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Volume 84, Issue 25
June 19, 2016

6/15 Matthew Corrigan, Political Expert & Chair/Professor of Political Science and Administration at UNF
6/29 tbd
7/6   House of Representatives Debate: Dick Kravitz and Jason Fischer with Kent Justice of Channel 4 News
7/13 Charles McBurney, State Representative
7/20 Hugh Greene, CEO, Baptist Health
7/27 Lori Boyer, 2016 Jacksonville City Council President 
Friday, June 24th - Monthly Golf Outing
Saturday, June 25th - City Rescue Mission Civic Project

SBMC Calendar of Events

If you missed last week's luncheon, you REALLY missed out!  Following several months of hard work by our illustrious scholarship committee, Howard Caplan awarded 10 scholarships totaling $12,500!  5 of the recipients were present to come forward for introductions and tell us where they were attending college, and what program of study interested them.  One in fact was a renewal from last year who decided to pass on partying her Freshman year of college and earned a 4.0 GPA at UF!!!  Unfortunately, the other 5 were already away at college for the summer (overachievers), but they sent Howard letters which he read aloud.  The scholarship committee is one that's seen several of its members continue on year-after-year, and Howard has run it like a Swiss watch for as long as I can remember.  Its members are passionate about their duties, and they work hard especially since they have to read all the applications in their entirety and rank them accordingly.  Howard is always open to new members, of which we had a few this year, so please reach out to him if you have an interest in the future.
Then at New Member induction, for the first time as long as I can recall, we inducted our speaker Senator Aaron Bean as our newest member!  Now I mentioned previously that Aaron has a talent we had plans to utlilize last week.  His auctioneering skills are well polished and incredibly entertaining.  Jepp Walter, who has become our weekly auctioneer, invited Aaron to help him with the week's door prizes.  Members in attendance were in hysterics, and Aaron already knew many of them so it was easy to call them out by name and "encourage" more bidding.  Aaron was familiar with our program from prior appearances and brought a door prize of his own.  Coincidentally it was a Golf Themed Martini glass which our own aficionado and Olive Juice proprietor Jepp led the bidding on initially.  Aaron also paired the item with something he's sure is going to "Catch on" he referred to as a "picture pole" for taking pictures of yourself with a mobile phone; where does he get these ideas?!?!?!?
Next Erin Eiras gave us a little bit of background info on Aaron, and the Senator took the podium to tell us about the recent legislative session.  He gave a brief tutorial on their duties, procedure, and the overwhelming number of bills considered by both chambers (1,800+) which are reviewed over the 3 months preceding their 60 days in session.  I knew our friends Reps McBurney, Ray, and Renner were very selfless and hardworking individuals, but this certainly puts things into perspective.  In fact, I Googled "Florida Legislature Salaries" & found it interesting our elected officials in the House and Senate make less than the Aides who support them! 
Aaron also shared some of the major bills that were considered, but one he mentioned he's considering to propose next session I found quite interesting.  He compared it to the Truth in Lending disclosure you get during a mortgage process.  This would be a disclosure stating the job rates coinciding with various programs of study to better guide students on what they can expect out of their education.  It would require the listing of salary range of each Major as well as the percentage of graduates who found jobs in those fields their first years out of college.  I'm all for minimizing regulation, but when we see graduates with nearly $100k in student loans struggling to find employment, it makes you wonder if they're being properly counselled by their advisors.  I look forward to seeing this idea progress next year, and how it evolves to potentially change our education system altogether.  For years' people have said the 4-year college system was broken, this might just turn things around.
On Thursday our new members Jeff Hubbard and Dennis Laguador hosted the first Meet-a-Member of the year and it was FANTASTIC!  As promised they had a drawing about every half hour and quite an impressive showroom.  It was great to see all the modern officer furniture options, as well as their ability to customize for their customers as needed.  In true SBMC fashion the refreshments were plentiful, the caterer was excellent, and it's pretty safe to say they set the bar high for those that follow later in the year.  I think we had about 50 people based on ticket sales at the meetings and through our website; and of course a great time was had by all.  Thank you Jeff and Dennis for a great evening, and getting involved so quickly into your membership.  We look forward to getting to know you better and hopefully exchanging business opportunities in the future!
This week Dr. Matthew Corrigan, who is a local political expert, professor, and Chairman of UNF's Political Science department, will share his perspective on the current election cycle.  We're seeing something at the national level like never before.  On the left many thought Sen. Sanders didn't have a chance, but when it came down to it were it not for their "Super delegates" things came a lot closer than anticipated.  On the right we started out with nearly 20 major candidates for the GOP nomination, many having been firm that "Donald Trump will not be the nominee" and here he is with more votes than any Republican previously.  Also we have long-time Congressmen like Speaker Boehner and our own Congressman Ander Crenshaw choosing not to run for reelection.  Dr. Corrigan is often interviewed and quoted by our local media on political matters so he's sure not to disappoint. 
Looking forward through our own election season we have a pretty packed summer of stellar programs. Specifically, we have debates scheduled for both our outgoing House Reps. McBurney and Ray's seats in the state legislature.  We'll begin on July 6th with District 16 which is Charles McBurney's seat, for which our own Dick Kravitz, (who previously served in the legislature) and School Board Member Jason Fischer are running.  Channel 4's Kent Justice has kindly offered to moderate this debate, as at the time of scheduling we were still awaiting an answer on Charles' judicial appointment from the governor.  Judges need to be impartial and not show favoritism in races like these and although I'm sure we'd agree Charles is one of the most honest people we've ever met, he needs to prevent even the question from arising....hopefully the next time I mention him in a newsletter it's as "His honor, Judge McBurney." 
Then on August 3rd since he's not running for Judge, but rather a higher legislative office, Rep. Lake Ray will moderate a debate for HIS seat in District 12 which has drawn several candidates.  Both events are sure to be informative and entertaining.  My appreciation goes out to Bill Bishop who has been kind enough to coordinate these programs for us.  As we try and plan as much time as possible, as well as the most substantive programs, all questions for the events will be prepared in advance.  If you'd like to suggest a question to be included, please email Bill directly at [email protected] in order for him to relay to the moderators for consideration. 
See you soon,
Patrick Heatherington


