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Addiction News


Health Minister Rona Ambrose is slamming her own department's decision to provide heroin to certain addicts under a special access program.

The program is designed to allow patients in exceptional cases to get medications normally not allowed in Canada.

However, the department has just approved an application that would allow addicts to use heroin - a decision with which Ambrose clearly doesn't agree

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Women and alcoholism: author describes 'global epidemic'

Journalist and author Ann Dowsett Johnston is now a member of the "sisterhood of sobriety," but for years she wrestled with a dependence on alcohol.  

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Call for crackdown on doctors abusing drugs 

Some anaesthetists say random testing and stricter regulation of drugs in hospitals may be required to protect doctors from addictive medicines they are regularly exposed to, as well as patients who could suffer under their care.

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Website shows young people risks of mixing medicines and drugs

Did you know that taking Ritalin and drinking energy drinks to focus before an exam could cause jitters and irritability and make it difficult to sleep? Or that mixing cough medicine with large amounts of alcohol could kill you? a new website funded by B.C. Mental Health & Addiction Services (BCMHAS), aims to help young people, health-care professionals and partners understand the risks of mixing prescription medications, alcohol and other drugs

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Antidepressant Wellbutrin becomes 'poor man's cocaine' on Toronto streets

The first time Marty MacDonnell injected Wellbutrin he had no idea what else was going into his veins.  He gets the drug from his doctor to treat depression. It's one of Canada's most popular and easily accessible prescription drugs. He also buys it on the streets, where it can go for $2.50 per pill.

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One in 20 Canadians is a food addict, 

Researchers from Newfoundland's Memorial University say that 7% of women in their study, and three per cent of males - 5% of the population overall - met diagnostic criteria for food addiction, described by senior author Guang Sun as "compulsive overeating in harmful and unhealthy ways."

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New dangerous way to smoke marijuana hits streets

BHO or butane Honey oil uses butane to extract THC - the psychoactive component -- from marijuana. But heating the BHO mixture to remove the butane can have explosive effects. of Medicine.

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What Canadian Youth think about Cannabis

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Newsletter Vol #051

September 2013

Youth & Adult Addiction Treatment Centre for Males

New Recovery Radio Show



Join us every Thursday live from the infamous Downtown East-side of Vancouver for Talk Recovery on Vancouver Co-Op Radio 100.5 FM from noon to 1 pm.  Hosts Darren Galer, Frances Stone and Giuseppe Ganci bring recovery and addiction issues to the airwaves with expert guest interviews, question of the day, call in time and awesome music and; you can stream and listen live online by clicking here.

This Thursday's Show the Mayor of Abbotsford will be on air to talk about mental health, addictions, homelessness, reopening Riverview Hospital and the infamous "Abbotsford Manure Situation". Join us at noon this Thursday on 100.5 FM or stream live. 


Listen to past shows here:

  • September 19th 2013, featuring Patti Pike from CanAm Interventions and Jade Seabrook from Successful Interventions, Questions of the Day: Is it fair to cut someone off after an intervention?
  • September 12th 2013, featuring Darwin Fisher from Insite Supervised Injection Site, Question of the Day: Is Insite helping or prolonging suffering?
  • September 5th 2013, Featuring Jim Stimpson Author of Act of Surrender, Question of the Day: What is Surrender to you and how do you explain it to a normal person?
  • August 29th 2013, Featuring AnnMarie McCullough from Recover Day, Question of the Day: Can you practice anonymity during recovery day while being an advocate for recovery?
  • August 22nd 2013, Featuring Candace Plattor Author of Loving and Addict, Loving Yourself, Question of the Day: Do you think it's possible to have a healthy relationship with someone in active addiction? What's your experience?
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Annual General Meeting for Last Door



Last Door's Annual General Meeting was held on Friday September 20th featuring reports from the Presidents, Treasurer, Executive Director, Youth Program Manager, Fundraising Committee, Community Development Director, Strategic Planning Committee and a Succession Planning Report.



We welcome our returning Board Members and we also welcome New Board Member Rob Toews and Jim Bennett.  Last Door would also like to especially thank Gordon Truscott who stepped down from the Board after 15 years of service.  Thank you Gordon!


