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Addiction News


Targeting Frequent Health Care Users With Severe Addictions

A program co-led by St. Michael's Hospital could be the next widely used model to treat patients who are frequent users of the health care system and have severe addictions, often complicated by homelessness and mental health problems.

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Provincial drug conference highlights concerns over prescription drug abuse

The growing problem of prescription drug abuse was highlighted at the 2013 Provincial Drug Strategy Conference, which was hosted by the Swift Current & District Drug Task Force on May 8 and 9.

"There are more deaths now from prescription pain killers than from smoking and heroin combined," she said. "There are more deaths from prescription pain killers than from motor vehicle accidents and drunk driving."

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New Guidelines Say Doctors Should Screen All Adults for 'Risky' Drinking

Primary care doctors should screen all adults for drinking problems, and offer them counseling if needed, new guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force suggest.

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Mental Health Magazine

Breaking down barriers with advocacy and education

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Quitting Meth Addiction Less Successful In Teen Girls Than Boys

A UCLA-led study of adolescents receiving treatment for methamphetamine dependence has found that girls are more likely to continue using the drug during treatment than boys, suggesting that new approaches are needed for treating meth abuse among teen girls.

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Health officer to study energy drink concerns

Energy drinks contain caffeine, the amino acid taurine, sugar, and may contain herbs, such as guarana and yerba mate, which also increase the caffeine content, according to the chief medical officer of health.

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Jon Bon Jovi applauds overdose good Samaritan bill

Just a few months after his daughter survived a drug overdose, Jon Bon Jovi joined New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Thursday for the signing of a law to encourage reporting of overdoses so victims don't end up dead.  Bon Jovi called the law a lifesaver and encouraged other states to do the same.

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'Testing the waters': First International conference on drug wastewater analysis

Leading experts to review global developments in detecting illicit drugs in wastewater

Over 100 participants from 20 countries will attend the event and explore the potential of this new technology for: estimating consumption of illicit drugs in the community; assessing the value of drug control interventions; and complementing more conventional methods of monitoring drug use. While drug wastewater analysis does not provide the type of individual consumption data currently yielded by drug surveys (e.g. lifetime, recent, current use), its ability to pinpoint total consumption rates in a given population make it a useful complement to existing methods for studying drug use trends in Europe.

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Youth Award




Last Door Youth Program and Cory M, (LDYP Alumni) won awards at the New Westminster Youth Awards Ceremony last week - Congratulations! Accepting for Last Door is Peter Beka, LDYP Manager 

Drug Class for Parents and Students




Watch videos for parents and children to learn more about addiction and recovery.   Videos can be found here

Upcoming Conferences


Conferences and Workshops across Canada
Richmond B.C. Dec. 4-6, 2013
Sex Addiction Prepare for the Tidal Wave June 21 to 22
September 26-28

Save these dates


May 24th

The Anonymous People

Sneak Preview Movie 


May 25, 2013

 Hyack Festival - Uptown Live


July 27, 2013

Family Day Picnic


August 4th

Clean Sober and Proud 

Pride Parade Float and Dance


August 23 to 25, 2013

Door Slam 

Invitational Soft Ball Tournament


September 8, 2013

Recovery Day Vancouver


October 25 to 27, 2013



November 30, 2013

Comedy Night Christmas Party


April or May 2014

30th Anniversary Gala Dinner




Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation


Call for Nominations and AGM Notice

Our Annual General Meeting is coming up on Thursday June 20, 2013 at 6:30pm EST and as Nomination Committee Chair I want to encourage you to consider putting your name forward to serve and experience a leadership role.   


Email  indicating your willingness to serve with a short bio. 


You can nominate yourself but you must have someone second your nomination.  Nominations can also be sent by regular mail to the CACCF Office


For more details contact:


Tom Gabriel
Nomination Committee Chair
CACCF Vice President


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 Last Door Family Program

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Newsletter Vol #048

May 2013

Youth & Adult Addiction Treatment Centre for males ages 13 to 70

Going Green While Providing Treatment



going green  


The Last Door Recovery Society is committed to becoming "greener". A recent initiative designed to broaden our role in community based "green practices" is the piloting of a sustainable agriculture project (internally operated urban garden) at our youth facility and a roof top garden at our adult facility.  The project involves an integrated compost station and a plotted garden planted with a variety of fruits and vegetables as a result of crop consultation with Chef Jason Maier, Last Door Food Manager.


The garden plots are maintained by residents, staff, and volunteers of our youth and adult facility. The gardens fit nicely with our mandate "to provide therapeutic settings for individuals and families experiencing addiction to gain support and guidance and restore themselves to health."  The project provides for waste reduction and reuse of organic valuable waste materials as well as offering an important therapeutic tool for residents who often suffer from stress and lack of purpose. This organic project gives a focus for meditation, purpose, positive activity and an introduction to green practices. It might also prove that the "grass IS greener on the other side of the fence!"


Last Door Recovery Society (LDRS) continues to adopt green practices in its provision of services in the addiction treatment field through an organization-wide transition to paperless offices with the advent of an electronic records management system. This allows staff members to minimize the environmental impact of paper record management practices. Most recently, LDRS has installed a number of energy efficient windows into one of its primary care facilities. This improvement increases the energy efficiency of the facility, reducing overall operating costs, and improves the comfort and wellbeing of clients who reside at Last Door Recovery Center.


