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Addiction News


Molly: New Drug Gains Popularity Among Teens

Molly has been a common drug lately it seems like everyone is trying it.  Pop 1 and your sweating? Let me explain why your sweating: Molly is a drug made up of cocaine, crack, ecstasy, meth & bath salt. 

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Drug overdose deaths up for 11th straight year 

Medicines were involved in nearly 60% of overdose deaths in 2010 

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Smoking and Mental Health

Tobacco use continues to be the leading cause of preventable death despite inversed evidence of its harms. Read the full report.

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Abstinence Can Lift Drinking-Induced Depression

A new study clarifies that heavy drinking can lead to mood problems that often result in depression. 

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Treatment for alcoholism would save thousands

Thousands of lives could be saved every year if therapy was used more frequently in alcohol dependent patients, according to a new study.


Work Sex, teens and binge drinking

Study finds that many secondary school students regret having sex after drinking too much alcohol. 


How Neuroscience Shapes Drug Policy

Today, thanks to science, our views and our responses to drug abuse have changed dramatically. Groundbreaking discoveries about the brain have revolutionized our understanding of drug addiction, enabling us to respond effectively to the problem.

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Drugs Can Turn Repulsive Feelings Into Desires

Hunger, thirst, stress and drugs can create a change in the brain that transforms a repulsive feeling into a strong positive "wanting," a new University of Michigan study indicates.

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Cannabis now a stroke risk

Cannabis use may more than double the risk of stroke in young adults, say Auckland researchers, who are convinced it is the illegal drug, and not the tobacco the victims are also smoking, that is to blame. The study of 160 stroke and mini-stroke victims, aged between 18 and 55, was presented to a stroke conference in Hawaii this week.

Random Testing In The Oil Sands
Illegal drug use is a dirty little secret in the oilsands. In northern resource towns like Fort McMurray, it's about four times as prevalent as in Alberta at large. Some surveys suggest as many as 40% of workers have used drugs while employed at key oilsands sites.
Drug Class for Parents and Students




Watch videos for parents and children to learn more about addiction and recovery.   Videos can be found here

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sun Run  

Every year Last Door Residents, Alumni and Staff participate in the Sun Run. This event gives residents the opportunity to be healthy and learn how to live life clean while having fun.


Every Saturday Unity Runs are held for all Team participants. Meet in front of Building Two at 10:30 and join our Team. 

Save these dates


The following is a list of events Last Door is organizing or participating in. Treatment at Last Door teaches clients to have fun in recovery.  All Clients participate in the following events as part of their treatment.


Last Door also organizes fishing trips and camp outs open to Alumni to attend with current clients. If you would like to attend a fishing trip or camping trip please contact Don at 604-525-9771.


March 17, 2013

Broken Sex Doll


April 13, 2013

Sophistique: A Silhouesque Soiree Fundraiser


April 21, 2013

Vancouver Sun Run, Join our team


May 4, 2013

Alberta Alumni Day


May 25, 2013

 Hyack Festival - Uptown Live


July 27, 2013

Family Day Picnic


August 23 to 25, 2013

Door Slam invitational ball tournament


September 8, 2013

Recovery Day Vancouver


October 25 to 27, 2013



November 30, 2013

Comedy Night Christmas Party


April or May 2014

30th Anniversary Main Event

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Newsletter Vol #046

February 2013

Addiction Treatment Centre for males, ages 13 to 70

The Addicted Employee: What To Do?


Employees are often anxious about returning to work post treatment. Invariably returning to work is the main thing on their minds when embarking on the treatment process. Employees consistently worry about whether or not they will be treated differently by supervisors or co-workers.  At times 28 days or 45 days of treatment may not be enough for high functioning alcoholics and addicts to get well.

Long term treatment can be what exactly what these  employees need to ensue  long term success because it affords the opportunity to completely take a break from their employment and work on themselves and with their families.


Last Door's experience has been that workplace wellness includes policies and programs for mental health and addiction issues.  If your company has employees suffering from addiction there are agencies that provide specialized services that can help. Such as Alliance Medical Monitoring in Vancouver, Health Upwardly Mobile or Le Brocq Counselling in Calgary, Rand Teed in Regina and New Life Counselling in Toronto.   If you do have a physician who specializes in addiction working with you and your employees, ask for long term residential treatment for optimum success!


Canadian employers and unions wishing to promote mental health in the workplace can now turn to a new national standard to help boost the well-being of employees.  FAQ, further details and online training opportunities pertaining to the new standard can be found by visiting the Mental Health Commission Website

Substance Abuse Issues in the Workplace
Substance Abuse Issues in the Workplace


Breakthrough Documentary, 25 Years Later  


"Breaking the Chains" - a story of recovery

Breaking the Chains is a gritty look at real men participating in Last Door's Program during the 80's. We see the classic archetypes one would expect of "addicts" but what is compelling about this video is the frankness and honesty displayed by these men and boys. Their level of emotional communication is surprising as is their candor about themselves and their hopes and dreams. This film is about hope and solution to the plague of addiction, it's a feel good piece that will strike a chord with all who have ever known, loved, treated or been an addict. 


