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Spirit & Place Festival 2013: RISK
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"What if Spirit & Place wasn't an event, but a movement?"


Phil Gulley inspired us: "What if Spirit & Place wasn't an event, but a movement, an experiment in thinking and dreaming?" This is just one gem from the beautiful keynote the renowned author and reverend gave at our 2013 Spirit & Place Festival Kick-Off.

On May 15th, forty-three committed community partners joined us at Garfield Park Arts Center to gather the tools necessary to create must-see events. 

Our partners inspired us: they are going to knock the RISK theme out of the park! Each of them has stepped up to the plate ready to take programming risks. Did you know this city is jam-packed with creative people dedicated to making Indianapolis great? If we didn't before, we certainly do now. 
Big thanks to Garfield Park Arts Center and the University of Indianapolis for partnering with us on this event. Thanks to all of our community leaders who carry the banner for us every day. 

P.S. Would you eat a cricket? Festival Director Pam Blevins Hinkle did! 
Risk of Faith: Transformative Art Experience and Exhibit (May 31, 7 pm)


The journey of faith is a journey filled with risk. Sacred texts abound with stories of people making leaps of faith. For some, the risks are destabilizing. For others, they are energizing. In this transformative exhibit, local artists explore questions of faith and help us think about, see, hear, express, worship, and encounter faith in fresh ways.


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Rev. Phil Gulley Check out Phil Gulley's inspiring words on RISK from our May 15th event. 


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Would you eat a bug?
Festival partner Lukas Schooler did! And he wasn't the only one. 
Lukas eats a cricket
See if you know anyone who ate a cricket!

Who's taking RISK with Spirit & Place in 2013?

You've been asking to see a list of our event partners and it's here at last! Find out which of your favorite organizations are concocting never-seen-before programs on RISK.
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