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Moving Forward
Is your organization   growing, expanding or in transition and pursuing new opportunities in 2014? If you are interested in a strategic approach to building your resource development capabilities, attracting new financial resources, and want a fresh perspective, email or call Bruce Arbit at     (646) 701- 3778 to start the conversation. Cost-effective services and solutions for all types of nonprofits and mission-driven enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors.

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What a year! Like you, we've had our triumphs and tribulations. But, as my grandmother used to say, it's not how you start the race that matters but how you end it (or something close).
And while the journey continues, we do end the year with this note of appreciation and gratitude.
To all of our clients, colleagues and confidantes, we thank you for the opportunity to collaborate. Your worthwhile missions, dedication and support continuously challenge us to be our best. We truly could not do our work without you.
From all of us at Melarbit Partners, Inc.; The Community Investing Network of NJ; and More than Money, please accept our best wishes for success and significance in 2014, and beyond. 
Moving ahead, we will be using this monthly online communication, More than Money, as an even more useful tool in your pursuit to raise (more) money and leverage (all of) your resources to deliver impact. Stay tuned and happy holidays!


Bruce Arbit
Founder and President, Melarbit Partners, Inc.


* P.S. Click here to learn about a worthwhile holiday gift giving opportunity provided by our colleagues at Tucker Contemporary Art. Tucker Contemporary Art represents an eclectic mix of inspired emerging African American and other underrepresented artists - classically trained or outside the mainstream. 



About Us
Melarbit Partners is a fundraising and community investing firm. We prepare, position and launch major fundraising and growth initiatives for nonprofits and other mission 
driven enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors. Our work is based on more than 20 years of front-line fundraising, strategy development, marketing and management experience; over $100 million raised; along with innovations in philanthropy and a special interest in organizational change and building strong, local communities.  Learn more at