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Elite Women Around The World® is a global network of individuals, leaders, organizations, businesses, coming together with a shared mission of enhancing the economic position of women globally and creating a worldwide platform for:
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  • Collaboration among women businesses
  • Building of Alliances with other businesses and civic organizations
  • Education and Insights on business issues for global opportunities
  • Strategic Networking among local, national, and global leaders

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"Women Empowering Women"
Presenter - Susanna Margaret Goulder
Presenter - Becky Gaylord
Presenter - Audrey M. Wiggins
Presenter - Venera Izant
Presenter - Debbie Hanson

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Becky Gaylord
Gaylord LLC
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Harriete Lowenthal headshot
Harriette Watford Lowenthal
Personal Career Strategist & Executive Coach
ExecuNet - Career Services Group
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Dumont Owen
Dumont Owen, Ph.D
Career Windows

The Global  Leadership Mentoring Conference 


Was held Thursday, September 19th, 2013 at  Executive Caterers at Landerhaven


About the Conference:


The Global Leadership Mentoring Program  provided a powerful way for individuals to gain professional insight, receive support and expand their networks.  The program provided  those who attended the opportunity to connect  with business executives from various industries in a one-to-one relationship. 

Peek Below At Some of the Presenters/Mentors/Panel Participants
Ratanjit Sondhe headshot
 Ratanjit S. Sondhe, Founder & CEO
Discoverhelp, Inc.

"Foundation of Civilization"

History shows that ancient cultures had an inherent respect for the power of women, but throughout history, women's natural talent for leadership has often been misunderstood and under-appreciated. The speaker observes that how a culture treats its female population is representative of its level of civility and notes that, in addition, women's leadership plays a crucial role in civilizing society. 

Gil Goldberg headshot
 Gilbert Goldberg, District Director
SBA Small Business Administration

"Spoke on Tapping Into Regional Resources"

"This is one of the best programs of Elite Women Around The World®.
Everyone seemed so engaged, motivated, and excited to participate."  
Sr. Diana Stano headshot
 Sr. Diana Stano, President
Ursuline College

"Spoke on Ethical Leadership"

"I truly enjoyed the conference. As a leader, I walk my talk and set an example for others, to see how important it is for women to participate in Entrepreneurial Leadership Forums."

This was an exceptional conference!  I have attended conferences around the world.  They have been organized by some of the top conference organizers.   My hat goes off to you and everyone who worked to make this day as special and magical as it was.  I felt honored to be among the group.  My sense was that it truly was set-up as an exchange.  The presenters and the audience members alike were part of the day's sharing.  You expanded my understanding of the role of mentor.  You expanded my concept of the relationship between the mentor and the mentee.   I met the incredible women I was destined to meet.  

Kathleen Forrest, Certified Transformational
Change Coach, Authentic Offerings

"It was a great day. I was really excited and on fire. I will be fanning this flame forward. I was in touch with an inner power that propelled me. Thank you for inviting me to spread my wings with the Elite Women Around The World®."      

Audrey Wiggins, Chief Branding Officer, Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker, Altogether Marketing LLC
Keynote Speaker/Mentor
Leslie Unger headshot
 Leslie Unger, President
Electric Impulse Communications, Inc.

"If You Could See What I See - Seven Absurdly Simple Ways to Communicate Your Value" 


It is always easier to see the value in other people than in yourself, but know - your value has little to do with your competency! Learn 7 absurdly simple ways to advance your agenda in order to move you and your career forward. And, while they are simple, they are not necessarily easy.  

Claire Scott Miller Revised 2  Claire A. Scott Miller, M.Ed, BCC
President/Executive Coach 
C. Scott Miller & Assoc.


Welcome Address

"Mentoring - Roles & Expectations"


How do you maximize the mentoring relationship? Information to help you gain the most out of today's program by determining what your role is - mentor/mentee, and how to create and meet your expectations of your mentoring relationship.

It was an honor to participate and meet/interact with the amazing women. 

Claire Scott Miller, President, C Scott Miller & Associates

I've received many positive comments from my guests and am so pleased to have been with you all. Thank you  for your hard work and uplifting conference!     

Susanna Margaret Goulder,GPCC, Spiritual Catalyst, Gestalt Professional Certified Coach, Live-Good-Life.com

Presenter/Mentor/Panel Participant
Becky Gaylord headshot
  Becky Gaylord, President
Gaylord LLC


"Smoothly Re-launch Your Career" 


How do you re-launch your career after a job loss or a desire to change careers? Discover how to prepare for, and transition into, a new career move more smoothly and with more control.

Presenter/Mentor/Panel Participant 
Susanna Margaret Goulder headshot  Susanna Margaret Goulder CEO/CSO
Living The Good Life


"From Wimpy to Worthy: Be Powerful! Get Heard!  


Learn how to communicate effectively to earn the respect you deserve. Simple, practical tips to be heard and receive respect from anyone anywhere.  

