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Spirit & Place Festival 2013: RISK
The Spirit & Place Festival is just 10 days away!

$20K Finalists Announced!


From crowd-sourced photo exhibits and mentoring to documentaries and racing programs ... hear innovative ideas for reshaping notions of race in Central Indiana when four finalists compete on opening night for a $20,000 award. Finalists include Javier Barrera (Latino Youth Collective), Pete Hylton (IUPUI Motorsports Engineering Program), Danicia Malone (Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center), and DeShong Perry-Smitherman (A Girl's Gift, Inc.). Read about their projects and don't miss this grand opening night on Nov. 1. Register today!


Program Previews  

Rabbi Arthur Green

The Spiritual Life: A High Risk Venture
Rabbi Arthur Green discusses the great risk of re-imagining one's own faith tradition using both love and logic.

Risky Waters: Indiana's Flood History and Future 

See the premier of the documentary When Every River Turned Against Us: Lessons from the Great 1913 Flood, and learn how to mitigate the impact of such disasters with local emergency management officials, disaster relief organizations, and more.

New Native Speak  
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Dallas Goldtooth 
The 1491s, an all-Native American ensemble and sketch comedy group, share their film Social Smallpox and talk about their use of satire to illuminate contemporary Native American culture.

The Risks of Knowing Health Risks

From mail-order genetics testing to early screening for cancers, we are promised an era of personalized, tailor-made healthcare; but is all this knowledge a good thing?


Veterans Reclaim Armistice Day 
Tim O'Brien 
Veterans who have reached out to the arts for healing will participate in a panel featuring award-winning writer Tim O'Brien and moderated by Steve Inskeep of NPR's
Morning Edition.




From our Blog 

Risk Living Your Dreams 


By Diana J. Ensign  

- Diana J. Ensign, Author of "Traveling Spirit"

One of the lessons I'm learning with each new baby step I take-as I walk through fears and doubts-is that the steps I find most frightening are the same ones that lead to a wonderful and exhilarating sense of accomplishment. Read more. 

RISK Survey   


Take a two-minute risk survey and unlock access to a series of personalized adventure assignments. The survey is for the festival event Choose Your Adventure, Map Your Risk and is open through Oct. 24th. Start your adventure ... NOW! Click here to take the survey.  

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