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June 2013

Preparing for summer

June has been a relatively quiet month for DGER news
. Editors and cartographers have been busy assembling the latest maps for the STATEMAP geologic map series (due to USGS June 30th) while mappers are preparing to return to the field for the summer 2013 field season. Maps in production include the 1:24,000-scale geologic maps of the Sultan, Seabeck, Poulsbo, and Lofall quadrangles. Geologic mapping will soon begin in the Lake Chaplain, Quilcene, and Center quadrangles.
cartographers examine STATEMAP
Editor Jari Roloff and cartographer Ian Hubert examine drafts of the latest geologic map quadrangles currently in production.

June 2013:Columnar Dacite Along Sunrise Road, Mount Rainier National Park
June Geology Image of the Month

June's geology image of the month was taken by State Geologist Dave Norman. The dacite columns, located on the northeastern flank of Mount Rainier along Sunrise Road, are part of the Burroughs Mountain flow. They were formed as lava that erupted from Rainier traveled along the periphery of the glacier that once filled White River Valley. Unable to melt through the thickest glacial ice, the lava formed ridges at the glacier margins. To discover more about the fascinating geology of Mount Rainier and plan your own field trip, download our comprehensive pictorial guide: Roadside Geology Of Mount Rainier National Park And Vicinity.



We welcome public contributions for the Geology Image of the Month feature. The images have pride-of-place as our header image for our blog site, www.washingtonstategeology.wordpress.com, for the month, and are archived in the blog site's Image Gallery.

If you have a Washington geology image that (1) you have the rights to share, (2) can be cropped horizontally to fit our header space, and (3) for which you have a detailed description of the subject matter, contact us! We'd love to show off your great pics!

What's New on the Portal?


The geologic information portal is in the process of being migrated to the latest version of ArcServer (10.1). The release will herald an updated version of the Geothermal Resources theme and a new Natural Hazards theme. Stay tuned!
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