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Addiction News


Canada needs strategy to deal with opiod overdoes

It takes one to three hours for someone to die from an overdose of an opioid, such as OxyContin or heroin. And in many cases, there's someone else around to witness the overdose.

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Canabis use may worsen illness course in bipolar disorder

Cannabis use disorder (CUD) is associated with a more severe illness course among patients with bipolar disorder (BD), researchers report 

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In a first, NYPD plans to ask pharmacies to stock GPS pill bottles to track thieves

Police in New York City plan to combat the theft of painkillers and other highly addictive prescription medicines by asking pharmacies around the city to hide fake pill bottles fitted with GPS devices amid the legitimate supplies on their shelves.


Work needed to increase drug users' access to services, preliminary report findings suggest

More can be done to provide better access to prevention, harm reduction and treatment services for drug users and alcoholics, the city's public health unit heard during a survey of community agencies

and addicts.


Psychoactivity - The persistence of "legal highs" is forcing a new debate about drugs policy

So-called "legal highs"-so novel and fast-evolving that they are not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act-are reopening the drugs debate

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Brazil considers compulsory  drug  rehabilitation law

Brazilian authorities are considering a law which would make treatment compulsory for crack cocaine users in Rio de Janeiro, ahead of the 2014 football World Cup.

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Unique Insight Into The Often Misunderstood World Of Addiction

People who take cocaine over many years without becoming addicted have a brain structure which is significantly different from those individuals who developed cocaine-dependence, researchers have discovered. New research from the University of Cambridge has found that recreational drug users who have not developed a dependence have an abnormally large frontal lobe, the section of the brain implicated in self-control. Their research was published in the journal Biological Psychiatry.
Employee Finds Support When Most Needed



In her 30 years at SaskTel, Saskatoon's Marie Agioritis has always sensed the camaraderie of her work mates and the excellence of an employer who has been recognized as one of Canada's best.


But a recent experience involving her son Kayle made the pride she feels as a SaskTel employee shine brightest during her darkest hour.


Kayle was a star athlete.  As a football player in Saskatoon's high school system, he was recognized as defensive player of the year on three occasions.  He was also a renowned body builder and a rugged lacrosse player.


In his personal life, Kayle was a leader - tough with a heart of gold.  By his 18th birthday, he had a job with the city, a car and his own condo. 


But things soon began to go wrong for Kayle.  In Grade 12, he was introduced to prescription drugs.  In what seemed like a blink of an eye, things began to rapidly spiral downwards from there.  A kid who had once shown so much promise crashed and lost it all, overdosing on opiates in January, 2012.  


To read more about her story and Kale's experience as a client at Last Door, click here


Save these dates


The following is a list of events Last Door is orgainzing or participating in.  Treatment at Last Door teaches clients to have fun in recovery.  All Clients particpate in the following events as part of their treatment.


Last Door also organizes fishing trips and camp outs open to Alumni to attend with current clients. If you would like to attend a fishing trip or camping trip please contact Don at 604-525-9771.


March 17, 2013

Broken Sex Doll


April 13, 2013

Burlesque Show Fundraiser


April 21, 2013

Vancouver Sun Run, Join our team


May 24, 2013

Alberta Alumni Day


May 25, 2013

 Hyack Festival - Uptown Live


July 27, 2013

Family Day


August 23 to 25, 2013

Door Slam invitational ball tournament


September 8, 2013

Recovery Day Vancouver


October 25 to 27, 2013



November 29, 2013

Comedy Night Christmas Party


April or May 2014

30th Anniversary Main Event

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Newsletter Vol #045

January 2013

Addiction Treatment Centre for males, ages 13 to 70

Workplace mental health guide sets new national standard


Voluntary standard focuses on psychological health, safety of Canadian workers.


Canadian employers and unions wishing to promote mental health in the workplace can now turn to a new national standard to help boost the well-being of employees.  

  • 1 in 5 Canadians will suffer from a mental illness each year in Canada
  • 500,000 employees will be unable to work due to mental illness this year
  • Mental illness will cost Canada's economy $50 billion dollars this year


The Mental Health Commission of Canada has put together an animated video to help viewers learn more about the national standard for psychological health and safety in Canadian workplaces.


FAQ, further details and online training opportunities pertaining to the new standard can be found by visiting the Mental Health Commission Website.

Intervention Canada Showcases Last Door


Last Door - As seen on INTERVENTION CANADA
Last Door - As seen on INTERVENTION CANADA


Thank you Intervention Canada for recently showcasing Last Door. Please click the above video to watch Last Door Executive Director David Pavlus discuss the highlights of Recovery. 


30th Anniversary Celebration Announcement



Last Door will be unveiling its new 30th Anniversary Icon Logo and New Brochures soon to commemorate 30 years of Excellence in the Addiction Treatment Industry.  A committee has also been organized by volunteers to plan arrangements for the 30th Anniversary Celebrations.  Stay tuned for announcements.


If you would like to be part of a sub-committee, please contact or call 1-888-525-9771. 

We want to hear from you!




Are you a Family Member or Supporter of someone with a mental illness or substance use issue?


If so, you are invited to share your perspectives in a telephone discussion with an independent research company developing a survey on behalf of the BC Ministry of Health and the six health Authorities. 


The Province and Last Door would like feedback about your experiences as a family member or supporter of someone who has received care in a short stay facility as an inpatient.  Your opinions will help the province understand what to include in the survey, to help them understand what they are doing well and what needs to be improved. 


In appreciation of your time, participants will receive a $20 Safeway card.