Returning Board Members


Amandeep Sanghera - PRESIDENT 

Haneef Esmail - VICE PRESIDENT 

Rob Hurst - MEMBER 

Todd Ware - MEMBER 

Akram Ftaya - MEMBER 

Gary George - MEMBER 

David Seymour - MEMBER 

Rob Proudfoot - MEMBER 

Jennifer Lowrey - MEMBER 

Dennis George - MEMBER 

Newly Elected Board Members

Robert Towes  - MEMBER

Jim Bennett  - MEMBER


Departing Board Members

Gordon Truscott - 15 YEAR MEMBER

Gardens were a success


Organic Deck and Yard Gardens provide Last Door with delicious vegetables while teaching clients the importance of healthy eating.   Last Door Recovery Society is committed to becoming "greener" with its gardens and to broaden its role in community based "green practices" Last Door has  integrated compost stations in all of its facilities.   Meal time at Last Door never tasted so good.


Version 3 almost here......


 ..........ultimate continuing care


After 2 years of  research and development and a trial version of  Version 1 and Version 2, we think we got the new recovery app that will revolutionize the way people in recovery communicate.  We think it will be on the iPhone and Android store by the middle of October.  Wish us luck!


30th Anniversary Dinner! SAVE THE DATE

You're Cordially Invited
April 26th 2014
Fairmont Waterfront Hotel
400 Guests
Silent and Live Auction

"Steak and Cake"
Tickets $150 each, available soon
Corporate Tables $1,500 - available now, contact Louise @ 604-516-0060
email if you would like join the planning committee

Alumni of the Month




Two years ago when I first came to the Last Door I was broken and destitute. I had burned my life to the ground and hated everyone and everything about my life. I was a 53 year old man addicted to crystal meth.  All I wanted to do was die but I was too much of a coward to kill myself. I had been clean at one point for 10 years but had never really worked the NA program or AA program properly and the result was me relapsing and using. I was at such a low point that I was lying to the people I loved and stealing from friends to get high. I was doing things again that I had not done since my twenties. I was broken mentally, physically, emotionally and most of all spiritually. I had two people I knew that worked at the Last Door, Giuseppe and Don. I made a decision to contact the Last Door and ask them for help. It would be the best decision I have ever made in my life.


So the morning of October 12, 2011 I checked into the Last Door Recovery Centre.  I would like to say that I took to the program there like a duck to water but that's not what happened. I was the most self centered needy person in the house. I would sit in the lobby of the middle building saying I wanted to leave. I was like a broken record no gratitude at all for what the staff was offering me. Finally one day I said again I wanted to go and Danny asked me if I had ever had fun there. I knew I had but I lied and said no. He responded by telling me in a very explicit way to then go. Somehow he got through to me. I realized that day, that I was being offered a great opportunity. I got up after that and went to group were I started to listen. Once I was willing I learned about myself and how to become a responsible adult. I started to practice the program the way it was meant to be. I had the best person as my counsellor Blair May (The Boss Man) . Blair taught me how to be an adult in the world and not to take but give back. He treated me better than I had been treated by anyone in a long time. With the love and caring of Blair and the rest of the Last Door staff my life started to change and it was slowly becoming a purposeful life.


Two years later I look back and realize that the Last Door gave me my life back. They taught me to be there for others and the importance of service. I had no self-esteem when I arrived and today I can say that I have plenty. I care about people today and I want to be there for whom ever needs me. Today I try to live by spiritual principals and take a constant inventory of myself. I'm not perfect I'm only human, I still have struggles in my life, but when times do get tough I know to go back to my basics! I consider the last Door my home today and even moved back to New Westminster because It was where I needed to be. I have an amazing group of people in my life that all live a life of spiritual principles.


The best part of my clean date is that it is so close to Thanksgiving and always will be. This year I will be remembering how thankful I am that I was offered this amazing opportunity and that the staff at the Door never gave up one me, even when I wanted to.


Thank you Last Door Dave and Louise


Michael L

Clean date October 12, 2011