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April 2013
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2013 State of the Nonprofit Sector
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The world is changing. To help you take take advantage  of the emerging opportunities in fundraising, strategic philanthropy and community investing, Melarbit Partners has reformatted its online newsletter to bring you focused monthly updates with timely information culled from a variety of reliable sources. Each month, More Than Money will highlight a relevant issue/opportunity, in an easy to access manner, so you can use it to benefit your enterprise and/or endeavors. As always we welcome your thoughts and inquiries.

Bruce Arbit
Founder and President, Melarbit Partners, Inc.
2013 State of the Nonprofit Sector
Nonprofits are changing the way they do business to adapt to new economic realities and to meet growing demand for services. Developing new funding sources and models is a priority. These are among the headlines of the 2013 State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey Results conducted by Nonprofit Finance Fund. Though not surprising, where do we go from here?


Grocer It's About Funding!
Clearly, the time has come to create robust new funding streams that are as effective as the solutions they seek to support.

And while developing new funding models that replace the current patchwork, silo approach will take time we can begin by using a business planning discipline to make sure we ask the right questions. Here's a few to get you started:

What type of funding is needed and for what uses? Check out this article on funding models to help inform your thinking and explore the possibilities. 

Who benefits from the work you do? In addition to stakeholders who receive your services, partners, government and philanthropic supporters, think about those who value what you do and can pay for the benefits that your work creates. Make sure you understand your marketplace (competitors; trends; opportunities; threats).

Who are the most likely early partners for your enterprise/endeavor and what is it that they will respond do in an offer?  Engage stakeholders. Learn by doing and 'fail fast.' Create momentum and build upon organizational strengths.

How will these strategies integrate into the current organizational culture and what is needed to assure success and sustainability? Growth requires capacity. Capacity requires investment, referred to as growth capital.

This is just the first step in a larger fundraising business planning process that will help you define your value and begin to inform your funding model. It's also part of the growing field of social finance that is expanding the sources of private capital for social good.

Stay tuned for the next version of More than Money and unleash the possibilities.

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