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"The only difference between the possible and impossible is one's will"

-Hironori Ohtsuka




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The purpose of this newsletter is to pass on historical information, philosophical views and activities of interest to karate martial artists around the world. Please send your article, event or activity with a photo of the instructor and/or event organizer by the 20th of the preceding month to get your information in this newsletter. Please send your text in a Word document. Please send posters and pictures in small jpeg files, thank you. 


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One of the most difficult areas this newsletter has to deal with is the use of instructor titles. We are very sensitive to this issue and do not want to offend or insult anyone. To simplify this daunting problem we will use the following guidelines with the use of instructor titles:


a. The correct title of the instructor(s) must be in the article or seminar information submitted by the author or event organizer.

b. All captions that we place under photos will be:
  1. Japanese instructors: Last name followed by the title Sensei.

  2. Non-Japanese instructors: The title Sensei followed by the last name of the instructor.

c. Any title and name that is placed in this newsletter by newsletter staff will use the title of Sensei.



We consider the title "Sensei" a very prestigious title



Ray Hughes

 "Tell The Truth"
Why and how many instructors have lost their way
by Ray Hughes

Unfortunately the new world of "Public Correctness" has taken a toll on Traditional Karate Instruction.

The fear of offending those who pay dues for instruction has caused many instructors to unintentionally lie to their students. By not speaking the truth about mental development, students are mislead. In other words, they have been deceived.

The Truth is, the development of mental disciple requires mental pain.

The highest priority of traditional martial art instruction is the development of mental discipline.  Technical skills mean nothing if the mind of the practitioner is not developed enough to use these skills and to handle the chaos of battle. These mental strengths and skills are the exact same skills needed to successful maneuver through the difficult battle of life. Without this strength and discipline, the participant will lose in battle as well as in life.       
Mental discipline is the attribute that allows one to successful overcome the battles within the mind; the voices that tell us to quit when things get difficult, to blame others for our failures, and feel sorry for ourselves when things don't go our way. Mental discipline gives the practitioner the strength to overcome the effects of stress and to make sound, quick, and critical decisions.

This battle within the mind rages until the grave. Only the battle field within the mind changes over the course of time, not the struggle. One must continually work at developing and maintaining mental discipline to overcome these battles during one's lifetime. This is why martial art training is considered a lifetime endeavor. We must understand this truth.

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Ray Hughes
Scottsdale Martial Arts Center

Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt
Masters and Politicians  
The Karate Tapestry - Part 22
By Robert Hunt

Our world is imbued with myths, legends and lies - fanciful illusions of our own creation, or at least our acquiescence.

No illusion is more entrenched and abiding than that of the Karate Master.

Matsumura Sokon could be referred to as a karate master.

He was born at the beginning of the 1800's and died at the end of that century. He saw karate as a way to fight in his youth and witnessed it begin to morph into a philosophical path, toward self fulfilment, in his final years.
Matsumura Sokon

He was what we would label "deadly" - a character whom we would never want to offend - or challenge. His shout could freeze a man in his tracks. His stare could turn men cold.

There is a story of a shopkeeper, a pipe maker, who was also a martial artist and who challenged Matsumura to a dual at daybreak by a cemetery. Okinawans were very superstitious, and the choice of the cemetery was meant to intimidate. The pipe maker planned to show up early and set up an attack. But, when he arrived at the cemetery, Matsumura came gliding out of the morning mist, eyes ablaze, shouting his challenge. The pipe maker simply fell to his knees in supplication.

Matsumura served as a bodyguard to the last three Okinawan kings. He traveled to China to pursue his martial art at its root, as well as to Satsuma, where he studied sword and other arts. He called his art Shorin, from Shaolin, and he created, or passed on, the dozen or so katas that form the root of all modern Shuri based karate styles.            

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Goju Ryu Interrumpido
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt
Spanish Translation by Javier Rojas

Pensamos en el Goju Ryu como un estilo
inconcluso. Pero, ¿por qué hacemos éso?, pregunta Jon Crain, un compañero de viaje.

Esta es una gran pregunta, una cuya respuesta toca el espectro completo de la experiencia humana ---la guerra, la paz, el amor, la esperanza, el triunfo y la desesperación. En verdad, el estilo de cada maestro llega a estar completo el día que éste fallece. Hasta entonces, nosotros continuamos estudiando, practicando, expandiendo nuestro conocimiento y transmitiéndolo. Todo maestro que realmente merezca dicho título, hace exactamente éso. Si no crecemos ni cambiamos, apenas seremos un poco más que un loro.

Sin embargo, la tragedia de Miyagi fue única dentro del mundo de nuestro arcano arte marcial. Él fue diferente. Mucho de los primeros líderes dentro del Karate eran políticos. Miyagi, por su lado, era un maestro de karate. Miyagi vivió durante la primera mitad del siglo XX, durante una época en la que la humanidad pasó de los latigazos a los cohetes de propulsión; del correo rápido a caballo, a la máquina de fax. No ha habido otro momento en nuestra historia que haya sido testigo de una expación tecnológica tan grande y tan acelerado.