During the current election season, once weekly, we'll give any candidate for any office who attends our meeting 5 minutes to address the Membership.  This is on a first come, first served basis and due to certain programs there may be a few "blackout" dates during the season.  Should you or someone you know be campaigning for office with a desire to speak, please contact Patrick at [email protected] to arrange a date.  The person speaking must be the actual candidate running for office.  Finally only the candidate of the week will be permitted to distribute literature to members and on tables.

2016 City Rescue Mission Summer Picnic is June 25th!
Please help us create a record year helping those less fortunate in Jacksonville. We will be volunteering at the City Rescue Mission New Life Facility on June 25th but need all members on deck to help build "packages" to hand out in addition to the food at our picnic! Please start bringing to lunch any or all of the following and we thank you for your donations in advance!
  • Travel size sunscreen
  • Travel size toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Hats
  • Chapstick
Mike Russo: C-352-274-4407


After a very enjoyable and beneficial "Dunkin' Donuts SBMC 21st Annual Youth Achiever Charity Golf Classic presented by Pet Paradise" at San Jose Country Club, it's now time for our next regular SBMC golf outing. It will be at Deercreek Country Club on Friday, June 24th, starting at 12:00 noon.

Cost per participant is $40.00 (+ tax) for green/cart fees and includes range balls for your warm-up. We'll have sequential tee times from 12:00 onwards and we have 32 spots available.
Deercreek is a member of our SBMC, so please support them by joining us and play a round of golf and experience this wonderful country club. The course is familiar to many of you and was designed by Robert Miller. It has been open since 1989 and is well known for its challenging carries and demanding doglegs.

So, come join your fellow SBMC members and friends for a great round of golf. To reserve your spot(s) contact me at (904) 403-6754 or send an email to [email protected].

Nico Hogeveen
2016 SBMC Golf Chair

During the months of June-August we will be issuing double credit for any guests that become members.  Your $20 credit may be used for any of the upcoming SBMC Events.  Credit may not be used for lunch at San Jose.  Any member that reaches 5 new sponsored members will receive a special gift basket from us.  
Lisa Lea
Membership Chair

Our Club Secretary, Christy Rosen, is leaving her position as SBMC Executive Secretary.  Christy would like to thank the Club and its Members for the opportunity to serve as its Executive Secretary for almost 3 years.

Meanwhile, we need to try to find a replacement.  Please pass the word as follows:

Opening for PART TIME (20 hours per MONTH) Club Administrator/Secretary for SBMC. This position requires excellent written and oral communication skills; must have own computer and network access. Will attend weekly luncheon meetings (lunch provided) as well as monthly board meeting. Will provide minutes of each meeting to all members, edit and distribute weekly e-newsletter and provide other administrative services as required. Must have strong business acumen and professional experience. 

Email interest and resume to: [email protected]


Are you looking for more visibility and branding for your business?  Would you like more than just a once-a-year spotlight speech to exhibit at the club meetings?  Then check out our new "Lunch Sponsor" opportunities!  This year we're committed to: 
  • Providing programs that by names or titles are recognizable and consistent draws
  • Taking ownership of the lunch buffet by choosing the menu each week
  • Designating some tables "Discussion focused" selecting topics to spark conversation
  • Providing multiples channels of information delivery, rather than just verbal announcements mid-meeting (Table take-ones)
  • Tailoring the meeting to a fun and professional presentation
In conjunction with these efforts, we will begin projecting a PowerPoint weekly from 11:30-12:30 listing the speaker & upcoming functions/events as well as up to 5 (4+spotlight) member lunch sponsors in between the various slides.  The spotlight speaker of course receives theirs free.  You create your slide and send it to us, so it's whatever you want it to be, and it's only $25!
Contact Fred Allison, Hal Smith, or Mike Russo for more details:
Fred Allison: C-903-701-1012
Hal Smith: C-904-881-1036
Mike Russo: C-352-274-4407

There are 2016 spotlight speaker dates available!  The book is at the sign-in table at each meeting. 

This is free to all members in good standing and gives you the opportunity to talk about your business, family, interests, or anything else you would like to talk about for five minutes.  You are also able to put out business cards, flyers, or informational materials on the tables to showcase your business.

Pick your date before they fill up!

We also ask for volunteers to help us start our meetings to get us thinking about what is really important and what is behind whatever success we have achieved - God and Country.

If you have a calling to lead us in prayer/invocation or the pledge of allegiance, please either call or sign up in the spotlight speaker book.

Colby Caltrider
SBMC Sergeant-At-Arms
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For questions and comments about the newsletter, 
please email [email protected].

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