Charles needs our help.  If you weren't already aware, Charles is up for a judgeship appointment by Governor Scott and has come under fire from the Florida head of the NRA.  While Charles has maintained a perfect rating by the NRA the 9 years he's served as our State Rep, recently due to one bill they've mounted a cause against him.  In yesterday's debate when the topic of our murder rate arose, domestic violence was cited as one of the areas of highest concern.  According to one of the articles below, Charles stated "In my opinion, the bill would have victimized victims, especially those of domestic violence."  From what I've been able to learn, most if not all the emails sent to the governor against Charles (5k+) weren't even from his district.  Furthermore only about a dozen were sent on his behalf, many outside as well.  The Governor is meeting with Charles today and is expected to make a decision fairly quickly as we're down the road in the process.
I urge you to consider writing an email in support of Charles's appointment as Judge in the 4th Judicial circuit to the Governor immediately at [email protected].  Charles is a former prosecutor, business owner, SBMC Member since 199, former SBMC officer; and the only reason he's not a Past President is he resigned as an officer when he went to represent us in Tallahassee.  If you would like to discuss with me further, please don't hesitate to reach out.  I'm hopeful we can send the Governor a few hundred emails by tomorrow from SBMC members.

Patrick Heatherington