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The Newsletter of the Southside Business Men's Club Volume 83, Issue 13,  March 29, 2015
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April 1-
Walter Smith

April 8-
Jeanne Maron

April 15-
Nico Hogeveen

April 22-
Jepp Walter




Happy Birthday

Matt Ramano, 3/31
Aaron Zarle, 3/31
Brett Beisker, 4/1
Brian Ross, 4/1
Larry Taylor, 4/1
Nancy Abercrombie, 4/2
Ian Davies, 4/2
Jerry Snider, 4/2
Nancy Bennett, 4/4
Rey Marquez, 4/4






   Prizes & Raffles        


Attendance Award,

Sponsored by 

Fred Allison, 

Dex Imaging

No Winner Last Week
Doug Matthews



Woody Cooper Award

Sponsored by:  Marlin Technology


Name Drawn Last Week: Thuraia Owais



Chuck Perrone
Mike Dungey
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April 1, 2015 


San Jose Country Club

7529 San Jose Blvd

Jacksonville, FL

Lunch Buffet 12:00 pm

$20 Members

$25 for Guests 



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4/1 Peter Rummell, Healthy Town


4/8    Steven Grossman, Jax Aviation Authority

Tim Howe, President
Southside Business Men's Club 
(904) 813-8950

It's a particularly hot and humid day here at Nimnicht Chevrolet Fleet/Commercial sales office (shameless plug).  I can see heatwaves rolling off the asphalt.  The leaves are wilting on the trees, and its only mid-March!  I must be delusional...I hear children's music coming from a speaker outside...ICE CREAM!!!!

Now I haven't bought ice cream off a truck in...well...decades.  But on this day, I've got to have one.  So, I convince my body that it is deficient of the nutrients that only vended ice cream can provide.  I grab my loose change cup and walk (I have my pride) to the truck.  If he drives off, then it just wasn't meant to be. 

Oh no, he's driving off!!  Rather than looking like a fool that couldn't buy ice cream, I put my SBMC auction skills to use and give out a short 'hup!'  I see brake lights...victory is mine!!

Side note: With all due respect to the Van Halen song, have you ever bought anything from an ice cream truck vendor?  Seriously, this guy could be a mass-murderer...or least just real creepy. Apparently, he chooses not to participate in daily bathing practices.  NOT MY PROBLEM TODAY!  Ice cream is in my immediate future, and this pillar of Jacksonville's dairy industry is my champion!

Rubbing my hands with anticipation, I scour all the faded and scratched pictures from which to choose.  Probably a waste of time, as I only like two items from an ice cream truck: Good Humor Strawberry Shortcakes and Fudgesicles (the full chocolate one; not the one with vanilla in the middle).

I enthusiastically opt for the Fudgesicle!  My good vendor informs me that he is currently without Fudgesicles.  Curses!  Now I must settle for the loooowwwwwly Strawberry Shortcake.  Eh, it's the one I wanted anyway.  A short time later: I am back in my office chair, peeling away the packaging, revealing my bovine delight. 

Now as a child, I would've pounded that treat as quickly as avoiding brain-freeze would allow.  But, just as the Good Book instructs: 'When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me'.  So, I made the mature decision to actually READ the label, of what I am about to eat.

On the front it states that the 'cake coating' is artificially flavored.  It proceeds to the 'light ice cream' statement, where an asterisk divulges that it is NOT a light food.  Huh?!  Lastly, there is a strawberry flavored center with artificial color.  In retrospect, I could detect a hint of metallic strawberry, pinging my taste buds. 

I flip the wrapper over to the backside to find all the nutritional information.  Nutrition, really?!  But, before I can get to that, I discover that my Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar is made by the good people at Unilever.  That's the same company that makes detergent, shampoo and soap...oh, this is just keeps getting better.  All three features: Coating, center, and 'light ice cream' have a multitude of ingredients I can either not pronounce and/or that shouldn't be in ice cream (just my opinion).  Worst of all, it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup, and you know what they say about that...

As you probably figured out...there really IS no nutritional value to a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar.  And this revelation coming from the person who can justify that scotch whiskey as a reasonable healthy drink (low in calories and no carbs). 

By now, I've consumed my afternoon treat.  I am a little disappointed that I didn't choose more wisely.  But all in all, this trip down memory lane was not as unhealthy as going to Burger King and buying a Whopper (which I love).  Conversely, it wasn't as healthy as going to the Pho Noodle Bar (which I also love).  But, it sure was tasty!!! 

