Jacksonville Florida's Oldest Business and Civic Organization Founded in 1932

Celebrating Our 80th Anniversary

The Newsletter of the Southside Business Men's Club Volume 80, Issue 42, October 14, 2012
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Veteran's Day Float
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Spotlight Speakers  

October 17-  
Howard Caplan
October 24- 
Eris Eiras
 October 31-   
Angie Tekin 





Happy Birthday:  

Mark Parow, 10/14
Win Thomas, 10/15
Sharon Peltz, 10/18
Bob Ascher, 10/20 



    Prizes & Raffles       


The Hardage-Giddens 

Dignity Memorial

Attendance Award


No winner last week 



Woody Cooper Award

Sponsored by: 

Tom Harris,

Promo Depot


name drawn

 last week

Bob McKenzie 





   Drawing won by:  

Bob Ascher

Bill Bishop









 Next Meeting 

October 17, 2012 


San Jose Country Club

7529 San Jose Blvd

Jacksonville, FL

Lunch Buffet 12:00 pm

$20 Members

$25 for Guest 



Invite a Guest  




















10/17  Blue Ridge Parkway -

Tom Hardy, Executive Director Blue Ridge Parkway Association


Upcoming Programs:  

10/24  Candidates Corner   

10/31  Veteran's Independence Program (VIP) and Salute

11/7    Post Election Results Panel hosted by Karen Mathis

11/14  Policeman and Fireman of the Year

11/21  SBMC Annual Wine Tasting, Tom Whicher

11/28  Jacksonville Community Council Inc. 


Our Club is a very diverse organization that consists of many entrepreneurs.  The Harvard Business School defines entrepreneurship as: "The pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources you currently control." - Meaning that entrepreneurs don't wait until everything is just right before they pursue opportunity, they take risks; otherwise, they never become successful in building their own businesses.


There are many successful people in our Club and it makes me happy to see that many of them have found joy, friendship and support in our organization, on both, professional and personal levels.  Let's continue to look for opportunities to grow our Club and build friendships.


Quote of the week: "When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. You have the choice. You can overcome and be a winner, or you can allow it to overcome you and be a loser. The choice is yours and yours alone. Refuse to throw in the towel. Go that extra mile that failures refuse to travel. It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure."
- Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics  


Galina Schott,   

2012 SBMC President 


Last week, Civic Affairs Committee Co-Chairman and City Council President Bill Bishop discussed some note worthy issues to be taken up by the City Council now that the budget has been completed:


1. Pension reform. This is in the hands of the administration at this

point as they are the negotiating body for the city. Not much to do except encourage the administration to proactively address this issue.


2. The last piece of reorganization of the city's economic development

system is ready to be teed up. The first two, separating JEDC into the Downtown Investment Authority and the Office of Economic Development for everywhere else has been done. The DIA board members have been nominated, passed through the Rules Committee and were scheduled for a final vote on Tuesday, October 9. The last piece is revising and updating the development approval process and updating the public policy qualifying criteria for the various incentive packages that are available. These criteria have not been reviewed for many years and are now universally viewed as obsolete. Also our development approval process takes far too long relative to that required in many of our competitor cities. I will be requesting that the committees that are reviewing this bill conduct joint special meetings to deal with this with the idea that we complete our work by the end of this calendar year.


3. Streamlining the certificate of use process is still on the to-do

list. This is necessary to make it easier for people to start businesses or for existing businesses to expand. It will take a cooperative effort between the city's planning department and the Tax Collector's office. It is goal of mine to get this done before my term as president is finished.


See one of the interesting things the club has spoken out about in our past.  Click on the following link: Resolution concerning Judge Scott in 1975


For some new members to the club, it might seem daunting to get to know everyone and feel like they are part of our family. Likewise for guests that may not recognize many familiar faces on their initial visit. Whether you are a veteran member or relatively new, please go out of your way to meet some of our newer members and guests and tell them what your membership in the SBMC means to you.


Last week, the SBMC Board approved 6 applications for membership. On Wednesday, October 17th, new members will attend an orientation before the meeting and be sworn in as members. That is six  opportunities for you to welcome a new member, make a friend and grow your business contacts. Also, each new member gets their sponsor that much closer to this year's Membership Grand Prize of $1,000 cash! Good luck!  


Scott Schilbrack,
2012 Membership Chair


We have been meeting every Tuesday starting at 5:30pm to build the SBMC Float for the Veteran's Day Parade.  Same location as last year: Sunnyland Roofing - 4115 University Blvd West, use the entrance under the overpass.  BYOB, but ice and set ups will be available. 


This year, we are building a special float, proudly displaying the Club's 80-years of Service to our Community.  This Tuesday's dinner will be provided by Annie Houghton. Come volunteer for your chance to win a gift card for a 1 hour massage.  If you have questions or need directions, please call John Hamel at 887-6805 or e-mail him at [email protected].

SALUTE - November 10th, Jacksonville Landing

Help us support the Veteran's Independence Program (VIP) and show your appreciation and gratitude for what our military family has sacrificed for all of us.  Visit our website at


There are 2 ways to participate: 

Vendor Slot: $200 - Market your business to the military and veterans coming to the Landing and in so doing show your appreciation by giving away promotional items to the military members who are there with us.


VIP Sponsor: $300 - Receive 10 tickets to the VIP celebration at the Landing. Beer and beverages will be complimentary all day with dinner also included, catering by Hooters. Cash bar for liquor and wine and some of the best local live bands playing all day.


SBMC Special: $400 - Receive a vendor slot and VIP ticket package.


Gene Maszy,

2012 Salute Chairman


Our 4th Annual Jaguars Social was a great success! Many thanks to the SBMC 2012 Tailgating Team, comprised of Julie Clements, Michael Gullion and Angie Tekin!  Even though the results of the game last Sunday were very disappointing for the Jags' fans, over 100 SBMC members and guests enjoyed their tailgating experience.  They especially enjoyed the delicious BBQ provided by Players Grille and entertainment provided by our own John Hamel. 

We look forward to the 5th Annual Jaguars Social next year!


In order for us and San Jose Country Club to properly prepare for the SBMC meeting, we ask you to RSVP and let us know if you intend to have lunch.  This will ensure that SJCC has proper seating and enough food for our group.  RSVP to [email protected].


If you feel called to lead our meeting in the Invocation or the Pledge of Allegiance, please email [email protected]. 


October 31st - November 11th
Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair


November 10th - Salute

The Jacksonville Landing


November 12th

Veterans' Day Float 


November 15th - Meet-A-Member

Hosted by Sabrina Ebel, Florida Backyard


December 8th -

Holiday Gala and Celebration of the SBMC 80th Anniversary.


December 15th -

Children's Christmas Shopping Spree -

At the Target on San Jose Blvd near I-295

For questions and comments about the newsletter please e-mail [email protected]