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APRIL 14-21
Farewell Gift for a Certain Handwork Teacher


Can you crochet? Ask your 3rd grader for a crash course! 


I am looking for volunteers to put together a farewell project for Ms. Daley, who will be very much missed when she moves on this summer. (Ms. Daley, if you are reading this, please look away.) Let's try to keep this as much a secret as possible from her. 


This project will require the same type of yarn that our children all work with in school: Lamb's Pride Worsted (85% wool, 15% Mohair). Colors: see Karleen in the school store, give me a call at 908-458-1055, or e-mail me.


~ Joanne Pawelko, WSP Parent

Parent Council Corner

by Susie McCoy & Lilian Sampaio, Co-Chairs


Happy Spring!


As the days get warmer, nature shows its force, leaving us in awe with beauty! One of the most colorful seasons on the school campus, a perfect time (and temperature) to wander around and contemplate. Ms. Cunningham, the gardening teacher for the Grade School, will join us for our next morning meeting, talking about children and their relationship with nature, plants, and gardening. A chance to learn about our children's experience AND enjoy a tasty treat from Ms. Cunningham, while welcoming Spring!


We are in the process of selecting a new Parent Council co-chair for the next school year. If you are interested in learning more about this position, please contact the Parent Council. It's an important step to keep the strong bonds between parents and faculty, maintaining the harmony and communication in the whole school body.


See you around! 


Read the minutes from our last meeting here.

Your Ad Could Be in Our May Fair Program!


Preparations for a wonderful celebration are well under way; these include a program of events with advertisements from our favorite businesses. If you have a business you think would like to advertise in the fair program (including your own!), please take them a form and tell them what a wonderful opportunity this will be! Over 500 people visit the fair each year. The deadline for ads is April 11; contact Beth Miller for more details. 



Children around the world will celebrate Screen-Free (formerly TV-Turnoff) Week by turning off entertainment screen media (TVs, computers, video games) and turning on the world around them. AWSNA is a proud endorser of Screen-Free Week, which is an initiative of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC), and so is WSP!


WSP will be celebrating Screen-Free Week in its own way, kicking off with Susan Linn, Director of the CCFC, who will be giving a talk at the Princeton Public Library on April 30 at 7 p.m. Our culminating event will be our very own May Fair, the ultimate in screen-free fun! 


Stay tuned for more! (Pardon the pun.)

Board of Trustees Seeks Nominees



The Board of Trustees is seeking nominations for the 2014-15 school year. If you feel you or someone you know would enjoy serving the school in this way, please e-mail the name, phone number, e-mail address, and why you nominate this person to the board chair.


Community Events


Montgomery Friends

of Open Space

124 Montgomery Rd, Skillman

As the seasons change, let's say farewell to winter and look for signs of spring in the wild woods and fields behind Stonebridge and the 1860 House. Rocky Hill resident Brad Merritt has organized and lead field trips for the Washington Crossing Audubon Society for many years. He is enthusiastic about sharing his experience and knowledge of his Rocky Hill backyard wilderness. We'll look for signs of animal and bird life, as well as new plant growth. Bring binoculars and wear appropriate  boots and outerwear. Trails may be muddy.


"Dying and Becoming: 

Easter in Our Time":

A Talk by Eugene Schwartz

Sunday, April 6, 7:30 p.m.

Hagens Hall

The Transfiguration, the final work of the painter Raphael, and Goethe's poem Trance and Transfiguration will serve as the contemplative center of this talk. In the course of our evening together we will ponder the relationship of the Easter festival to the archangels Raphael and Michael and to the issues of health, illness and mortality in our time. We will conclude with an exploration of two of the very last themes addressed by Rudolf Steiner: education for special needs and the healing of the earth.


Eugene Schwartz is the author of Millennial Child: Transforming Education in the Twenty-First Century. He is well known in Waldorf and Anthroposophical communities for his work as a lecturer and consultant. He played a major role in the Hagens Recording Studio production of the recent documentary film Considering Waldorf: Changing Perspectives in Education. For further information, contact Diane Barlow.


ReTribe Teen Retreats

with WSP Alumna

Julia Martin '01

This summer, come take part in a Rite of Passage retreat. At ReTribe's teen retreats you will join your peers to build a community of support, discover your true self, and have a wildly good time!


