The dirt: Farming for the School Trust

The Dirt: Farming for the School Trust

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grazing cattle2012 Wildfires affect DNR Grazing Leases

The wildfires of 2012 have taken their toll on several thousand acres of state trust lands leased for grazing.

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corn and pivot irrigation Landlocked No More
After years without water or access, a school trust parcel near Ephrata is productive once more.  
orchard leaseWhat's Up Down in the Corner?
There's a lot going on in the four counties of Washington's southeast corner, and on the 52,000 acres of state trust lands in diverse uses.    Read more... 
conservation preserve landDNR and the Conservation Reserve Program and Farm Program
Two federal programs help DNR achieve sustainable farming on trust lands, and help protect the lessee farmers from some financial risk.    Read more... 
number and size of farmsFacts and Trends
So over the past three decades,  what is the trend in the number and size of farms in our state? It may surprise you.    Read more... 
October 31
Clark County
26.5 acres, dryland grazing and haying,10-year term

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Clark Road


463.4 acres irrigated, 9-year


Horrigan Road(Custom Ag)


Franklin County


Benton County


125.5 acres, 9-year



Sand Hollow

(Currently unleased)

Grant County
150 up to 233.7 acres orchard or vineyard

24-year 1-month  





Grant County
280 acres, irrigated, 10-year
(Triple A)
Grant County
Two bidder options
10-year or 25-yaer


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