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December 2012   

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Quote of the Month

photo: Carl Bendelow



Of winters lifeless world each tree. Now seems a perfect part; Yet each one holds summers secret. Deep down within its heart.  

- Charles G Stater 



Is Your City a Tree City?


'Tis the Season!

The season for holidays, yes, but also the season to re-certify your City or fill out the application and apply to become a Tree City USA.



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Coordinator's Corner

TCUSA Cheney Becoming a Tree City may be easier than you think. Many communities just need to fill out the paper work!



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'Windsail Reduction' -- a Northwest Controversy


windsailing Homeowners are often advised by 'tree trimmers' to reduce the "windsail" of a large conifer to prevent tree failure in the high winds. But does it work?


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Tips to Prepare Trees for Winter 


photo: Robert Vidéki, Doronicum Kft.,

Even though urban trees are now going into dormancy, they can benefit from the care you give them before and during the winter. We've listed some tips to get you started. 



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Tacoma Offers Tree Coupons

A well-known struggle (one of many) for urban foresters is devising effective ways to encourage residential property owners to grow more trees.

Tacoma's new Tree Coupon program does just that.  


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Council Seeks Volunteer Members


Logo of WA Community Forestry Council

Calling all tree advocates! The Washington Community Forestry Council is seeking new members to represent green industry organizations and professional groups.


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Hire an ISA Certified Arborist


Now it is easier than ever to find an ISA certified arborist. The Pacific Northwest Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture recently launched a newly-designed, searchable directory to help you find an arborist in your area.  


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Council Communique'


Renton TCUSA Renton's Urban Forestry & Natural Resources Manager, Terry Flatley, represents Municipal Foresters on the Washington Community Forestry Council. Here is his perspective on the value of being a Tree City USA.


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Web-ucation: Links to help you learn


winter sequoia
photo: Paul Bolstad, University of Minnesota,
Proper pruning early in a tree's life helps it to develop a strong, healthy canopy. The Tree Pruning Cue Card is a great "cheat sheet" for structural pruning of young shade trees.



Is it possible to move a large tree? Yes! When a road widening project threatened the 100 year old Ghirardi Compton Oak, the City Council in League City, Texas, moved the 56' tall, 43" diameter. Watch the process start to finish.


And talking of big trees; "General Grant," the giant sequoia tree long considered to be the world's No. 2 biggest tree, recently lost that designation. New comprehensive measurements taken of the trees show The President has moved into 2nd place.






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