Inner Journeys:

June 29-July 6,

Ages 14-18

Where does your path lead? Find your inner power and vision using transformative practices including Mindfulness, Yoga, Breathwork, Nature Immersion, Steam Lodge, and Celebration!


Adventure Game Theater: August 17-24, Ages 12-18

Transform through improvisational theater and live action adventure where you may become a hero, meet magical creatures, face dark powers, and fight for your life with swords and magic.


Our retreats take place in the beautiful woods of Sky Meadow Retreat Center in Stannard, VT.


Enjoy food right from the farm and swim in natural ponds.

Workshops include: improvisational theater, poetry, drumming and dancing, dream interpretation and shamanic journeying, wilderness skills, capture the flag with swords, handcraft arts, and more.


Our Staff includes mindfulness teachers, psychotherapists, outdoor educators, theater professionals, musicians, and artists.


Cost: $790. Scholarships Available.

For more Information visit,

e-mail us, or call: 802-371-5027.

Save the Dates


May 3: First Grade Play


May 9: Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day


May 10: May Fair


May 21 & 22: Eighth Grade Play

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April 2014
Mr. Martinez and the third grade on their recent trip to
Hawthorne Valley Farm in Ghent, New York.

Dear Friends,  


Change is inevitable. Our children are often inspirational in their ability to adapt, maybe because they themselves are constantly changing. For us adults, it can be harder to adjust in the face of change, and I often find myself wishing I had the same resilience I once did. Around the school, we are changing outwardly and inwardly.  As we near the end of our 30th year as an organization, we are in the midst of streamlining and formalizing a variety of processes: fully online enrollment, an approved community code of conduct, and a new website are just some ways this will take shape in the coming months. While creating and adjusting to these changes requires significant effort on the part of many, this work will propel the school into the next stage of organizational maturity.


Times of change call for action. Our Parent Council's recently sponsored talk by parent Tineke Thio on climate change is a good example; there may be abundant evidence that our planet is in trouble, but the situation isn't hopeless. Now is the time to act. As Tineke spoke about the qualities that will be needed for the future, she spoke about Waldorf school children. Among other things, our children are connected to nature; they're also doers and problem solvers who can think outside the box and take on new challenges with confidence. Waldorf graduates meet the world ready for change.


Times of change bring new opportunities, as spring will surely convince you (if it ever truly gets going!). Parents seeking their own barnyard experience (the third grade just had theirs) should attend our Barnyard Bash on Saturday, April 5. Next week, parents will have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the school's gardening curriculum during the Parent Council meeting at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 11. And later in the month, we kick off Screen-Free Week,  co-sponsoring a talk by Susan Linn of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.


As we move into a season full of change, may we be blessed with opportunities to think outside the box and act with confidence, for in this is growth. 


Warm Regards,


Janine Cleland

School Administrator




Rising First Grade Parent Meeting

Saturday, April 5, 10 a.m.

Grade School Building


Join Us for a Barnyard Bash!

Saturday, April 5, 7:00-11:00 p.m.

The McGahren Barn

145 Wertsville Rd., Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Dust off your boots and dance the night away! Celebrate 30 years of Waldorf School of Princeton with live music by The Hazbins! Hors d'oeuvres provided; bring your own adult beverages. "Cowboy Chic" attire requested. Ticket prices: $40 single, $75 per couple ($50 each at the door). Click here for full event details, or to purchase tickets. Please contact Beth Miller for questions or more information.


Sitting with the Faculty Chair

This Week's Topic: After-School Time

Wednesday, April 9, 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Golden House Community Kitchen 

Ever have a question about Waldorf Education or the school that you just can't get answered, or perhaps a topic that you would love to learn more about? Faculty Chair Nancy Lemmo is available every Wednesday from 8:30 to 9:15 a.m. to answer your questions or direct you to solutions. The faculty chair's role at the school is to help smooth sailing for all, so please stop in and introduce yourself even if you do not have any burning questions. Once you know the faculty chair, you will always know where to go with your questions!


garden"What's Mud Got to Do With It?"

