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This past Wednesday we were honored to hold a forum with all 7 qualified candidates running for Sheriff.  A straw poll was taken PRIOR to the program to gauge preferences at that time (only club members were given ballots).  For many of our members, this was before ever hearing from many of the candidates.  Based on 66 votes the results were as follows:


41% Jay Farhat

23% Mike Williams

21% Jimmy Holderfield

12% Ken Jefferson

3% Rob Schoonover


Each had 2 minutes to introduce themselves, followed by 4 minutes to cover the following questions:

  • Where do you stand on civil citations?
  • What would the department look like under your leadership?
  • What is your position on the CSO program?

Finally each had 2 minutes to close.


Jerry Holland facilitated the tabulation & presenting of the results and prefaced by saying that this was likely the first exposure to ALL the candidates by many of the voters (which likely explained why candidates Cummings and McDonald didn't receive any votes).  These days, it's common for many voters to walk into their polling precinct knowing some of the top offices and having a favorite candidate.  However, most know little about their candidate's opponent.  Or, know much about the other offices and items on the ballots. 


After the program, the question was posed for a show of hands of people who after hearing from the candidates would likely change the way they voted....the response was nearly half the room, but there was no way to know what impact that might have on each candidate.


While SBMC has not yet been able to secure all the candidates for a Mayoral forum, we decided to add this race to the ballot just for fun.  Based on 65 votes the results were:


71% Bill Bishop

26% Lenny Curry

  3% Alvin Brown


Bill Bishop was present and pleased...... 


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