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wfyiPowerful Play Stories on WFYI 


If you've tuned into All Things Considered on WFYI 90.1 this week, you might have heard the amazing play stories shared by Rev. Felipe Martinez, artist and philantropist Marianne Glick, and play enthusiast and author Bernie DeKoven.


Keep listening! Stories by John Mellencamp's drummer Dane Clark, young adult author and videoblogger John Green, and photographer and designer Polina Osherov will air at 5:44 pm next Monday - Wednesday.


Additional play stories by writer and designer Chris Stanton and Chef Neal Brown will be aired during the first week of the Festival. Essays will be posted on our blog the day they air.

callingfansCalling All Festival Fans


Want to be part of the Spirit & Place team this year? We're looking for volunteers to help us distribute welcome cards and event evaluations at each festival event. If you are interested, please sign up here

previewsProgram Previews


Jazz Meets Klezmer

What do America's Deep South and the Jews of Eastern Europe have in common? Each culture gave birth to an imaginitive musical tradition that sustained them admist repression and adversity: jazz and klezmer. Enjoy this participatory performance. 

Age of Champions

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Documentary Foundation


Age of Champions 


Watch and discuss the uplifting film, Age of Champions, the story of a group of athletes:  86-year-old pole vaulter, octogenarian swimmers, and basketball grandmothers. Win or lose, they're living proof it's never too late to become a champion. 


A Paycheck AwayA Paycheck Away

Many people are just one  paycheck away from homelessness. In this table-top game, face the real life circumstances, challenges, and choices that homeless people face every day.  Debrief about your game experience and learn how to take action.

Games through the Ages

Bring family and friends to explore games from the past and present. Board games, historic toys, and 19th-century party games are sure to delight all ages. Play, enjoy a presentation by Terry Zoubal, and then play some more.


Let's Dance

Let's DancePut on your dancing shoes and get moving! Nothing begs you to play like music. Get a great workout while learning five styles of dance: Latin ballroom, smooth ballroom, tap, modern, and ballet. Beginners are welcome!


justforfunJust for Fun!


Have you checked out GAMESpot yet? Our volunteers had a blast last Saturday putting them out on the streets! Check out GAMESpot, see where to find them, and go play the games. Don't forget to tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter!


Abbey Road
Broad Ripple Volunteer Team playing "Abbey Road."




Festival Booklet

 Festival Booklet 

blogSpirit & Place Festival Blog 

An Aerobus State of Mind
by Samantha Hyde

Samantha HydeI remember clearly those few seconds that I hung in the air, steam curling off my skin as I flew toward the icy water of Aerobus Lake. Around me were the gleeful shrieks of other kids as they surfaced, gasping and laughing....read more.
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Imagining the Future of Indiana Avenue

For much of the 20th century, Indiana Avenue was one of Indianapolis' most vibrant cultural sectors. Enjoy a provocative discussion that imagines a new future for this important area and celebrate the Madame Walker Theatre's 85th year. Read more.
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