An Overview of the WSP Gardening Curriculum

With Suzanne Ives Cunningham, Gardening Teacher

Sponsored by the Parent Council

Tuesday, April 8, 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Golden House Multipurpose Room

Join us for a (literal) walk through the grade school gardening curriculum, and learn how this unique aspect of the education weaves elements of history, the sciences, math, and culinary and practical arts to encourage independent, creative citizens who think globally and act locally. Oh yeah, and they make a mean invasive species pesto. Please dress for the weather! Open to all parents; RSVP to by Friday, April 4.


Fifth Grade Play: "Perseus and Danae"

Thursday, April 10, 7 p.m.

Hagens Hall

All are welcome to attend!  


Board Meeting

Monday, April 28, 7 p.m.


Consuming Kids: Raising Healthy Children

in a Media-Saturated, Commercialized World:

A Talk with Susan Linn

Wednesday, April 30, 7 p.m.

Princeton Public Library

Co-sponsored by the Waldorf School of Princeton

With the intensity of a gold rush, multinational corporations race to stake their claim on the consumer group formerly known as children. The unprecedented convergence of unfettered commercialism and ubiquitous, miniaturized screen media allows marketers to bypass parents and target children directly. Precocious sexuality, eating disorders, youth violence, childhood obesity, rampant consumerism, family stress, and the erosion of children's creative play-the foundation of learning-have all been linked to child-targeted marketing. Dr. Susan Linn will talk about the magnitude of this global problem and what we can do about it. Free and open to the public.


For details of school events, please contact




Annual Fund Update

Together we have raised over $100,000 in gifts and pledges toward our $130,000 goal for the 2013-2014 Annual Fund! This represents over $20,000 in new and increased gifts, which will be matched by our board dollar for dollar once we reach the community challenge goal of $30,000 in new and increased gifts.


We have just three months left to raise the additional amount needed by June 30 to meet the goal set by the board to balance this year's budget.


Thank you to parent, alumni parent, and founder callers David Campbell, Matt Eldredge, Mark Hornung, Susie McCoy, Sharon Mizels, Caroline Phinney, Heide Ratliff, Nick Rumin, and Cindy Vega for calling people to request their gift support during our annual phonathon last month. And thanks to all who have already generously participated with a gift to our Annual Fund!


Total participation stands at 35 percent. Class participation is as follows:


36% - Grade 1, giving rep: Natalia Prokopenko

44% - Grade 2, giving rep: Beth Patchel

36% - Grade 3, giving rep: Susie McCoy & Makiko Kato

23% - Grade 4, giving rep: Jennifer Murray

25% - Grade 5, giving rep: Mary Langeron

50% - Grade 6, giving rep: Makiko Kato

63% - Grade 7, giving rep: Penny Foss Miller

30% - Grade 8, giving rep: Karleen Aghevli

43% - Rose EC, giving rep: Sha'ree Berkhout

43% - Sunflower EC, giving rep: Natalia Prokopenko

42% - Lilac EC, giving rep: Katrin Bernewitz

33% - Buttercup EC, giving reps: Margaret and Curtis Lee

10% - Thu. Morning Garden, giving rep: JoanMarie Zetterberg

38% - Fri. Morning Garden, class giving rep: Esther Kalif


*Let's get to 100% participation as we did for the last 2 years!


To make your gift, please visit our website! To make your pledge, please contact the Development Office. Pledges are due by June 30.  


Annual Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day

Friday, May 9

Our Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day invitation will soon be mailed to grandparents and special friends of Grade School and Children's Garden students. The copy for the invitation will include the following:


Please join us for our annual

Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day

Friday, May 9, 2014


Waldorf School of Princeton

1062 Cherry Hill Road

Princeton, NJ 08540


Lilac, Rose, and Sunflower

Children's Garden programs 9-10:30 a.m.


Grade School program 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


Children's Garden guests are invited to the Grade School Reception and Assembly following their program.


RSVP to Jamie Quirk by May 1:

(609) 466-1970, x112 or


This invitation will be mailed to all who are on our database. If you have not provided us with information about your child's grandparents or special friends, or are not sure, please contact Jamie Quirk.


