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Spirit & Place Festival 2013: RISK
Five RISK Prize Finalists Compete for $2,500
Earlier in the year, we announced that our Steering Committee will award a $2,500 cash prize to the Spirit & Place Festival event that is most emblematic of the "risk" theme.
Five events were chosen by the Event Selection Committee to compete during the festival for the prize! Check out the prize finalists below.
The Hungry Games


Join this epic humanitarian battle, based on The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, which will be staged to benefit the hungry and homeless. Leading up to the festival, "districts" will host "tribute" tryouts for the final competition. The final tributes will compete during a festival event in a series of physical and mental games. The winner's district will receive all the donations collected for an organization of their choice. 

Presented by NoExit Performance and Q Artistry.
Leaving My Religion: The Risks and Rewards of Becoming Non-Religious

Jim Mulholland
Explore the risks and rewards of becoming non-religious by following the story of well-known Quaker minister and Indiana author Jim Mulholland. He will share his journey from evangelical to progressive to non-religious. A discussion about the journey out of religion will follow, along with audience Q&A.

Presented by Center for Inquiry Indiana and Athenaeum Foundation.
Mapping the Risks We Live

What's your risk-tolerance? Find out by taking an online survey during September and October. Survey results will be emailed to you, along with suggestions for trying out new and adventurous things. Complete the experience by joining the community at a festival event where you can reflect on how "fear becomes curiosity" and "liabilities become assets." A mural of the community's collective risks will be on display.

Presented by Big Car and The Polis Center at IUPUI. 
Spirited Chase
Visit well-known (but secret) destinations where you will take mental, emotional, or physical risks. Get excited about exploring Indy, cross perceived boundaries, and use your "passport" to try out new destinations and activities. Redeem completed passports for food and beverage at a post-Festival event in December.


Presented by WFYI, LISC, WellDone Marketing, and partner sites. 
Touchy Subjects: Art, Sex, and Humor 

Touchy Subjects

Why do visual artists choose risky subject matter? Can their work be viewed through the lens of traditional art-making? This program explores these questions and illuminates the humor underlying both art-making and sex. The co-curated exhibit includes works by two emerging artists ("The Makeout Project" by Jedediah Johnson and "Dirty Mouth" by Kyle Herrington) alongside works from the Kinsey collection.  

Presented by Indianapolis Art Center and The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction. 

Spirit & Place 

Festival Blog

Risk- Nature or Nurture?
by Katie Day, Author and Global Speaker
"We were walking the streets with a small suitcase and a couple of carrier bags and no-where to sleep that night. We were homeless..."

Equations to Live By
by Callie Smith, Studio Ninety-Six
"Of course the things we have (or lose) faith in can hit us at our deepest places. Of course the risky decisions echo across every part of our lives..."

Who's taking a RISK with Spirit & Place in 2013?

Find out which of your favorite organizations are concocting never-seen-before programs on RISK.
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