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February 2015

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"The only difference between the possible and impossible is one's will"

-Hironori Ohtsuka




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Form-by Robert Hunt
The Red Pill or The Blue Pill by Ray Hughes
Why Take a Don Test by Doug Jepperson
Complete Winning in Kumite with 100 men
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    Editor's   Notes
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Ray Hughes
"Life is Good"

I get hammered for saying this too often.

But I come back with "when you are apart of the greatest field (martial arts) in the world, can get humiliated on a daily basis with your personal technical development, provide therapy for the adult student, and teach life skills to children, it doesn't get better than this."

In other words,
simple appreciation


Welcome to the world of karate history, philosophy, other martial art information 


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The purpose of this newsletter is to pass on historical information, philosophical views and activities of interest to karate martial artists around the world. Please send your article, event or activity with a photo of the instructor and/or event organizer by the 20th of the preceding month to get your information in this newsletter. Please send your text in a Word document. Please send posters and pictures in small jpeg files, thank you. 


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Wado Ryu Karate
We are continuing with another writing from Master Otsuka's book Wado Ryu Karate, published by Masters Publication. This book can be purchased at Amazon.com. 



Machite and Kakete    

by Master Otsuka 




In a contest, there is both machite and kakete. Machite is the method with which one responds when the opponent strikes first; kakete is the opposite.


There are two kinds of machite. Kakete only has one. Win or loss is decided by these three.


The first of the machite, "gosen-no-te," defends and simultaneously attacks - hence, it is defend/attack. The second of the machite, "sensen-no-sente," strikes the enemy as he is about to make his first strike while defending that strike. Hence, one strikes before the opponent strikes. Hence, it is defend/attack as well. When defense and attack are separate, one is often pushed into defense only. It must be remembered that offense is also the best defense.


"Sente," the kakete, attacks first by catching the opponent off-guard, or forcing the opponent into such a state. Also, the opponent is not dumb - he will respond with one of the above three; thus, one must be careful to not fall victim to it himself. Therefore, these actions go back and forth; in addition, remember to maintain a good mindset and a good pocket of space between you and the opponent.





Robert Hunt
Robert Hunt



Mabuni and Miyagi



The Karate Tapestry - Part 9


Robert Hunt



If Itosu and Higaonna brought karate out of darkness, it was Miyagi and Mabuni who gave it light, or at least a light that shines on many of us.




            In his latest book, Karatedo History and Philosophy, Takao Nakaya postulates that Higaonna may have never learned any kata in China at all during his alleged "draft dodger" years. Maybe there never was a Lu Lu Ko or maybe he was long gone when Higaonna arrived and Higaonna just needed a cover story. Maybe that's why Nakaima claimed the same teacher 40 yeas earlier and why Miyagi never found Lu Lu Ko on his quest after Higaonna's death.

Miyagi teaching Seiunchin 

 The trail of kata from Higaonna and Itosu to Miyagi, Mabuni and the rest is not, as noted, linear. Mabuni, for example, is alleged to have learned all Higaonna's kata from Higaonna directly and incorporated them in Shito Ryu. That was the story. But Mabuni started with Higaonna about 1909 and went to the military about 1910 for three years. Higaonna died in 1915. Seems like a short time to learn 8 kata (well). 




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Ray Hughes


"The Red Pill or the Blue Pill" 
By Ray Hughes




My Sensei didn't offer me the choice between the "Red pill or the Blue pill."

For those who may not be aware of the phase "the red pill or the blue pill", it comes from the movie The Matrix. In the movie, the main character "Neo" is offered the choice between a red and blue pill from his soon to be mentor "Morpheus." The blue pill would allow him to remain in the fictitious world of the Matrix, therefore existing in ignorance while the red pill would propel him into the world of reality, though severer and more difficult. Today, the red pill and the blue pill are used as a popular concept of choice between embracing the painful truth of reality (red pill) and the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue pill).

