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October 2013
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The promise of solving (big) problems and making a difference is a major motivation for mission-driven enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors. It's also a hot topic these days! 
Check out When Good is Not Enough for a provocative look at what it really takes to create transformational change, by two leading nonprofit organizations. Or click on the controversial TED Talk about charity vs. capitalism. And Charity Navigator is in on the action with the addition of their newest rating dimension, that assesses nonprofit outcomes.
Be sure to keep up on it all by taking advantage of continuing education opportunities at  Fairleigh Dickinson University's (FDU) Center for Excellence: Leadership, Governance, and Philanthropy Certificate Programs. Classes begin in October and Orientation is tonight.
As the conversation about social innovation continues (and it will!), it is time to consider new fundraising and finance strategies that help to deliver on the promise of all this potential. 
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Bruce Arbit
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Funding that Matches the Size of the Problem

No amount of potential will be realized unless there is the money to pay for it. That is why we have taken the valuable lessons offered by Share our Strength and Kaboom! in When Good is Not Enough, and applied them to developing fundraising and finance strategies that match the scope of the problems they are intended to solve:
1. When fundraising, set a bold (financial) goal: This forces all key stakeholders to think more strategically about what it will take to deliver real change. Everything else flows from it.
2. Open Up Your Circle: Philanthropy will likely play an important part of the fundraising strategy but sustainable solutions require more. Likely sources include government; earned income; and even for-profit partners. Ask yourself, who else is negatively affected by this issue and/or potentially benefits from its resolution, and thereby has a role to play by getting involved? 
3. Change the Conversation: Start any request for funding with a  clear understanding of what you/your enterprise brings to the table.
Before making an ask, think of all the assets - financial, human, political -that you bring to this issue.
4. Disrupt the Norms: Ultimately, it is the collective of many individual actions that disrupt business as usual and create new opportunities. This is how lasting change is made.

Falling money photoWhere Do We Go From Here? 


Check out the next edition of More than Money where we explore some of the new and not so new players in what was once the primary domain of the not-for-profit sector. As former President Bill Clinton stated at the opening session of this year's Clinton Global Initiative, Mobilizing for Impact, 'the world's problems are so big, philanthropy cannot do it alone.'




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