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Addiction News
Addiction Treatment with a dark side

"Suboxone did not save Miles Malone, 20; it killed him. a friend texted Mr. Malone an invitation to use the drug recreationally - "we can do the suboxins as soon as I give them to u, right, dude?" - and he died that night, of buprenorphine poisoning."

Legal challenge to heroin prescription ban will draw on Insite case
A legal challenge to a federal ban that prevents doctors from dispensing heroin to addicts as part of their medical treatment will rely on many of the same arguments successfully used to keep Vancouver's supervised injection site over Ottawa's objections, a lawyer involved in both cases said on Wednesday 
Effects of dope last long after high - expert

Regular dope smokers experience serious cognitive impairment long after they're high, an expert says.

Review highlights links between problem gambling and substance abuse, and lack of treatment options

Problem gamblers are a hidden population among people with mental health or substance abuse issues who often don't get the treatment they need, a new study shows. Anywhere from 10 to 20 per cent of people with substance abuse problems also have significant gambling problem, yet few programs are targeted at them and most social service agencies don't have funds to treat them, the study's main author says.

Gambling Addiction Treatment
Gambling Addiction Treatment Program
Crack Cocaine: 9 things to know

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said that he had smoked crack cocaine, probably "in one of my drunken stupors," about a year ago.

Here's a look at the drug that can rapidly produce a high, some of the ways it can affect an individual's behaviour and health, its legal status and other instances of high-profile use

Dangerous "Flesh-eating" street drug shows up in Ontario

A toxic, flesh-eating street drug known as "Krokodil" is reportedly showing up on Niagara Region streets. The two cases of addicts admitting using the drug are believed to be the first time the street drug has been reported in Canada.   Even by street drug standards, Krokodil is considered ugly. It's a toxic blend of household chemicals such as iodine, gasoline, industrial cleaning oil, lighter fluid and paint thinner mixed with codeine. 

Krokodil: Russia's Deadliest Drug (NSFW)
Krokodil, Deadly Drug 

Upcoming Conference

The 4th annual Healing and Treating Trauma, Addictions and Related Disorders Conference is coming back to my hometown, Richmond, BC. Our three-day conference will take place on December 4, 5 & 6, 2013, at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel. 

Adult Addiction Treatment, 19+ years of age

Family Addiction Treatment Program

Couples Addiction Treatment

Electronic Recovery Aid 
Unity APP has many features making it the ideal Continuing Care Support Tool for clients post treatment and for people living in Long Term Recovery. This month the latest Version of Unity APP was released on iTunes and Android.  
Clean and Sober people around the world are downloading Unity APP, create your profile today  
Unity APP, clean and sober support tool
Video of Unity APP's features, clean and sober support tool
Check out the hastag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram #RecoveryDownloadCampaign 

Save this date, You're invited !

Yoga helps addicts Recover
Last Door's featured on the TV Show "Ecstatic" Yoga Instructor Tina and Executive Director David talk about the power of Forgivenessand Addiction Treatment Outcomes. 
Click here to watch the show addiction treatment news
Accounting Students Community Project 

Kwantlen University Not for Profit Financial Management Students are participating in a Community Project  at Last Door for their Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting Degree.


Students reviewed and assessed Last Door's Financial Reports, Policy and Procedures, ByLaws and Statements.  Generating a report on their findings that have provided an invaluable learning experience for the students.  Currently the Students are in the office reviewing Last Door's Electronic Health Records and Invoicing System, setting up vendor accounts and producing a long term revenue expense report.


Last Door Recovery Centre; happy to be part of their education process.  The four students are also getting a learning experience on Addiction and Recovery, and will be attending a 12 Step meeting to see the whole picture of Last Door, not just the accounting top see how self help factors into Residential Addiction Treatment.

Talk Recovery
Join Last Door every Thursday live from Vancouver's Downtown East Side for Talk Recovery, from noon to 1 pm on Vancouver Co-Op Radio 100.5 fm.   Listen to Interviews with Insite, SALOME Trials Doctors, Addiction Experts


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Alumni of the Month

I grew up in a small town and was introduced to drugs at a young age, although I didn't regularly start doing them until I was 14 or so. When I look back I suppose the reasons why I started trying drugs weren't abnormal for a person my age - I had friends who were trying them and saying they were fun, and I wanted to see what it was all about.   

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Youth Program
On November 15th Last Door's Youth Program was invited by an Alumni to a Vancouver Giants game. Twelve residents, three dads and staff enjoyed a birds-eye view of the action, Private Box seating, hospitality and a catered meal from the comfort of an Executive Suite. 

It was an amazing evening celebrated with many "firsts" in recovery. As quoted by one of the residents "It was the first time in years that I have enjoyed quality time with my father, and told him that I loved him". 
Just another opportunity to take a simple event, and create new memories of pride, integrity, goodwill and celebration free from the grips of addiction. 

Last Door's Youth Program is for teens, 13 to 19 years of age.

(thanks Mike)
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