If you are interested in participating please call Julia at Malatest & Associates at 1-800-665-5848 Ext 315

Drug Class for Parents and Students




Watch videos for parents and children to learn more about addiction and recovery.   Videos can be found here

Family Program Fundraiser, March 17th, 2013


Last Door Presents

Broken Sex Doll

A sci-fi musical comedy! 


"The rapid pace of technological advancement in 2136 has only been matched by a dramatic decline of morality. Robots have become lifelike, humans are robotic, and the two intermarry. King has been in a relationship with a "Ginger 5000" fembot for some time, but things take a dramatic detour when she starts to malfunction and he has her replaced."


Tickets $50

All Proceeds from March 17th Performance will be donated to Last Door's Family Program


Reception 6:45 featuring hors d'oeuvres

Show time 8:00


The Cultch, Vancouver East Cultural Centre 
1895 Venables Street 

Vancouver, BC V5L 2H6


Order tickets through Last Door's Main Office (604) 525-9771 or online at

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Download Version 1 Now for free and receive the better improved Version 2 upgrade for free for the month of February.


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Alberta Alumni Reunion Invitation


Alberta Alumni Day

May 4th 2013

Red Deer Alberta

3 pm to 8 pm


Reception, Family Group, Alumni Group, Kids Zone, Dinner


Alumni and their Families are invited as well as referral agents


$20 suggested donations accepted to cover food costs


Please RSVP by calling 1-888-525-9771


CrossRoads Church Conference Centre

38105 Range Rd 275 Red Deer County, AB T4A 2N4

Southwest corner of 32nd Street and Hwy #2, Red Deer

Alumni of the Month


Alumni of the Month, Blair

My name is Blair and I am an addict,

It took me 15 years of active addiction to admit to myself that I had a life threatening disease.  I didn't want to believe it at first.  My life was a complete mess. My favorite pastime was hurting those who love me and causing destruction to whoever I came in contact with, any job that I held and those in my family.  I didn't care..... I just wanted ONE MORE! "Then I will stop I said".    


I grew up with what every kid dreams of; a loving family, friends, playing sports, I had hobbies.  But I was also picked on, the brunt of many jokes, ridiculed and beat up.  I was beat up almost every day from Grade 7 till the end of Grade 9.  I was angry and alone.


 I started hanging out with people younger than me and started breaking the law.  I would move cities in hopes of a new beginnings at every new stop, but so did my addiction.  He had plans for me.  I was in Kelowna in 1999 and my Mom and Dad helped me come home to go to school and work in the family business.  I did great in school and I was also taking drugs while in school.  It was 2005 when I first admitted to my parents that I had a problem.  I went to treatment and used every weekend.  I lost my job at my parent's tugboat/watertaxi company and relocated to Calgary.  Addiction, crime, homelessness were the three words that were my profession my beliefs of myself were that of; alone, scared and dead.

It was late October 2006 and my parents had tract me down through a private investigator (I had been in Calgary Remand for 4 1/2 months prior).  They called me at the homeless shelter and said they were coming over to take me out to dinner.


 I looked into the mirror at myself and began to cry.  "Look at myself, look at what I have done to myself".  My parents and I had that meeting and they had some letters from home.  Needless to say they bought me a bus ticket back home.  One way of course.  If I showed up at the bus station I wanted help and if I didn't well don't call us anymore.  It was October 23, 2006 and I got on that bus.  I got into Vancouver and my parents were there to greet me along with my childhood friend Nik.  The next day was to be the defining moment of my life. 


 It was October 24, 2006. My first day clean! I made a phone call and talked with Dan M. of the Last Door.  He said to come by tomorrow and check us out.  I remember the next day my parents dropped me off and we had our parting hug at the base of the house stairs knowing that in time this house, the guys were going to help change me.  I reached the top of the stairs and a giant of a man grabbed me and said "My name is Pete Q, welcome home. I looked behind and saw my parents crying, smiling and walking toward their car.  From this day forth the transformation began.


For the next six months I worked Last Door's Program like my life depended on it.  Cause it did.  My sponsor Pete, guided me through and the boys in the house with their energy showed me a new way of life.  So many memories were created at Last Door, the Door Slam, the many dances and fundraisers, the Lions playoff game (and Galers' 60,000 person wave), groups, amends, coffee's, movies on Tuesday's at the old Uptown theatre, meetings, clean time , all of this was huge in me finding myself.  Over time it got easier taking more clean time as the years wore on.           

I left the door in November of 2007.  By March of 2008 I owned my own condo on 12th and Queens, had a full time job and a steady girlfriend.  This clean life really works!  Little did I know it was only beginning. 


Over the next four years so much has changed.  My parent s hired me back at the family business.  I have gone back to school twice for Addictions Counsellor and Operating a Marine vessel.  I met my wife in the rooms of Narcotics Anonymous and we own a townhome in Surrey with our 7 month old daughter.  I learned to play the bagpipes three years ago and had played in a military pipe band for two and a half years and finally today after two years of dedication and persistence and working my program and the program of NA, I am a proud member of the Canadian Armed Forces.  I was in Montreal for 14 weeks of basic training and am now posted in Borden, Ontario for the next 18 months.  I have been through deaths of Grandparents, loss of jobs and family emergencies, but I have always used the tools I learnt from the Last Door.   


I owe my life to the program of Narcotics Anonymous and to the boys past, present and future of the Last Door!!

A special thanks to Dave P. and Micheal P. whose powerful groups made me the man I am today.


Blair P. 

Clean Date October 24, 2006