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The Newsletter of the Southside Business Men's Club Volume 84, Issue 1,  January 3,  2016
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Spotlight Speakers

January 6-
Installation of Officers & Awards Ceremony

January 13-
Lowry Moore

January 20-
Greg Gutkowsky

January 27-
Tom Gill

Happy Birthday

Charles Perrone, 1/3
Juan Pertierra, 1/4
Robert Burke, 1/5
Al Nejad, 1/5
Jack Williams, 1/8

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Woody Cooper Award
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Mike Russo


Bob Ascher
Barry Griffin

  Next Meeting 
January 6, 2015 
San Jose Country Club
7529 San Jose Blvd
Jacksonville, FL
Lunch Buffet 12:00 pm
$20 Members
$25 for Guests 
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1/6       Installation of 2016 Officers and Board of Governors

1/13    Joe Miller, Owner, Jacksonville Giants
1/20   Toney Sleiman, Sleiman Enterprises
1/27   Mayor Curry

Tim Howe, President
Southside Business Men's Club 
(904) 813-8950

This Wednesday will mark our first meeting of 2016.  It is when I step down as President and Patrick Heatherington, takes over.  Some of our Board members drop off, and others assume open positions. 

This will be the time to recognize all of our members who chaired and co-chaired last year's events.  To give you an idea of how much this Club accomplishes in a year, on Wednesday, we will recognize nearly 70 members for their efforts in 2015.  Some of these people will be recognized for more than one project.  If you chaired or co-chaired an event in 2015, you should make every effort to be at this week's meeting.

This will also be time when our 2015 leadership is released from duty, and the 2016 leadership is installed.  Neat fact: at one point during the meeting, Chairman Annie will be the sole leadership of Club.  If you are a Board member or Officer in 2015 and/or 2016, you should REALLY make every effort to be at this week's meeting.

This week's meeting is not unlike the New Year's Eve scenario of the old bearded-man walking out and the new baby arriving.  Patrick may be starting his journey, but I am not insinuating that he is youthful and na�ve.  I have the most confidence in him as your new president; he is very focused and organized.  He has a strong vision for the Club's future and is making sure that your membership experience with SBMC is better than ever in 2016.

Once I pass the gavel, he will make his first address to the Club, as President Heatherington.  He will offer some glimpses into his vision for our future.

This is always a very well-attended and most exciting meeting of the year.  There are always surprises, and this year's meeting should be no different.  I truly hope all of you will be able to attend, and experience the excitement that is in store for the new year. 

It has been my pleasure to serve this outstanding organization and its members as president for 2015.  I want to thank everyone for your support of me, and I wish everyone good fortunes in 2016.

Your most humble servant, Tim Howe.

January 6th, Thanks to You!!
Anyone who has been a Chair or Co-Chair of an event in 2015 is requested to attend our first meeting of 2016.  The rest of you can come, too.

This is when the 2015 leadership team will say really nice things about your volunteer efforts this year, (even though you drove them crazy). 

--If you don't show, you will be ridiculed and automatically volunteered to chair additional committees in 2016, so you better attend!!  I've already ordered the plaques and I can't get a refund; you HAVE to take it.

This is also the meeting where your new leadership will be installed, Patrick will make a motivational speech about something, and I finally earn my free meal at the Past President's Day celebration.  Wohoo!!

Even if you did very little with the Club in 2015 (not naming names), this will still be a lot of fun.  It's always a well-attended meeting; you won't want to miss out!!


There are 2016 spotlight speaker dates available!  The book is at the sign-in table at each meeting. 

This is free to all members in good standing and gives you the opportunity to talk about your business, family, interests, or anything else you would like to talk about for five minutes.  You are also able to put out business cards, flyers, or informational materials on the tables to showcase your business.

Pick your date before they fill up!

We also ask for volunteers to help us start our meetings to get us thinking about what is really important and what is behind whatever success we have achieved - God and Country.

If you have a calling to lead us in prayer/invocation or the pledge of allegiance, please either call or sign up in the spotlight speaker book.
Keith Litterick 
SBMC Sergeant At Arms


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