Presenter/Mentor/Panel Participant 
Diane Helbig headshot   Diane Helbig, President 
Seize This Day Coaching


"Strategies For Business Success"


Identify the obstacles in your way and create strategies that will work for you. As a team, we embrace the possibilities. 

Presenter/Mentor/Panel Participant 
Harriete Lowenthal headshot - R   Harriette Watford Lowenthal
Personal Career Strategist & Executive Coach 
ExecuNet-Career Services Group


"Improve Personal Influence And Effectiveness"


How to partner with senior managers and executives to improve your personal influence and effectiveness.  

Presenter/Mentor/Panel Participant 
Sandra Einstein headshot
 Sandra Einstein,
Chief Efficiency Officer & Chief Organizing Officer 


"Efficiency = Managing the Chaos & Clutter"

Organize your time, space and commitments by eliminating chaos and clutter in your life. Help forward actions, set goals and achieve balance in your life. 

I have heard wonderful feedback from my team members who attended the conference. No surprise that you have held an excellent forum for us to learn and benefit from!

Uzma Kazmi, Vice President,Business Banking Sales Manager, Northern Ohio East, PNC Bank, N.A.  

Thank you for the opportunity to join my colleague Gloria Ware at this event. I heard lots of very inspiring stories and advice and met some fantastic women!    

Patricia Grospiron, Network Development Director, JumpStart Inc.
Gloria Ware
 Gloria M. Ware, Sr. Advisor 
JumpStart Inc.


"JumpStart Your Business"


JumpStart works with entrepreneurs leading young, high-growth, technology-based startups that want to create more of them. They provide intensive assistance to Northeast Ohio entrepreneurs leading these high-potential companies.  

Audrey M. Wiggins headshot
 Audrey M. Wiggins, Chief Branding Officer
Altogether Marketing LLC


"Integrating New Media In Business"


New media includes all the social forums (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) as well as online video and email marketing. 

Venera Izant headshot
 Venera Izant, Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch


"Why Financial Planning Should be Important to Women"


Strategies for women to maintain and grow wealth, even during economic downturns, via genuine relationships.

Deb Hanson headshot  Debbie Hanson, Editor


"Amazing Women"  


How ClevelandWomen.com promotes and inspires amazing women to success in all fields and stages of their lives.

  Dana Marie DeCapite, Attorney Dana Marie DeCapite headshot  
Maria E. Quinn Co., LPA


"Leave A Legacy...Not A Mess!"


 Planning for the future of your estate is extremely important, regardless of age or wealth.  It is imperative to plan for unexpected life occurrences that can be made easier through the use of Power of Attorney documents for healthcare and finances.  Friends and family will be thankful for your practicality in not leaving them with an expensive and confusing mess.  

I enjoyed meeting and listening to the various presenters and the message brought forth in their area of expertise.  I feel we have much we can learn from each other, and do hope that we will take advantage of each other's strengths in the days and weeks to come.
Venera Izant, Financial Advisor, RP, Merrill Lynch; Elite Women Around The World® Leading to Mentor & Founding Member
LeeAnn Spacek headshot  
Lee-Ann Spacek, CRB, SRES, CRP Principal/Owner 
North Coast Residential Relocation, LLC


"Right-sizing Through Life"


 How do you prepare for life transitions? Recognizing the situation and circumstances will help make them almost effortless.

  Diane S. Smith, CEO & President Diane Smith headshot  
Choice Telecommunications, Inc.


"Rising Above Obstacles"


Diane Smith has not only learned to survive, but has thrived in a business dominated by men for more than 30 years.  A passion for mentoring has always been part of her life as she continues to strive for excellence.  

  Karen Gurney, CEO & Director Karen Gurney headshot
of Strategic Development 


"The Two Aspects of Human Psychology Killing Great Hires"


Uncover the two aspects of human psychology used to source talent, and the reasoning behind the most common interview questions used to disqualify candidates. 

  Sonya Bapna Patel, Founder & Sonya Bapna Patel
Zenworks Yoga


"Zenworks Yoga"


Zenworks Yoga is a Cleveland-based non-profit corporation whose purpose is to promote physical fitness and mental well-being of individuals, with an emphasis on programs geared to children.  

 Lori Lipton, Benefits Consultant Lori Lipton  
Health Insurance Sales


"How Does the New Affordable Care Act Apply To Me?"


How to sort through the overwhelming barrage of insurance information that's coming out and the implications it can have on your business.  

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for the Global Leadership Mentoring conference.  For me, the essence of the event brought about awareness, education, even life's everyday struggles from the views and experiences, of professional women who took the time to inspire and empower other women.   

Sonya M. Wagasky, Business Opportunity Specialist, Small Business Administration (SBA), Cleveland District Office


 "When women are involved in the economy, important shifts happen" 
Warmest Regards,

Rita N. Singh
CEO & Founder 
Elite Women Around The World®
Elite Women Around The World® is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization whose mission is to support the economic position of women globally.