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Opening New Possiblities in Fundraising, Philanthropy and More

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February 2014
More Than Money?!

Opening new possibilities in fundraising, philanthropy and more is the working tagline for More than Money (MTM)


Whether it is a new trend, tool or insight, More than Money is about encouraging a shift and re-imagining the way we think about and develop resources. We do this by stimulating conversation, challenging pre-conceived ideas and offering practical information, based on more than 20 years of front-line fundraising and organizational development with a wide variety of not-for-profits  and other mission-based enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors. 


 This month's edition of MTM takes a proactive approach to creating new opportunities for resource development. It is particularly relevant to anyone who is developing new sources of revenue and charting their own path to growth and impact.


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Twenty years ago I learned a lesson that has shaped my approach to fundraising and broader revenue development.


One of the most effective and often over-looked opportunities to generate revenue can be found within the context of your organization's vision and strategy. This is particularly true if you are seeking new sources of funding.  


I came to this understanding at a youth development organization I worked at in the mid 90's. An opportunity to submit a proposal outlining a comprehensive vision for youth programming allowed us to move beyond prevention to the supports young people need for life success. This expanded youth vision became a platform to broaden the organization's case for support and engage new supporters. Twenty years later the organization continues to grow, offering vital community services; while at the same time continuously creating opportunities to bring the organization to new supporters in new ways.


The never-ending need to develop revenue is a major challenge for most not-for-profits, and other mission-based enterprises. It's also a huge opportunity. 


The key is to leverage your assets --- the distinct value you create through the programs and services you provide. With limited 'tangible products' to sell, we are in the business of creating value and producing positive change. And successful resource development is about bringing that value to those who are interested and able to pay for it.


This is not about 'chasing the money.' Quite the contrary. It is about being strategic and mission-driven. Imagine that.


Bruce Arbit

Founder and President - Melarbit Partners, Inc.


Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand. Albert Einstein
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