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Welcome to Build Your Trusts, a quarterly e-newsletter. In each issue, we will highlight our state's trust lands and their role in producing non-tax revenue for K-12 schools, universities, counties and others. We'll spotlight examples of the trust beneficiaries--to feature how they put trust funding to work. We also will spotlight some of the people who manage trust lands.
At DNR, we work every day to build the value of state trust lands for the people of Washington--and the financial, ecological and social benefits that flow from the lands to generations of Washington residents. DNR also works to build trusting relationships with those who care deeply about these trust lands, and look forward to your collaboration on this important effort.

Thank you.
Peter Goldmark
Commissioner of Public Lands
school kids sept build  
From trees, wind & wheat to public schools
In 10 years, school trust lands helped build 493 new or remodeled school buildings, totaling 29 million square feet of learning space... read more
Go west to Washington Go west to Washington
Promises, promises--3 million acres worth--to help the new state... read more
Sustainable harvest
Calculating the sustainable harvest--for the future

Making sure that all generations of trust beneficiaries are treated fairly...  gearing up for the sustainable harvest calculation...


read more

Sumner Middle School
A transformation into Sumner Middle School
$27 million later, there is much to celebrate... read more

Ted Keeley
Spotlight: Ted Keeley, an innovative forester at work
Achieving multiple goal across the forest landscapes: trust revenue, habitat,
recreation opportunities and so much more...
read more
Elbe Tahoma State Forest
Forest stand management in the Elbe Tahoma State Forest
What a forester might plan for a stand over time... read more


December 18--Northeast & South Puget Sound regions


December 19--Northwest & Olympic regions


December 20--Pacific Cascade & Southeast regions

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