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Addiction News


UN - Relaxation of US cannabis laws violates UN drug conventions

Cannabis decriminalization measures across the United States, including the medical use of marijuana in California, have been sharply criticized by the United Nations, which has warned Washington they violate the international drug conventions

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UN - Drug New UNODC report sheds light on the phenomenon of new psychoactive substances worldwide 

In response to a request from last year's session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, UNODC has prepared a technical report on the challenges presented by new psychoactive substances (NPS)

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UN - Anti-Narcotics panel warns of widespread increase in use of legal highs

The independent United Nations body tasked with monitoring the production and consumption of narcotics worldwide today warned of the increase in use of psychoactive substances known as 'legal highs' which reproduce the effect of illegal drugs, and represent a threat to public health.

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Ex drug users and alcoholics can make the best workers says Iain Duncan Smith

The Work and Pensions Secretary will outline new schemes dedicated to getting welfare claimants with drug and drink problems into employment.

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New pharmacy computer program tracks addictive drug abuse

The error message pops up when someone tries to fill the same prescription on the same day at two different pharmacies

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New Nasal Spray gives families the power to reverse overdose

Her husband had checked on their son and found that he was not breathing. As he dragged the young man's limp body from the bed to begin rescue breathing, their daughter dialed 911, and the mother sprayed a heroin antidote called naloxone into each nostril. Then the family waited, as precious moments passed, for a breath or a groan, a sign that the drug was working.

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Alcohol consumption third leading cause of disease and injury worldwide

According to a recent study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, reports show that alcohol is now the third leading cause of burden of disease and injury worldwide, despite the fact that many adults--worldwide--abstain from drinking. 

Drug Class for Parents and Students




Watch videos for parents and children to learn more about addiction and recovery.   Videos can be found here

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Every year Last Door participates in the Sun Run. This event gives residents the opportunity to be healthy and learn how to live life clean while having fun.


Every Saturday Unity Runs are held for all Team participants. Meet in front of Building Two at 10:30 am. 

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calgary 21
Calgary Addiction Day April 19, 2013

Conferences and Workshops across Canada
Richmond B.C. Dec. 4-6, 2013
Sex Addiction Prepare for the Tidal Wave June 21 to 22
September 26-28
April 25 to 28

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 April 13, 2013

Sophistique: A Silhouesque Soiree Fundraiser


April 21, 2013

Vancouver Sun Run, Join our team


May 4, 2013

Alberta Alumni Day


May 25, 2013

 Hyack Festival - Uptown Live


July 27, 2013

Family Day Picnic


August 23 to 25, 2013

Door Slam 

Invitational Soft Ball Tournament


September 8, 2013

Recovery Day Vancouver


October 25 to 27, 2013



November 30, 2013

Comedy Night Christmas Party


April or May 2014

30th Anniversary Main Event

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It's that time again - Tax Season!


If you made a donation to Last Door directly or online and are missing your tax receipt there are many ways for your to find the receipt.


Through Canada Helps, log into your account and download your receipt in the "Donations & Receipts" section


Through Last Door, please call Chrystal at 604-525-9771


We wish you all the best filling our your taxes this year.


Donation to Last Door is simple and affordable on anyone budget.  Donate directly to Last Door or through Canada Helps.



Over $7,000 raised

THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Broken Sex Doll Play at the Clutch Theatre and helped us raise money for Last Door's Annual Family Program Family Day Picnic which will be held on July 27th at Queens Park.


We received this note by email: 


Hello. I just wanted to say thank you. My friend and I had come to see the play not knowing that it was a private event. One of the gentleman there from your organization very graciously gave us a couple extra tickets that he had. 


We both enjoyed the play very much and it was a real pleasure to be included with your group. I really got the sense that your organization is like a big family. I felt the closeness of the people in the room it felt like a really great group to be a part of. 


You must do some really fantastic work there. It seemed to really show on the bright faces that I saw there that night. 


Thanks again.





Many of the residents that attended the sold-out play had never seen live theatre or been to the Clutch, they enjoyed themselves and the play itself was a tremendous hit. 


Congratulations to all the local talent at Virtual Stage Productions for producing a smash hit.


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Newsletter Vol #047

April 2013

Youth & Adult Addiction Treatment Centre for males (ages 13 to 70)

Short or Long Term Treatment?