Epilogue:  As I looked over my recent Messages, I noticed there has been an abundance of political, volunteer, and civic calls to action, as well as donation requests.  Today, there is no underlying message, no segue into a greater meaning, no moral to the story.  It is just the ramblings of your most humble servant.



It's election season and we're allowing any candidate running for office on a first-come-first-served basis to speak for 5 minutes about their campaign.  If you're supporting anyone running, please have them contact Patrick Heatherington for arrangements.....the first available is NEXT week's meeting.

Mobile: 904-449-2858

[email protected]


2015 Civic Affairs Committee



Fellow members,


We are just over half way done with the first half of the year contest for sponsorships and YOU still have an opportunity to WIN the $500 gift card! Now is the time to reach out to your contacts and invite them to a meeting. 


Also remember, every sponsor gets a token of appreciation; it could be a bottle of wine, some golf balls, or another special surprise! You don't want to be the one to miss out on all these wonderful goodies! Let's continue to bring our guests and build our membership!


Megan Turner,

Membership Chair 


On Saturday, April 11th, SBMC will partner with HabiJax (Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville) assisting construction in the building of a HabiJax home.  The shift will be 7:45am to 3pm (you may leave earlier if you are not able to complete the entire shift).  We will meet at the Edward Waters College (Center for Health Disparities Building), 1404 Grunthal Street, Jacksonville, - that morning (prior to or at 7:45am).  Wear closed-toed shoes and appropriate wear for doing outside construction type work.  Bring work gloves (if you have them), a hat if it is sunny, and sunscreen if necessary.  Water and lunch will be provided.  Sign up to volunteer will begin at the March 18th SBMC lunch meeting.  Please direct any questions to Rod Borom, (904) 994-4649 or [email protected].  Thank you!


It's time for The Players!


This year:  SBMC and Metro Diner are teaming up!!


We have fewer days, shorter shifts, and great food!  That way you can have more time to walk around and enjoy The Players as a spectator.  The way it used to be for us!


We will be in the Metro Diner Tent off Hole 15 at the Taste of Jacksonville location.  Dates are May 6th - 10th - that's right, Wednesday thru Sunday.  It's just a few weeks away!


A sign up book will be handed around starting at our next meeting.


You can also contact, Ken Petsch, [email protected]  or Cathy Curtis, [email protected] to sign up.


Thanks in advance!


Some of the proceeds from this event help support SBMC PAC. 


Cathy Kennedy and FIDELITY NATIONAL FINANCIAL have come forward for the second year in a row, to be Our TITLE Sponsor. 

Thank you very much, Cathy and FNF.

With the help from Jepp Walter, PET PARADISE has also returned for their second year as Our CORPORATE Sponsor!

This year's event: the FIDELITY NATIONAL FINANCIAL Charity Golf Classic with Pet Paradise will be held on Monday, May 18th at San Jose Country Club.  Shotgun start is 11:30am.

In addition to golfing one of Jacksonville's premier private courses, your entry includes a delicious lunch from Tidbits Restaurant, full BBQ Dinner prepared on-site by Don Richards and ALL the beverages, All-day long!  An individual golfer can play for $150, a foursome for $600, or you can get the "Ultimate Package" for $750.  This package includes golf for 4 people, a $300 Hole Sponsor and additional amenities! 

Please go to our charity golf website:   or speak with a Charity Golf Committee Member about signing up!

Julie Clements, Crump Kirby, Annie Howe, Cyndi Nunn, Rick Thompson, Nico Hogeveen, Jepp Walter, Don Flynn, Angelo Volpe or, Jay Cann.

Remember, IT'S FOR THE KIDS!  


There is an opportunity to host a Meet-a-Member in late April.

This is an opportunity to host a get together at your company. What a way to showcase who you are and what you do.

For information contact:

Barry Griffin:  [email protected]  or  

Megan Turner:  [email protected]   



There are 2015 spotlight speaker dates available!  The book is at the sign-in table at each meeting. 

This is free to all members in good standing and gives you the opportunity to talk about your business, family, interests, or anything else you would like to talk about for five minutes.  You are also able to put out business cards, flyers, or informational materials on the tables to showcase your business.

Pick your date before they fill up!

We also ask for volunteers to help us start our meetings to get us thinking about what is really important and what is behind whatever success we have achieved - God and Country.

If you have a calling to lead us in prayer/invocation or the pledge of allegiance, please either call or sign up in the spotlight speaker book.
Keith Litterick 
SBMC Sergeant At Arms


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