The Buttercup Class does not meet on Fridays, so it has made different arrangements and will contact its families directly. Their grandparents, parents, and special friends will be warmly invited to visit on Wednesday, May 7.


Educational Support Plans 
Educational Support Plans (ESPs) will be mailed in April. These plans will outline recommended support for your child for next year. If you receive a plan, please sign and return it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to ensure services for the fall. In an important change from previous years, all plans will be due BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. Once you have received your plan, contact your class teacher with any questions or concerns.

Tuition Assistance Deadline Nears!

Reminder to all tuition assistance applicants: 2013 tax forms for families receiving tuition assistance for the 2014-15 school year are due to TADS by May 1, 2014. If the tax forms are not submitted by May 1, you will be invoiced based on the full tuition. The tuition assistance grant will then be prorated based on the date your late tax return is received by TADS. Submit your 2013 tax return now.


New Online Re-Enrollment Process Goes Live!

All re-enrollment agreements for the 2014-15 school year are to be completed online, through TADS, by May 1. Any agreements completed after May 1 will be subject to a 2.5% administrative fee. Please call x114 or e-mail Solveig Pearson with questions.

For Those on Monthly Payment Plans
Please consult your last coupon, or contact the Business Office for your final payment amount: Julie Martin, x113.



Tennis, Anyone?

The tennis after-school program is rapidly approaching! This year the program will be overseen by Ms. Pearson and coached by newly hired coach Ms. Hufnal and WSP alum Renee Karchere-Sun '12. The program is non-competitive and is held on our own tennis courts.


Days: Tuesdays (beginner)

Thursdays (intermediate)

Time: 3:15-4:30 p.m.  

Dates: April 22-June 5


Sign-Ups: Please fill out and submit the enrollment form along with payment prior to leaving for Spring Break. Spaces may be limited, so early submission is encouraged.


Sports Physicals: Please be advised that participation in after-school sports requires a sports physical no older than 365 days from the first day of practice. If you are unsure whether you have a current physical on file for your child, please contact the school nurse, Eileen Gendimenico, x116. All new submissions must be received prior to the first date of practice, as the school nurse must sign off before participation can be granted.


If it's been more than 60 days since your child's physical, you will need to submit the parent update formIf you have any questions, please e-mail Karrin Pearson.


Looking for Volunteers for Princeton's Communiversity!

WSP will have a booth once again at Communiversity, this year slated for Sunday, April 27, from 1 to 6. We are looking for parents and older students to sign up for 1-hour time slots to man the table, chat with visitors, and represent our school. Click here to sign up, or contact Jamie Quirk for more info.


After School: Together and Safe

Parent Council Co-Chairs Lillian Sampaio and Susie McCoy, community parents, and Interim Faculty Chair Nancy Lemmo met last month to understand the needs of the community and the school around after-school play and activities. Click here for a short summary of the meeting.


Waldorf Summer Camp Registration Will Be on TADS!

Have you registered yet? Soon we will be announcing our new online registration process--the same as for re-enrollment! The Waldorf Summer Camp Program will run three 2-week sessions from June 30 through August 8 for children ages 4-13. Specialty camps are available for older campers. Please click here for our registration brochure, or e-mail with inquiries.

Scrip for Spring

There are many reasons to help the school and purchase your scrip cards this month! Easter is on its way! Fill your Easter baskets using scrip. Planning for a spring break or summer getaway? Use scrip to plan your family vacations and take them with you to use at your destination. And let's not forget Mother's Day! Use your scrip cards to buy something special for all those awesome mommies out there!
By purchasing gift cards through our scrip program, you raise funds for our school simply through your routine shopping. You buy the gift card at face value, and WSP earns the rebate! Rebates vary from 3-20%, depending on the retailer. 

Currently in stock: Jazams, Amazon, iTunes, Michaels, Barnes & Noble, L.L.Bean, Lands End and more. All others can be ordered and will be delivered to you within about 1 week. A complete listing of participating retailers is available at .

Are you ready to place your order? Please stop by the school store on Tuesday mornings from 8:30 to 9:30. An order form is also available on the school website or can be picked up in the Golden House lobby, or e-mail We accept cash or check, debit cards for orders over $150, and credit cards for orders over $500.
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