Jacksonville Florida's Oldest Business and Civic Organization

Founded in 1932

Special News Bulletin
TPC is just over a week away and need your help! 

Because we're the best organization out there,
we've been asked to manage a newer,
larger tent the week of

May 6th-12th

UNFORTUNATELY we're way behind on volunteers and need help closing the gap.If you've already signed up, consider working another shift, ask your spouses, friends, neighbors and acquaintances in other organizations.
If you'd like to volunteer, please email, or sign up via the website (members only). This is one of the most fun volunteer events of the year and is sure to be better than ever. 

(Did I mention there is a party involved?)As usual 4th VP Julie Clements has graciously offered to host our annual TPC party, but you must be a volunteer to attend!  If you're a new member, or haven't ever worked TPC before, please email or Patrick with any questions you may have.
We look forward to seeing you there! 


Julie Clements' home

1762 Southpoint Cove
Jacksonville, FL 32259



Parking next door at San Juan Del Rio Catholic Church


Finally, our added incentive....the drawing.  If you volunteer for any day you'll be eligible to win $100.  However if Saturday your name goes in the drawing twice, and if you're working Sunday, or the Thurs-Sat Closing shifts you'll have your name in 3 TIMES!!!! 


Patrick Heatherington
3rd Vice President
Mobile 904-449-2858

Email: [email protected]

For questions and comments about the newsletter please e-mail [email protected]