Is there an alternative to the short-term treatment plans that so many Addiction Practitioners suggest?  Last Door had the opportunity to discuss this with CAMH Medical Advisor Dr. David Goldbloom.

Dr. David S. Goldbloom, MD, FRCPS Senior Medical Advisor, Centre for Addiction Medicine and Mental Health,  
Chair Mental Health Commission of Canada  
with Giuseppe Ganci, Community Development Last Door
During the 9th Annual Pacific Forensic Psychiatry Conference Last Door met with Dr. Goldbloom to discuss where abstinence based treatment fits into CAMH's mandate and what his thoughts were for successful recovery.


In conversation Dr. Goldbloom stressed that the millions of North Americans who have mental health and addiction issues need time to heal.  He reiterated his point made during the conference that most short term programs can barely complete acute withdrawal and struggle to get to the patient's core issues. Patients need time to work on themselves, grow peer support and reconnect with loved ones. 


Dr. Goldbloom expressed compassionately that patients require a continuum of care starting with early intervention, continuing through detox to residential treatment and supported by long-term aftercare.  He acknowledged that "the abstinence recovery journey is the ultimate form of harm reduction" and that "abstinence must always be available as a choice and a goal for individuals with addictions."


Commenting on a discussion of workplace wellness programs, Dr. Goldbloom explained his view that for far too long industries have been focusing only on hard hats, steel toe shoes and proper lifting for their employees with minimal or no consideration for an employee's mental health.  There is growing awareness that mental health issues cost employers financially as much as the cost of personal injuries.  This cost alone ought to drive employers to tackle mental health issues with the same education, support, insurance and policies.


Last Door has for 30 years believed in, supported and delivered treatment that is evidence based requiring open-ended stays with minimum commitments of 90 days and long term continuing or after-care that involves the family, the employer and the community.


If you are an Employer, EAP Provider, Counsellor or Family Member who needs the support and services of an Addiction Doctor or other professional who will support long term treatment for long term recovery, contact us and we will restore hope to your employees, clients or loved ones


Last Door also provides Continuing Care and Monitoring Programs for employees so they can return to work ready and able. 


Call us today at 1-888-525-977.


CACCF Annual General Meeting



The CACCF AGM will be held on Thursday June 20th, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario.  Teleconference technology will be utilized for members who are unable to attend in person. Mark your calendars now as we invite all members to participate.


The CACCF  (CEU Preapproved Courses) Calendar of Events has been recently updated with many CACCF preapproved educational events for members requiring CEUs to recertify. The Events Calendar is easily accessible from the CACCF home page and is formatted in a Adobe PDF format for easy download and viewing.


WIN $500

CACCF is pleased to announce that Issues of Substance 2013 will feature a poster competition sponsored by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation. Two prizes of $500 each are being offered by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health and Addiction. 


View details or submit your abstract now 

Food Garden & Compost Project

New Deck and Yard Gardens and Composting Project is being implemented at both Last Door Youth Program and Adult Program Facilities. 


My first contact with Last Door was in 1994 when I visited a loved one in treatment. I began my own recovery journey, attracted by the possibility of finding a drug-free way to live and with the support Last Door staff extends to family members. Some things close to my heart at Last Door include the delicious food and warm fellowship at mealtimes, the ever-evolving and well cared for environment, and the opportunity for every client to contribute where they can.

Living Roof
Image is a visual of what Last Door's Roof Top Garden will look like


In 2012 I started the UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture. For my final project I chose to design a compost/rooftop garden for a residential treatment facility, using Last Door as a model system. I was happy to see that the staff supported the idea of sustainable gardening and wanted to put the project into action.


I have met several times for planning with Peter, Blair, Jason, and Louise and we are now underway.  For the 2013 growing season, I am pleased to have the opportunity to begin a pilot project to help assess potential benefits and challenges of integrating composting and food growing with Last Door's food service and treatment program. So far, a 12' x 30' vegetable garden has been prepared and planting has begun at the Youth Facility. Both residents and staff are helping.


At the Adult program main house we identified the deck above the dining room as a suitable location for a small garden project. Thanks to help from staff and clients, planters are in place for a kitchen garden of herbs, greens, and tomatoes. I anticipate there will be some good growing times for both the crops and the clients in the gardens this summer. 


Leslie "Straw Boss"

Last Door Family Program and Women's Group Alumni 

Youth Program Clients with Leslie planting vegetables at 
the Youth Facility.

