to Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA): A Living Plan for Your Community Health Improvement
by Sandy Champion, CMSR | Vice President at Coker Group 

Not-for-profit hospitals must provide benefit to the communities they serve to maintain their tax-exempt or "charitable" status, as a requirement under section 501 (c) (3) of the Federal Internal Revenue Code.

Further, in section 501(r), the final regulations provide that a hospital organization meets the requirements of section 501(r)(3) in any taxable year, with respect to a hospital facility it operates, only if the hospital facility has conducted a CHNA in such taxable year or either of the two immediately preceding taxable years, and an authorized body of the hospital facility has adopted an implementation strategy to meet the community health needs identified through the CHNA. Read more.
Mitigating Organizational Stress
by Chip Nagle | President of Nagle and Associates, 
Coker Group Company

Have you ever taken a personal stress test? If you have, then you know that change of any kind in large or small amounts increases the stress on your body's systems. When the cumulative stress reaches a high enough level, the human system breaks down. I believe the same kind of process occurs in organizations. Change within the organization, its culture, or its market environment causes stress. If that stress is too great, some kind of organizational breakdown is bound to follow. Some of the warning signs and subsequent effects might include: high turnover rate; absenteeism; internal political skirmishing; declining quality and productivity; inconsistent service delivery; poor customer relations; risk aversion, and eventually shrinking profitability and erosion of morale. Read more.
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Below you will find a list highlighting some of

our current searches. If you are interested in

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Coker Group, a global healthcare consulting and financial services firm that provides operational and financial solutions to healthcare organizations throughout the US and abroad, seeks well-qualified candidates for these positions:


  • Chief Medical Officer, Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center, Alamogordo, NM

  • Senior Director of Research, Dimensions Health System, Washington DC

  • Director of Human Resources, Southeast Georgia Medical Center, Brunswick, GA

  • Chief Executive Officer,  Northwest Surgical Specialists, Eugene, OR

Candidates interested in learning more about these opportunities should forward a resume to:


Charles L. Nagle, President

Nagle & Associates


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Revenue Cycle Management Turnaround - A Case Study

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Coker will produce a white paper to introduce our new Population Health Management service, Coker ValuePath.

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