My Sensei was wise not to give me the option of choice. If given, I might have chosen the "blue pill." It would have been easier to stay in the world of blissful ignorance; blaming others for failures, not believing in the attainability of dreams, not understanding my confidence was truly arrogance, and not realizing I am a broken machine existing among other broken machines in a broken environment.No, he did not give me the choice; instead he gave me karate.


Karate, if taught properly, is the "Red" pill for developing the understanding of reality. It forces the practitioner look at oneself; the good and the bad.


It's not obvious at first; it takes time. Initially you are distracted by memorizing kata, getting in shape, and working within structure. But in time, reality starts to sink in.

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Ray Hughes

Scottsdale Martial Arts Center





Why Take a Dan Test

by Doug Jepperson
Doug Jepperson1
Doug Jeperson

My first Dan grading test was a long time ago, but it is funny how some things stick in your memory. I am sure I forgot a lot about that first Dan test but I remember Jessie Lopez breaking my nose two days before the test.


When I complained about my bad luck, one of my dojo-mates, Randy, explained to me, "it doesn't matter about your nose you will not pass the test anyway." He went on to explain that everyone failed the test the first time they took it. "No matter how well I perform, I will still fail?" I asked. Randy said this was a long and deep tradition in Japanese martial arts. Of course Japanese tradition had nothing to do with it. This was just something we made up about a testing process we did not understand. And likely our instructor did not understand.


If we dared to ask Sensei why we failed the test, the reply was "no questions, more practice." But we had questions; we are trying to learn some complex movements, and a completely foreign approach to learning.


That is like buying a new complex camera and throwing away the instructions so you can experience the struggle of discovering how to use your camera.


I had forgotten how ridiculous some of my training was many years ago until last fall when a couple of old friends told me they decided to take a Dan test. Always an optimist I wished them both good luck and forgot about it until they told me they both failed the test.


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Doug Jepperson

Park City Karate






Complete winning in Kumite with 100 men

Honbu Dojo, Tokyo

There is a famous story that Mas. Oyama, in his best days, performed one hundred kumite continuously for three days, that is to say, every day for three days he fought one hundred nonstop. Although the Dojo was noted for his very strong fighters and although Mas. Oyama himself was wounded; he completely defeated all his opponents. At this time in his career, Mas. Oyama could defeat a bull with a single blow. Altogether he has defeated fifty bulls and killed three with a single blow. The essence of Karate exists in Kumite (free fighting) and the life of Kumite exists in Kihon (practice of basics). Therefore, the person who has accomplished 100 men Kumite can be recognized as a real King of Karate, while the person who wins tournament alone might do so by luck. Any person who has some experience of Martial Art can easily imagine the difficulty of 100 men Kumite. Even if there is a great difference in ability between two, is it still quite difficult to restrain an opponent who is challenging with all his strength. Certainly it is difficult to easily believe that 100 men Kumite is possible, but it is no exaggeration in the Karate World and this astonishing way of training is still practiced.  


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Martial Art Humor

Martial shinkendo  
We all need a little humor in our life.  If you have a joke, send it in.

                            Zen Stories 


The Present Moment  

A Japanese warrior was captured by his enemies and thrown into prison. That night he was unable to sleep because he feared that the next day he would be interrogated, tortured, and executed. Then the words of his Zen master came to him, "Tomorrow is not real. It is an illusion. The only reality is now." Heeding these words, the warrior became peaceful and fell asleep.




We all need a little Zen in our Lives. If you have a story, please send it in.


thinking man
Moral Wisdom
He who is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.

~ Ben Jonson

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One of the most difficult areas that this newsletter has to deal with is the use of instructor titles. We are very sensitive to this issue and do not want to offend or insult anyone. To simplify this daunting problem we will use the following guidelines with the use of instructor titles:


a. The correct title of the instructor(s) must be in the article or seminar information submitted by the author or event organizer.

b. All captions that we place under photos will be:
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c. Any title and name that is placed in this newsletter by newsletter staff will use the title of Sensei.