New Art Focused Group





Last Door never stops its ability to find ways to improve client care. This year we started an Art Focused Group at the Youth Program with one of our artistic support workers guiding the process of expression through spray paint.  


The purpose of the group was to work on unity, team work skills, self esteem and the chance to have a personnel investment in the house for new clients to see.


We witnessed a group of youth that where uncertain about their own capabilities to communicate and be creative. With the help of group dynamics and supervision; the group came alive and began to see the power of team work and the power of expression. 


This group created a very hands on approach and was successful in getting them to drop the walls around there self defeating behaviours about not being creative. 


The overall success of the group has made it possible to explore potential future projects and is another clear example of how here at Last Door we find therapeutic ways to show our clients that you can apply recovery in all areas of your life.  The Group was such a success and the actual art piece is amazing!!! that we will look at carrying the group on to future clients.




Addiction and Money

Teaching residents the value of money 



Last Door incorporated financial literacy into both of its 12 week didactic experiential groups, the Adult Program Lifestyle Group and the Youth Program LifeSkills Group.
Residents participated in a two-day Vancity Each One, Teach One Financial Work Shop sponsored. 


Educational curriculum modules that were offered to residents:

  • Credit Cards 
  • Banking Concepts
  • Budgeting
  • Credit History and Scores
  • Loans
  • Loans You Don't Want
  • Preventing Identity Theft


 Thank you Vancity

Version 2 Launch Event - April 20th 



Unity App Official Launch Party

Celebrating the launch of Version 2

April 20th at the historical Colombia Theatre

Tickets $10 in advance

Featuring Dj Dave Ally and Drew Diggitty and

Debut Performance of "City Scene"

Attend to win door prizes

Download the App today!


city scene
Last Door Youth Program Alumni Myles M, lead vocalist of the new band "City Scene" will debut their talents performing live
at the Unity App Version Two Release Party

like them on facebook 

Final Numbers Needed 


Alberta Alumni Day

May 4th 2013

Red Deer, Alberta

3 pm to 8 pm


Reception, Family Group, Alumni Group, Kids Zone, Dinner


Alumni and their Families are invited as well as referral agents


Please RSVP by calling 1-888-525-9771


CrossRoads Church Conference Centre

38105 Range Rd 275 Red Deer County, AB T4A 2N4

Southwest corner of 32nd Street and Hwy #2, Red Deer, Alberta

Alumni of the Month


Alumni of the Month, Rob L



I had been bouncing around various recovery houses and treatment centres for 5 years with some success along the way. I had a taste and knew that a better life was out there but I had no idea how to get there on my own. Defeated after my last relapse I decided to give the Last Door a try.


I soon realized that recovery could be fun when I met some like minded people who shared similar interests with me and got a chance to share my passion for mountain biking with others while I was in treatment. I went to group, did lots of written work and enjoyed the many recreational events Last Door offers.. but my best times were taking new guys downhill riding for their first time when there was some free time.


6 months later I left Last Door but unlike other places I had been too, I was always welcome back any time. Today I am living free from my past obsession with drugs. 


I recently was able to finish my college education at BCIT and I like being an active member of New Westminster's recovery community. I am 2 years clean now and a contributing member of society, a worthy father and a good family member.


Thank you Last Door for helping me find "a new way to live".


Rob L

Clean Date: March 15, 2011

Motivational & Recovery Films



Better Times Productions, LLC. produces and distributes films targeted to provide inspirational solutions to individuals struggling to addictions.  They recently revised their website and are now accepting credit cards on-line.


Will Legalizing Pot damge City Tourism?

Following the recent passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana possession of up to one ounce for those 21 and older, two Denver entrepreneurs have launched the country's first marijuana tourism company.


Still, not everyone is thrilled about the budding industry. Prior to the passage of Amendment 64, many tourism officials were against marijuana legalization and warned potential pot tourists that the drug is illegal under federal law. 


"Colorado's brand will be damaged, and we may attract fewer conventions and see a decline in leisure travel," said Visit Denver president Richard Scharf before the election. 


Al White, the director of the Colorado Tourism Office, said he appreciates the "entrepreneurial spirit" driving My 420 Tours but he also believes pot tourism could harm the state's outdoorsy, family-friendly image.


 To read more please click here