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Addiction News

Opioid Crisis

There is a prescription opioid crisis in Canada. While these drugs are effective in treating acute pain, and pain near the end of life, the evidence to support long-term use in patients with chronic pain is weak, and for many people the harms exceed the benefits. Prescription opioids are also highly addictive and easily misused.

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Alcoholics Anonymous vs. the Doctors

Could new addiction medications replace mutual-help groups?

Everyone loves Alcoholics Anonymous. Or almost everyone.

Many patients and doctors have grumbled for years about the religion inherent in the Alcoholics Anonymous process: Half of the 12 steps involve God or "a Power greater than ourselves."

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Heavy drinking in middle-aged men may speed up memory loss: study

The study of about 5,000 British civil servants found that over a decade, the added decline was the equivalent of about two extra years of aging for a combined measure of mental abilities like reasoning, and about six years for memory. 

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Police say anti-drug message getting through - arrests drastically down 

Launched in 2009 by local school boards and police, Project ABCD was meant to address drugs in schools by using high school role models to reach kids in the upper elementary grades

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Promising new drug targets discovered for cocaine addiction

Researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have identified a new molecular mechanism by which cocaine alters the brain's reward circuits and causes addiction.

Alcohol Kills 80,000 a year

Alcohol was behind nearly 80,000 deaths per year in 16 countries in North, Central and South America, say researchers calling drinking an important cause of death.

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"More must be done to confront drug trade, rise in domestic addiction," says UNODC Chief in meeting with Afghan Counter-Narcotics Minister

There are more than one million opiate addicts in Afghanistan, which represents a national tragedy.

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Most Doctors fail to discuss alcohol with patients: study

Doctors are failing to find out if their patients drink too much alcohol, despite evidence that at least 38 million American adults consume an excessive amount, a U.S. health agency said on Tuesday.

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New Website

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Community Garden
2013 Compost & Food Garden Repor
Prepared by CFGR Project Manager Leslie Ellet, Last Door went green in 2013.  
"the garden projects were enjoyable and valuable additions to and integrated well with Last Door Programs

Adult Addiction Treatment, 19+ years of age

Family Addiction Treatment Program

Couples Addiction Treatment

To celebrate Last Door's 30th Anniversary, the community outreach message "iLoveMyAddict"has been launched, TV and Radio Commercial will run throughout the year.  Special thanks to Bell Media and Rogers for their sponsorship of air time.

Thank you CTV and News 1130


Do you have a loved one in recovery? Do you have a loved one still living in addiction? Do you have your own personal journey you would like to share?  Post your story and share with others.  


iLoveMyAddict.ca is promoting respect for loved ones living in addiction and the people who love them.  Our hope is these stories will helps others find recovery too.


Visit iLoveMyAddict.ca


Bitcoins Accepted Here

First BC Non-Profit Society and First Drug Addiction Treatment Centre accepts Bitcoin Donations and Payment for Treatment

Company of Young Professionals

Our very own Matt Kalenuik, Addictions Counselor at Last Door Youth Program has been appointed to The Company of Young Professionals. CYP is a leadership development program of The Vancouver Board of Trade designed specifically for young professionals under the age of 35. Matt is one of two representatives from the non-profit sector.


Through membership in The Board of Trade, Vancouver's most active business association and, in the case of non-profit reps, The BC Association of Charitable Gaming,   CYP gives young professionals the opportunity to become engaged in their community by attending hot-topic events, meeting prominent business leaders and fostering leadership through engagement.


Members can also experience extensive community involvement with key issues through participation in The Board's and the BCACG's various committees and task forces.


CYP is designed for young professionals, including entrepreneurs, managers, accountants, lawyers, articling students, real estate and investment professionals and graduates of the Leaders of Tomorrow Mentorship ProgramŽ (LOT).


This opportunity gives  Last Door an opportunity to grow our network and realize our leadership potential through Matt's involvement. We are in good company... 

You're invited !
Over Half Sold!!

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Boundaries and Enabling Solutions 


Board President Meet and Greet

Last Door President of the Board Mr. Amandeep Sanghera was given a tour of Crossroads Centre, Antigua, thank you Teresa Klucina. "It was a great opportunity to see recovery happening in such a beautiful place" 

Talk Recovery
Join Last Door every Thursday live from Vancouver's Downtown East Side for Talk Recovery, from noon to 1 pm on Vancouver Co-Op Radio 100.5 fm.   Listen to Interviews with Insite, SALOME Trials Doctors, Book Authors and other Addiction Experts trying to make sense of what's happening in the world of recovery.


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Alumni of the Month

"Hi i am Harjeet and i am an addict." I used to hate that statement. For years I vocalized those words in dingy church basements and meeting halls. I hated saying it. "i am an addict." That was my badge of shame, my dishonour, my ticket to a life of degradation and laziness where i didn't have to do anything that regular people did because...well because "i am an addict."


Addiction has no prejudice goes the adage. I know this to be true. If we were merely products of our environment if there was some sort of logic inherent in the natural world I wouldn't be any addict. I was raised with every material and moral advantage possible.


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Electronic Recovery Aid
Unity APP, clean and sober support tool
Unity APP, clean and sober support tool
Unity APP has many features making it the ideal Continuing Care Support Tool for clients post treatment and for people living in Long Term Recovery. Last month the latest Version of Unity APP was released on iTunes and Android.  


Clean and Sober people around the world are downloading Unity APP, create your profile today.
Want to be an Interventionist?

  Integrative Recovery Resources Presents: 


A Comprehensive Intervention

Training in Canada


Thursday, February 27th to Sunday, March 2nd, 2014


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