All green practices that LDRS undertakes are done with our primary mission in mind, providing therapeutic environments for people and families to restore themselves to health. Our belief is that a large part of restoration to health is the quality of environment that a person works, lives, and plays in. - Authors: Youth Facility Staff Peter Beka, ICADC and Matthew Kalenuik, ICADC


New Recovery Film - You're invited




On May 24th, at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts in Vancouver, Orchard Recovery Center is proud to present a one night sneak preview event of 'The Anonymous People' - a film about the millions of people living in long-term recovery and the emerging public recovery movement that will transform how alcohol and other drug problems are dealt with in our communities. 


Film maker Greg Williams showed the trailer and answered audience questions at the RRFF gala last October. It was the trailer that inspired us to initiate Recovery Day which has now grown to 10 cities across Canada!


The film is now complete so come and be part of this very special event which includes a Q&A with Greg Williams and special guests after the film. 

 Sponsored By Unity APP

Save this date:


4th Annual 

family fun day  

Join us on Saturday July 27th at Queens Park in New Westminster for Last Door's Annual Family Fun Day.


Noon to 6 pm





Kids Zone



Fun in Recovery!


Special Note:

Last Door will be officially launching it`s 30th Anniversary
 Celebrations during Family Fun Day 

Save this date:


clean sober and proud 


Last Door will be entering a float in this year`s Vancouver Pride Parade again.  Join us on Sunday August 4th.


This year we will also host a Post Parade Clean Sober and Proud Recovery Dance at the Van City Theatre on Davie.


Stay tuned to our facebook page for more details. 



Alberta Alumni Day a SUCCESS!


Special thanks to all our Alumni and Family Members who attended our Annual Alberta Alumni Reunion.  This year's event was held in Red Deer Alberta.   

Alberta ALumni Reunion  

Visit our Booth!


Last Door is please to help with Volunteers and Support our Annual Community Event - Uptown Live.  


Join us on 6th Street, the neighbourhood that plays an integral part in our Social Model Program.


Uptown Live


Alumni of the Month


chris white
Alumni of the Month, Chris W


I want to express my gratitude to the Last Door for showing me a new way to live! After four and a half years of recovery, I have a fantastic life!  I recently received the Competitive Boys Coach of the Year Award at Port Moody Soccer Club. By applying spiritual principles to my coaching, it was also the third year in a row that the teams I coach received awards for competitive and successful play.   Today I get to be a positive role model in the lives of my own boys and many young players who are passionate about the beautiful game. Today, my life is happily fulfilling, as my sponsor jokes, the problems I now have are, "how to manage my ego and the abundances" I am blessed to now have in my life. As Dave always says, "Cadillac problems"!!

This wasn't at all conceivable four and half years ago when I first met Bossman, who while touring me through the house, talked about 'giving myself a chance at life". Blair knew I had been battling all my life against myself, and that I obviously wasn't winning. It was during that conversation, with a man I had never met, but who knew me so well, that I decided that I needed to do something different...get help! Blair talked about surrendering and humility, so I could get help from addicts who had learned how to stay clean and who obviously had happier lives than the miserable existence I had. The pain of staying the same had finally grown far more horrific than taking a chance on "recovery". I entered the Door on December 23rd, 2008, and I have been clean ever since. 
At the Last Door I became part of a recovery community that has helped me become a person I am pretty happy being. Words don't really seem to do justice to the journey I have experienced into becoming finally "good with myself". What I can say is that I now really enjoy the pathway of life rather than focusing on the destination, and that's because I have been shown a solution that gives me the tools to not only survive life but for the first time in my life, thrive. I needed the Last Door to keep me safe and show me the way to NA, the truth is it wouldn't have worked any other way.....

My family and I will always be grateful for the gift of recovery that I have received from the Last Door, and the only way I can pay it back is to pay it forward by giving back....
With all my heart...I thank you.
Chris White
Clean Time December 23rd, 2008


In Memory of our Colleague Blair May


Blair May


Thank you to everyone who remembered and expressed condolences for Blair.  His memory will live on at Last Door and he will be missed sitting at his desk giving a client some recovery words of wisdom for someone`s Step 9 letter.


Charity Golf Tournament 



Thursday June 27 2013

The Redwoods Golf Course

22011 88thAth Ave, Langley

Cost: $50 per person, your fee will go towards Charity 

Includes green fees and dinner

 download registration form  

Last Door is a beneficiary of the tournament, thank you!

Motivational & Recovery Films



Better Times Productions, LLC. produces and distributes films targeted to provide inspirational solutions to individuals struggling to addictions.  They recently revised their website and are now accepting credit cards on-line.


HUM Information Session


Free Information Session for HUM's Intensive Outpatient Program

By Ms. Paige Abbott, M.Sc., R.Psych.  Our IOP is 3 phases spread out over 3 months. Phase 1 will begin September 9, 2013, with Phases 2 and 3 scheduled for October and November, respectively. 

Contact: Paige Abbott at 403-536-2480 or


New iPhone Recovery APP 



 Download the App today!

New Eating Disorder Clinic



New Eating Disorder Recovery Group

Bellevue location


The group is for adult women and men (18+ years), topic focused group (Body image, Self esteem, etc.)

 Topics Covered: Body Image Self-Esteem Mindfulness Eating Out Getting Support from Others Art Therapy And more! 

The group will be Thursday nights 4:30 to 6:00.

 Nystrom & Associates, Ltd.

301 116th Ave SE, Suite 105

Bellevue, Washington 98004