Breaking the Chains was seen across North America in the 80's and was a staple at most detox centers for Movie Nights.  Enjoy the film!
Last Door has grown from a recovery house with 15 clients 30 years ago to one of North America's premier addiction treatment centres.  Last Door offers 100 residential primary-treatment and transitional-living beds for males ages 13 and over.   Treatment facilities are located in New Westminster, BC, while affiliate offices offer Continuing Care Services across Canada and the USA. 

Help Needed

New 30th Anniversary Icon logo Coming Soon


Join our 30th Anniversary Planning Committee 
and help plan our  Main Event
Do you have any ideas or leads?
...let us know or join a committee


Venue Committee Chairs

Chris Mac and Michael L


Entertainment Committee Chairs

Blair and Danny


Ticket Selling Committee Chairs

Cory and Charlie


Fundraising Committee Chairs

Gary, Louise, Matt and Linda


Auction Chairs

Bev and Jennifer


Public Relations Chairs

Giuseppe and Nick


   If you would like to be part of a sub-committee, please email 
or call 1-888-525-9771 or stop by the office

Family Program Picnic Fundraiser


Buy your $50 ticket in advance for the March 17th Performance of Broken Sex Doll and support our Family Fun Day Picnic being held on July 27th.


Broken Sex Doll

A musical comedy about a future society being addicted to feelies. 


...Its so wrong that its right!


Tickets $50 in advance, $55 week of

100% of Proceeds from March 17th's Performance will be donated to

Last Door's Family Program and Picnic


The Making of Broken Sex Doll


Reception 6:45 featuring hors d'oeuvres

Show time 8:00


The Cultch, Vancouver East Cultural Centre 
1895 Venables Street 

Vancouver, BC V5L 2H6


Order tickets through Last Door's Main Office (604) 525-9771 

or online at

Thank you to the Cultch and Indigo Natural Products Management

Calgary Open House





HUM in Calgary hosted its first Open House on January 23, 2013 and welcomed a number of clients and healthcare professionals for the evening. 


The HUM team would like to thank Last Door for coming to our Open House and representing their program. It was a valuable opportunity for clients who were interested in learning more about your services. Having Last Door alumni available to speak about their experiences was impactful. 


We look forward to continued collaboration with Last Door in 2013!

Version 2 Launch Event - April 20th 



Unity App Official Launch Party

celebrating the launch of Version 2

April 20th at the Colombia Theatre

Tickets $10 in adavnce

featuring Dj Dave Ally and Drew Diggitty


Download the App today!

Alberta Alumni Reunion Invitation


Alberta Alumni Day

May 4th 2013

Red Deer, Alberta

3 pm to 8 pm


Reception, Family Group, Alumni Group, Kids Zone, Dinner


Alumni and their Families are invited as well as referral agents


Please RSVP by calling 1-888-525-9771


CrossRoads Church Conference Centre

38105 Range Rd 275 Red Deer County, AB T4A 2N4

Southwest corner of 32nd Street and Hwy #2, Red Deer, Alberta

New Horizons in Responsible Gambling 


Last Door was pleased to be an exhibitor for the inaugural annual BC Responsible Gambling conference in Vancouver, B.C.



Next year's conference will be January 28th to the 30th, 2013

Upcoming Conferences


calgary 21
Calgary Addiction Day April 19, 2013

Conferences and Workshops across Canada
Richmond B.C. Dec. 4-6, 2013

Alumni of the Month


Alumni of the Month, Jared R 
Winning othe Battlefield Middle Weight
Championship Title last weekend


My Clean Date is Aug 7th 2011

My life before I cleaned up was far from reality. I was a guy who talked about what and where I wanted to be, although I was never willing to put in the work to follow my dreams. I was that guy looking for the easy way out. 


I had built a solid career and some great relationships over the years while having some success. As my using progressed everything else was affected in a negative way even though I was the last to admit it. I started taking people and life for granted. I lost respect for others and most importantly myself. I started stealing to support my addiction and before long I was lost and in some serious legal trouble. I had let all the people I really cared about down and lost their trust.

I came across the Last Door. At first I struggled with the Program and couldn't wait for the time to pass. But through applying myself and doing the work suggested I quickly found myself engaged in the people and the Program. I became inspired and wanted to inspire others. I never thought my life was going to change the way it did. I was just looking for some days without using back to back and I thought that would be enough for me. I didn't expect to get a life and make some great friends at the same time. My last month in treatment I started a coarse at Douglas College. Four months went by real fast and by the end I almost wanted to stay forever.

Myself and 3 other guys from treatment who I consider to be some of my best friends moved into a house together. It has been a very interesting year and a half to say the least, but overall my life has been steadily getting better. I can say I'm proud to be clean, and proud of what I have accomplished in that time. I have really enjoyed being able to be apart of the Last Door as an Alumni over the last year. I have so much gratitude for them and the support they give me. I really enjoy being able to come back and teach Martial Arts with guys in the house. Putting in the work and doing the things suggested.


I'm currently living my dream - I recently had a Fight where I was able to have my family, friends and some Door Boys come out and support me. The most gratifying thing since I've cleaned up is for my family to to say they are proud of me and I'm representing the family name well. 



 Jared R