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Sports Psychology
Dr. Sterk
by Dr. Sterk

How can you improve your Focus, have Positive Self-T
alk and have greater Confidence in your skills?
This is an extremely important topic for anyone who is going through belt promotions and/or competitions.
          How many of you have lost your focus before?
          How many of you have lacked inner confidence in your performance?
          How many of you have a hard time shaking negative of self-doubting thoughts and emotions?
These techniques outlined below can help you have increased Focus which will result in improved Self Confidence and in turn, improved martial arts performance.
If you do the program detailed below, you will benefit with improved performance. I would suggest you do this 10-20 minutes before you begin your belt promotion or competition.
Have a look at the following ways to have Increased Focus in your Martial Arts:

  • Take 5 deep breaths counting from 5-1 as you relax with your eyes closed.
  • First identify the negative or tentatively cautious thoughts by just asking yourself, how do I feel right now? Do this several times a day as a thought checks. What am I thinking about right now and how do I feel? If you feel cautious or tentative or you doubt your abilities, these are negative unwanted thoughts that must be eliminated.
  • Next, See a STOP SIGNand tell yourself five times, "I stop these Negative Thoughts."
  • Come up with a positive thought, by repeating something outstanding about you. Repeat this Positive statement five times. "I can do this!" "As I clear my mind, my performance improves." "I'm ready for this." "I trust and commit to all of my martial arts skills." You can also repeat, "I have great Martial Arts skills." Come up with your own Positive statement and repeat five times.
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From the desk of Sam Sterk, Ph.D., CC-AASP
Tel: 480-767-0956 
Email: peakplus@aol.com

Martial Art Humor  
We all need a little humor in our life.  If you have a joke, send it in.
                            Zen Stories 


A Tibetan story tells of a meditation student who, while meditating in his room, believed he saw a spider descending in front of him. Each day the menacing creature returned, growing larger and larger each time. So frightened was the student, that he went to his teacher to report his dilemma. He said he planned to place a knife in his lap during meditation, so when the spider appeared he would kill it. The teacher advised him against this plan. Instead, he suggested, bring a piece of chalk to meditation, and when the spider appeared, mark an "X" on its belly.

Then report back.

The student returned to his meditation. When the spider again appeared, he resisted the urge to attack it, and instead did just what the master suggested. When he later reported back to the master, the teacher told him to lift up his shirt and look at his own belly. There was the "X".

We all need a little Zen in our Lives. If you have a story, please send it in.
thinking man
Moral Wisdom
Traditional Karate Websites 
To list an international traditional karate website, contact editor 


          Wado Seminars
             and Events
Wado Agenda
by Rob van Leeuwen

Info on other International Wado Events 


WIKF Wado Ryu Karate Seminars with Sensei Wicks WIKF  
All courses are open to Wado practitioners (unless stated) and will include traditional Wado Techniques including- OHYO, KIHON GUMITE, TANTO & TACHI DORI, (KNIFE &SWORD DEFENCE) IDORI (KNEELING DEFENCE) AND KATA
Jon Wicks
Sensei Wicks 

To view seminar schedule from January 2016 through August 2016
click HERE. 

Friday-Saturday, May 13-14, 2016

Hosted by Danner Karate Center 615-758-8889  
11853 Lebanon Rd, Suite E  
Mount Juliet, TN 37122  
& New Vision Martial Arts 615-972-0989  
6601 Sugar Valley Dr, Suite 111 
Nashville, TN  (Friday Only)

Bob Nash, 7th dan 
JKF Wado Kai

For additional information click HERE 

Wado and TSYR Pentecost Seminar 2016   
The Connection between Wado ryu and Shindo Yoshin ryu   

Toby Threadgill (USA) Menkyo Kaiden, Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu    
Shuzo Imai (Germany)  8th Dan Wado ryu (DKV)    
Wado ryu is based on two pillars: Shindo Yoshin ryu and Okinawa karate. The seminar offers a deeper understanding of Wado ryu. Happo no kuzushi and different methods of speed and power generation are based on principles which are fundamental both in Shindo Yoshin ryu and in Wado ryu. On the first day, Toby Threadgill will teach these principles in Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu via Kata and Kunren and Shuzo Imai will teach this in Wado ryu at the example of Kihon kumite 1 - 10. On the second day, the investigation of these principles will continue via the Tantodori of both Wado ryu and Shindo Yoshin ryu. 

May 14 - May 16, 2016    
In Berlin

for additional information click HERE 


For additional information click HERE
Registration form-click HERE


 Other Seminars and Events


Americas Masters Games in Vancouver

August 26-September 4, 2016

Karate BC is excited to be part of the upcoming Americas Masters Games in Vancouver, August 26-September 4, 2016. We are one of 24 sports participating in this event.
We believe this event is a wonderful opportunity for karate practitioners 30 years an over to get together to compete, make new friends, renew friendships and socialize with other 30 years + athletes in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Here is some karate specific information.
  1. We will have two age groups: 30-45 years of age and 46 +.
  2. There will be 3 general categories of competitors: novice (8-5th kyu), intermediate (4th-1st kyu) and advanced (black belts levels)
  3. 3 disciplines to compete in: kata, kumite, and kobudo.
  4. In kumite there will be 2 weight categories: men -75 kg and +75 kg; women -61 kg and +61 kg.
  5. Competition will be modified WKF rules. Modifications will be as per Karate BC guidelines and will be distributed at a later date.
  6. Competition date(s) will be Sept. 2, 3. If less than 100 competitors then Sept. 3.
  7. This is an Open event - participants do not need to be part of their country's NSO; however if they are not they will need to buy tournament insurance for the day(s) of the event. This event is sanctioned by Karate Canada and Karate BC so members/affiliates will be able to make use of existing karate insurance.
  8. Hotel information will be coming out in next bulletin.



 Japanese Karate Tournament Schedule 2015 USA
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      12/26-1/5 2016    The 13th Pan American Maccabi Games
                                Santiago, Chile
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