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May 2013

Geothermal Exploration in WA State Gets Governmental Seal of Approval
May 16 saw the signing of Senate Bill 5369 (Concerning the use of geothermal resources) into law. The bill, sponsored by Senator Adam Kline of the 37th Legislative District, serves to clarify geothermal resource ownership and geothermal energy regulations. Furthermore, it defines geothermal energy corresponding to the federal definition, and allows distribution of funds to the state agencies, should there be revenue from geothermal energy on federal lands.
This is an important step in identifying and developing renewable energy resources in Washington.

Geothermal bill signed into law
Governor Jay Inslee signs SB 5369.
L-R: Kathleen Callison (Kathleen Callison Law Office), Senator Adam Kline (37th Legislative District), Rep. Zack Hudgins (11th District), Dave Norman (State Geologist, DNR), Laurie Benson (DNR Legislative Session Coordinator), Governor Jay Inslee (seated), Anthony Chavez (Weyerhaeuser), Dave Sjoding (WSU Extension Energy Program), Susan Petty (AltaRock Energy Inc.)

Washington State Seismic Safety Council Rewarded for Excellence
On May 2nd, State Geologist Dave Norman accepted two Awards for Excellence granted by the Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC) on behalf of the Seismic Safety Committee that he co-chairs. The awards are designed to recognize excellence in the fields of earthquake mitigation, preparedness and response. The Seismic Safety Committee won in the categories of 'Mitigation Efforts' and 'Multijurisdictional Planning' for its work on the
Washington School Seismic Safety Assessment Pilot Project, and
The Resilient Washington State Initiative projects, respectively. We previously announced the publication of the Resilient Washington State report in our March E-Newsletter, and again invite our readers to download it here.
2013 WSSPC awards
L-R: Dave Norman (WA State Geologist, DNR), John Parrish (WSSPC Chair of the Board of Directors & CA State Geologist), Robert Ezelle (WA State Emergency Management Director)
Mount St. Helens, fall 2012  


May Geology Image of the Month

May 18 marked the anniversary of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. This image was taken at sunrise during a September 2012 thermal and mineral spring geothermal sampling trip conducted at the Pumice Plain and Breach areas on the north flank of the volcano. Photo courtesy of Pete Stelling (Western Washington University).



We welcome public contributions for the Geology Image of the Month feature. The images have pride-of-place as our header image for our blog site, www.washingtonstategeology.wordpress.com, for the month, and are archived in the blog site's Image Gallery.

If you have a Washington geology image that (1) you have the rights to share, (2) can be cropped horizontally to fit our header space, and (3) for which you have a detailed description of the subject matter, contact us! We'd love to show off your great pics!

What's New on the Portal?


Seismic Scenarios gain a wider audience.  


Recently both the Seattle Times and the Seattle PI chose to profile the DNR-hosted Seismic Scenarios Catalog in their news articles. The result was a large increase in hits to the site and a wider exposure to the public that has stimulated conversations about our readiness and cost of preparedness for a significant earthquake event.

Although The Seismic Scenarios Catalog is an interactive (GIS-based) mapping tool designed to provide data to emergency managers and planners, it is also of interest to anyone who wishes to visualize potential impacts of various seismic events to critical infrastructure and population bases in their regions. The catalog is a compilation of results from 20 scenario models run using FEMA's Hazards United States (HAZUS) software program and is based on reasonable estimates of the most serious earthquake hazards to Washington State.
Seattle Times article screenshot
Screen shot of Seattle Times May 19, 2013 article on the Seismic Scenarios Catalog.

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