As mentioned last week, our fellow member Rep. Charles McBurney is a candidate for judicial appointment by Governor Scott.  While having a strong rating by the NRA throughout his tenure in office, due to a single bill not being heard by his committee last session the state head of the NRA has targeted his candidacy.  It's worth mentioning the bill had already been defeated in another committee.  As session time is very limited, there's only so much time available and only 10% of bills pass the House.  Charles confirmed he spent hours in discussion with Ms. Hammer prior to and after the decision.  Also I've heard from more than one source speculating this may be an attempt at setting an example to other legislators. 
We need objective judges with strong character on the bench.  Those working against Charles have enlisted mailing lists to send thousands of emails to the governor...most from outside Charles's district.  Many of you copied me upon sending yours for which Charles is grateful.  As the NRA is a strong lobby, of which many of our members are also members, the Governor needs to see support on Charles's side.  That being said, after receiving numerous requests from many of you, the SBMC Board has agreed to allow the membership to vote tomorrow on sending an "open letter" to the Governor stating the club's support.   If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly, otherwise please plan to attend tomorrow's meeting to cast your vote.

Patrick Heatherington