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January 2016

When and How to Convert to another EHR
by Jeffery Daigrepont | Senior Vice President at Coker Group 

Is your EHR not working? Is your EHR at the end of its useful life? Are you experiencing a vendor merger or practice merger?

Buying and implementing an EHR is one of the biggest decision a practice will ever make. EHRs can have both positive and negative impact on the operations of a practice, depending on the qualifications of the vendor and the methods of implementing the system. Further, not all failures are caused by vendors. Some practices find it difficult to implement change; other's just have buyer's remorse and regret their decision to purchase EHR. It can also be difficult to adjust to an EHR when the system does not meet the unique needs and requirements of the practice. 
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Do M&A Deals Really Result in Long-Term Value Creation? Increasing Your Odds of Success
by Mark Reiboldt | Senior Vice President at 
Coker Group

Consolidation among healthcare providers, including hospitals and physician-owned entities, continues to skyrocket each year, exceeding the prior year's transactions. However, the structures and strategies have changed dramatically.

Hospitals have been engaging in various mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals throughout the various cycles that began in the 1980s. Emerging in the 1990s were deals between physicians and hospitals, where these two unique market players pursued mergers and other joint ventures. The majority of these deals unraveled, proving to be negative experience from both sides. The baggage left behind continues to impact the dynamic between hospitals and physicians today. Read more.
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Coker Group, a global healthcare consulting and financial services firm that provides operational and financial solutions to healthcare organizations throughout the US and abroad, seeks well-qualified candidates for these positions:


  • Director of Pharmacy Services, Princeton Baptist Medical Center, Birmingham, AL

  • Senior Director of Research, Dimensions Health System, Washington DC

  • Director of Human Resources, Southeast Georgia Medical Center, Brunswick, GA

  • Chief Executive Officer,  Northwest Surgical Specialists, Eugene, OR


Candidates interested in learning more about these opportunities should forward a resume to:


Charles L. Nagle, President

Nagle & Associates


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