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December 2015

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"The only difference between the possible and impossible is one's will"

-Hironori Ohtsuka




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"Champion" by Doug Jepperson
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One of the most difficult areas this newsletter has to deal with is the use of instructor titles. We are very sensitive to this issue and do not want to offend or insult anyone. To simplify this daunting problem we will use the following guidelines with the use of instructor titles:


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Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt
Surrendering to Kata
The Karate Tapestry - Part 18
By Robert Hunt


So it may be that kata were originally two person training exercises, or ways to remember fighting techniques, or secret codes to pass on the imagined Ming rebellion against the Manchu, or a dozen other excuses for waving our hands and feet through the air. But what kata has become is unique in the annals of fighting arts. By the number of people passionate about kata, there is apparently something more to it than can be easily explained. After all, it has lasted for 1500 years, so far...

The answer may lie in something more philosophical than fighting. The practice of kata, the disciplined movements themselves, may engender a Zen-like quality that touches the existential, live-in-the-moment sensation of Zen meditation, the essence of "do" the "way", and a uniquely human feeling deep inside our psyche.
Aragaki Sochin by the sea

The idea of Zen comes from Zen Buddhism and admonishes us to experience the moment at hand, with the idea that, once one has attained the ability to always "be of the moment" they have reached spiritual enlightenment, Satori, and an understanding of reality that surpasses the mundane, the distortions of thoughts and illusions and recognizes the essence of life.

Buddha, born Siddhartha Gautama in 563 BC, was a prince who grew up in palace splendor, intentionally protected by his father from the reality of the world, from sickness and death, until he ventured out of his palace. He was stunned by human suffering. From that moment on, he sought to understand what life was about, abandoned his kingdom and his wife and child to travel his world trying to find the answer - with no success. Finally he sat down under the legendary Bodhi tree and vowed to remain there until he understood the secret to life. Buddhists believe that, after 49 days, he attained enlightenment. They believe that enlightenment comes from the ability to see the world without illusion. (There is a book called Siddhartha that you might enjoy, if you like this sort of thing).

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Ray Hughes

The Secret of Failure 
Why most people quit before they reach their goal 

Whether trying for a black belt or anything else, why do most people quite before they succeed? Though the answer is simple, it is a secret to many. If people understood this "Secret of Failure," the percentage of success would go up.

What is the secret?

The secret is understanding the struggle. Most of us think we just need to work hard and stick to the plan. Though that's important, it's not enough. It's the knowledge of the battle that's the secret; the psychological battle that wages war in our minds.

Imagine a triangle, the bottom is the start and the top is the point of success. When we start off at the bottom, with everyone else who has the same goal, it is easy. We are all brothers in the same fight, it is exciting, and the learning curve is great. Every step of accomplishment is easy to see, requires little effort, and encouragement spreads among the participants. But as we progress, the battle starts to change. 

As the grind sets in and the learning curve flattens, the voice in our head starts to talk. That voice starts to ask us if we have what it takes to succeed. It asks if the goal is all that important. It lies and tells us we don't have the time or gives us any number of other reasons why we should quit.

Though some are initially able to push those thoughts aside, they take hold of many by the time the halfway point is approached. This is when a majority of people quit. It is this time the first real psychological battle occurs. If you take that pyramid and draw a line across the middle, you see two halves. The bottom is bigger than the top. In essence, though this is halfway, more people have quite than are still proceeding to their goal. Their minds have been conquered.


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Ray Hughes
Scottsdale Martial Arts Center

Doug Jepperson1
Doug Jeppersom
Champions can be nice guys!
by Doug Jepperson

Tom Scott of the USA is currently #1 in the world in WKF.
There are few champions today that are great role models for the young. We have one with Tom Scott.

Tom Scott is a Wado practitioner training under Sensei Brody Burns in Texas, USA.


Click this LINK to see standings

Doug Jepperson


Sports Psychology 
by Dr. Sam Sterk   
New Year Resolutions:

Dr. Sam Sterk
Positive and Cognitive Psychology help people establish goals, make good choices, be happier in a way that transforms their lives. If you train your mind it's just as easy to be positive as it is to be negative. As we approach the New Year I'd like to offer my readers some guidelines on establishing positive goals in their lives. What are your goals for this coming year? Write down your SMART goals. Are they Specific, measurable, Realistic and Timely?

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Sam Sterk, Ph.D., CC-AASP
Email: peakplus@aol.com
Martial Art Humor  
We all need a little humor in our life.  If you have a joke, send it in.
                            Zen Stories 


A famous spiritual teacher came to the front door of the King's palace. None of the guards tried to stop him as he entered and made his way to where the King himself was sitting on his throne.

"What do you want?" asked the King, immediately recognizing the visitor.

"I would like a place to sleep in this inn," replied the teacher.

"But this is not an inn," said the King, "It is my palace."

"May I ask who owned this palace before you?"

"My father. He is dead."

"And who owned it before him?"

"My grandfather. He too is dead."

"And this place where people live for a short time and then move on - did I hear you say that it is NOT an inn?"

We all need a little Zen in our Lives. If you have a story, please send it in.
thinking man
Moral Wisdom
"When the archer misses the mark, he turns and looks for the fault within himself. Failure to hit the bull's eye is never the fault of the target. To improve your aim -- improve yourself."

- Gilbert Arland


          Wado Seminars
             and Events
Wado Agenda
by Rob van Leeuwen

Info on other International Wado Events 


Wado and TSYR Seminar
Dominating your Opponent through the Control of
Initiative (Sente) and Distance (Maai)
Toby Threadgill (USA)
Menkyo Kaiden, Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu
Kaki Kawano (Japan)
5th Dan JKF Wado-Kai

February 06 - February 07, 2016
In Berlin

For additional information click HERE 

WIKF Wado Ryu Karate Seminars with Sensei Wicks WIKF  
All courses are open to Wado practitioners (unless stated) and will include traditional Wado Techniques including- OHYO, KIHON GUMITE, TANTO & TACHI DORI, (KNIFE &SWORD DEFENCE) IDORI (KNEELING DEFENCE) AND KATA
Jon Wicks
Sensei Wicks 

To view seminar schedule from September 2015 through January 2016
click HERE.

 Other Seminars and Events


 Japanese Karate Tournament Schedule 2015 USA
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      12/26-1/5 2016    The 13th Pan American Maccabi Games
                                Santiago, Chile
                                Dr. Sternberg      skusajka@aol.com
                                Caren Lesser       lesserc@bellsouth.net