We consider the title "Sensei" a very prestigious title



          Wado Seminars
             and Events
Wado Agenda
by Rob van Leeuwen

Info on other International Wado Events 


Wado and TSYR Seminar


Kumite and Randori

The Bridge from Kata Training to Freestyle Fighting

Toby Threadgill (USA)

Menkyo Kaiden, Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin ryu


Kaki Kawano (Japan)

5th Dan JKF Wado-Kai

February 21 - February 22, 2015

In Berlin

Wado Kai logo


For additional information  

click HERE 

WIKF Wado Ryu Karate Seminars with Sensei Wicks WIKF  




All courses are open to Wado practitioners (unless stated) and will include traditional Wado Techniques including- OHYO, KIHON GUMITE, TANTO & TACHI DORI, (KNIFE &SWORD DEFENCE) IDORI (KNEELING DEFENCE) AND KATA

Jon Wicks
Sensei Wicks





Click HERE for the 2015 Schedule January to July 


 Other Seminars and Events



     2/7-8  Washington State Inv. Nat'l Qualifier
               Des Moines, Washington   Casey Mills nskarate@hotmail.com

      2/8    Te Kenjutsu Tournament       Tony Rios
              Whittier, CA                        323-327-1974

     2/14   Friendship Cup 2015           
              Colorado Springs, CO           igtsutsui@comcast.net
     2/15   Shotokan Karate West coast Championships
              Yuba City, CA                  miladigroup.com
     2/15   AAU Pacific S/W                    Alfonso Gomez 
                  District Championship         (858) 866-6207
                  San Diego, CA

      2/22     JKF Goodwill International Championships
                  TBD                                          genbu-kai-hq.com


       3/1       New York International Open             1-347-400-5632
                   New York                                       Luis Ruiz

       3/8       Arizona Karate Championships & USA Karate Nat'l Qualifier
                   Phoenix, AZ              Ray Hughes 602-315-5011

       3/9       Seminar: Kyoshi Neil Stolsmark
                   Scottsdale, Arizona     peacefulwarriorphx.com

       3/14     40th Annual International Invitational Karate Championships
                   City of Lynwood, CA                          M. Gaspar                                                                                                                  kenjutsukan1@aol.com

       3/14-15  29th N/W Classic Yoshida Cup Invitational
                    Gresham, Oregon Jay Farrell   jfarrell@wwdb.org
       3/22     USA Wado Ryu Karate Championships
                   Los Flores, CA        Nishimura   www.patma.us


     4/2-5    US Open/Jr. International Cup
                 Las Vegas, Nevada         usankf.org

      4-2/5   Ozawa Cup
                 Las Vegas, Nevada  ozawa-tournament .com

      4/10-12   Karatenomichi World Federation
                    International Open Shotokan Karate Seminar 
                    Contact: Tom Hyder tomhyder@azshotokan.com

      4/18   Alabama Open              Keith & Sarah MacConkey
                Birmingham, Alabama  kmacconkey@usamartialarts.com

      4/24   Champs Cup 2015        Samantha Hostettler
               Atlanta, Georgia          champscup.com

      4/25   Hayashi-Ha Cup            Angela
                Lynnwood, Washington   minakamikarate.com/hayashihacup

      4/26  20th Annual Hiraldo's Kai Shobukan Karate Do Championship
               Corona Queens, New York          718-685-3991

      4/26  USANKF of N. CA.                  Gene Tibone
               Stockton, CA                         209-406-2776


        5/9  42 Annual Riverside Karate Championships Kevin Warner
               Riverside, CA                  951-217-4986

         5/16     SC Open                   info@carolinakarate.net
                    Greenville, SC            864.277.2008

       5/30   Tenn State Championship and
                     USA National Qualifier
                      Jo Valdez   fightingspiritkarate@comcast.net


      6/30-7/4 AAU Nationals           aaukarate.org
                    Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, N.C. 
      7/15-19  USA Karate Nationals
                   Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.      usankf.org  


       8/15            Wado Kai Karate-Do World Cup
                            Nagoya, Japan

      12/26-1/5 2016    The 13th Pan American Maccabi Games
                                Santiago, Chile
                                Dr. Sternberg      skusajka@aol.com
                                Caren Lesser       lesserc@bellsouth.net