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The Newsletter of the Southside Business Men's Club Volume 83, Issue 3,  January 18, 2015
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Spotlight Speakers


January 21-
Barry Griffin

January 28-
Susan Carter & 
 John Crowder

February 4-
Jennifer Arnold

February 11-
John Vick




Happy Birthday

Larry Broach, 1/18
Brian Meehan, 1/19
Baker Brooks, 1/20
Todd Cencich, 1/20
Charlie Sheppard, 1/20
Curtis Allen, 1/24
Jay Farhat, 1/24







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Woody Cooper Award

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Name Drawn Last Week:  Mike Russo




Judy Goode
Walter Smith
  Next Meeting 

January 21, 2015 


San Jose Country Club

7529 San Jose Blvd

Jacksonville, FL

Lunch Buffet 12:00 pm

$20 Members

$25 for Guest 



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1/21 Bonnie Barnes, The Arc of Jacksonville
1/28   Lake Ray, III, First Coast Manufacturing Association
2/4     Mayor Race
2/11  Sheriff Race
Tim Howe, President
Southside Business Men's Club 
(904) 813-8950






Do you remember the first day of school when you were 6 years old?  I sure do. 

--It was an unfamiliar place; I got lost a number of times.                                             

--There were a bunch of new kids that I didn't know.                                                     

--Authority figures like teachers, the principal and cooks.  Everybody telling you where to go, what to do, and that you 'aren't doing it right'.  I wanted my mommy.

'Life experiences' like that can be overwhelming for many kids, and downright traumatic for others.  At the very least, it puts a person a little on edge. 

Even now, it's always tough being the new guy.  Whether it's a new job, starting a workout program at the gym, or meeting the potential in-laws.

--This Wednesday, we will welcome 6 new members into the SBMC family:  David Northrup, Tiffany Mackay, Dal Beggs, Debra Hollis, Judy Goode and Bob Cox.

I am charging our members with the responsibility of meeting our new inductees.  Find out who they are, and what they do.  You may find some common ground with them.  You may find they can help you with your business.  Or, maybe they offer a service that you've been looking for.

Every one of these new members are excited to be starting a new chapter of their lives with SBMC.  Getting a potential member to come to a meeting and then commit to membership is the hard part.  It is up to ALL OF US to help them feel a part of this organization and to get them involved in our activities. 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.





We are starting the 2015 SBMC golf outings series with a visit to the well-known Golf Club at North Hampton. This is a signature course of golf legend Arnold Palmer and renowned course architect Ed Seay. The date is Friday, January 30th with the first tee time at 12:00 noon. Cost per participant is $35.00 for green/cart fees and range balls. To reserve your spot(s) contact Nico Hogeveen at (904) 403-6754 or send an email to [email protected]. Come join your fellow SBMC golf enthusiasts for our first round of the New Year!


Nico Hogeveen

2015 SMBC Golf Chair

We have raffle tickets for sale to win a
$500.00 American Express gift card.  

One for $5.00, three for $10.00 and seven for $20.00.  
Valerie Segraves will be selling these at the meetings.  
 Drawing will be at the
February 18th meeting.



Fellow members,

This week we kick off the year with our first membership orientation an induction at the meeting.  If you missed the meeting last week we announced in 2015 EVERYONE WINS!  Any member bringing in a new membership throughout the year will receive a small token of appreciation for introducing new members to the club and recognized accordingly.  We've already placed an order with Jeanne Maron for items from "The Gifted Cork" to start us on the right foot, and you know if it's from Jeanne's store it's definitely something you'll enjoy.  

This week is orientation and induction week.  New members approved by the board last week have been invited, and if you've joined previously however have not yet made it to orientation please join us at 11:20 at San Jose Country Club prior to the meeting

Last week the board approved the following new members/alternates who have been invited to orientation:

  • David Northrup-Principal Financial
  • Tiffany Mackey-Junior Achievement (Joining Rita Story)
  • Dal Baggs-Micro Tech
  • Debra Hollis-Republic Services (Joining Bill Kley)
  • Judy Goode-Goode's Cleaning Services
  • Bob Cox-Freedom Boat Club (Joining Lisa Almeida)

Please introduce yourself, make them feel welcome, and help acclimate our new members to the club.


2015 Membership Committee


There are 2015 spotlight speaker dates available!  The book is at the sign-in table at each meeting. 

This is free to all members in good standing and gives you the opportunity to talk about your business, family, interests, or anything else you would like to talk about for five minutes.  You are also able to put out business cards, flyers, or informational materials on the tables to showcase your business.

Pick your date before they fill up!

We also ask for volunteers to help us start our meetings to get us thinking about what is really important and what is behind whatever success we have achieved - God and Country.

If you have a calling to lead us in prayer/invocation or the pledge of allegiance, please either call or sign up in the spotlight speaker book.

Keith Litterick 
SBMC Sergeant At Arms

2015 Dues and Meeting attendance changes


From time-to-time the Board of Governors reviews activity levels of all our functions and the needs of our organization.  We do a great deal of work in the community as well as try to provide an environment which fosters networking and friendship for our members and their businesses.  In order to fund these endeavors we hold many volunteer functions for which the club is paid as well as request sponsorships for various events outside our charitable giving.  As the club continues to grow, the needs do as well and the board examined the smoothest way to ease the current burden in order to focus on the civic, social, and business aspects of our club.  Therefore the following changes take effect January 1 and for any memberships due to renew on or after January 1. 

  • $20 increase in annual dues for both corporate and individual members
  • $5 increase to weekly non-eat costs for members and non-members (Currently $5 and $10)

We are still the most reasonable membership in town with the greatest flexibility.  The cost of attending and dining will remain at the current rates as long as our agreement with San Jose Country Club remains at the current rate.  Additionally we're the only organization that allows members and guests to attend at a discounted rate in lieu of participating in meals at the luncheon.  This will allow the club to continue to meet its obligations, minimize financial requests for non-charities functions, as well as reduce the number of requests for volunteers throughout the year to raise operating funds outside civic involvement. 

Did you know we have a photo gallery on our website?  We do.  There is a link at the top of the home page for "Gallery".
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