Wednesday, our long awaited debate between States Attorney Angela Corey and Matt Shirk will take place and we anticipate a packed house.  We've had multiple calls from media who will be present, in fact we've already confirmed camera's will be present.  Events like this in the past have drawn upwards of 100 people, but without reservations in advance we only guarantee food for 50.  Pre-Registration is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED (click the link below to register) as anyone not having done so runs the risk of not being able to eat so please plan ahead.  Additionally, seating is only guaranteed for those who register in advance.  Finally, Daniel Bean is moderating the event and has asked for members to submit questions to possibly be included in the program.  Please send your suggested questions to him at [email protected]

Pre-register at: Corey vs Shirk Debate
See you soon,
Patrick Heatherington