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Addiction News 


Charges laid in Valley methadone overdose death

RCMP have laid charges against a woman in the death of a 20-year-old Greenwood woman after she overdosed on methadone 

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Regulatory system to deal with legal highs 'can't cope'

Following advice from experts, the government says mexxy and black mamba will be classified in the same way as cannabis.d

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Alcohol involved in many serious trauma cases in Alberta: Study

Of the major trauma patients in 2009 in Alberta, for example, over one third tested positive for alcohol and the average blood alcohol level was more than 0.16% 

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The following Articles show how OxyContin is still in the news yet still being over prescribed and abused regularly. 


The mess left by OxyContin

The province of Ontario was caught flat-footed when OxyContin appeared on the market around 2000. Twelve years later, with more prescription opioid-related deaths and addicts than in any other province and a string of northern reserves that have declared states of emergency, Ontario is trying to make up for past lapses and prevent a second-wave prescription drug crisis.


OxyContin patent expiry poses tough choice for Ottawa

The federal health minister has until Nov. 25 to decide whether to allow drug companies to make a generic version of the painkiller OxyContin.

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Oxycontin exit leads to increased heroin use in Calgary 

The exit of Oxycontin has left a chasm in Canada's underground drug economy and left addicts scrambling to fill the void, according to one of the nation's leading addictions experts.


Painkillers over-prescribed by doctors: Feds 

The federal government admits doctors have over-prescribed OxyContin -- known as hillbilly heroine on the street -- but officials believe a growing prescription abuse crisis isn't caused by "just one pill."

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Best Non Profit Award


platinum award
and the winner is...


Last Door was nominated and won the Platinum Award for Best Non Profit Agency from the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce.  Last Door is a proud member of the community in New Westminster and appreciates the recognition.  Thank you!


Last Door President of the Board Aman Sanghera , Last Door Executive Director David Pavlus and Director of Development Louise Cooksey with the Platinum Award.

Addiction Conference


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Addiction Conference


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Hilton Chicago | 720 South Michigan Ave | Chicago, IL

Last Door 

Announces Washington Services




The Last Door has affiliated with Seattle Washington Area's Nystrom and Associates to provide Addiction Recovery Services to clients who need to prepare for Residential Addiction Treatment at Last Door.

Firefighter Award






Alumni Jayson won Firefighter of the Year Award, in his home community. 

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Newsletter Vol #43

November 2012

Residential Addiction Treatment for males ages 14 to 70

Minister of Health talks with Last Door




Last Door's partnership with the Vancouver Board of Trade's HEALTHY EMPLOYEES, HEALTHY COMPANIES  luncheon  on November 13th was a great success!


Last Door brought addiction in the workplace to the forefront of discussions with The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Labour, Government of Canada and to the other 150 guests made up of Vancouver's top business leaders.


Support of the lunch is another demonstration of how Last Door continues its practice of innovative leadership in Mental Health and Addiction workplace solutions.


A new national standard for psychological health and safety in the workplace will be released before the end of 2012, for more details on the new national standard please visit this link


Thank you to all the guests who attended and to everyone who supports long term residential treatment for employees with addiction issues.


Stay tuned to Last Door's monthly newsletters for updates on when the new standard will be in effect across Canada.



Workplace Wellness
Workplace Wellness Luncheon with Hon. Minister of Labour, Lisa Raitt at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver

Hazelden invites Last Door to its US facility 




Ben Gustafson and Jessica Cooksey of the Last Door Youth Program were pleased to accept the invitation to attend Hazelden's Professional Development Conference in Minnetonka, Minnesota. The annual professional development event attracts over three hundred attendees from across the USA. Last Door would like to extend a special thank you to Jessica Wong and the Hazelden members who hosted the preconference dinner. 


The night was filled with fun, food and laughter in addition to time for networking with premier Youth Addiction Programs including Adirondack Leadership Expeditions, Connections Counselling, San Cristobal Treatment Center, New Haven, Second Nature Wilderness, Turning Point, Academy at Swift River, and Ferguson Behavioural Health Consulting. Dinner guests truly modelled the collective commitment to helping youth and their families find freedom from addiction and restore values to their lives.


This Youth and Addiction conference was presented in partnership with the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies, The Association for Addiction Professionals; and the Minnesota Board of Social Work. Conference presentations covered the topics of treating depression and suicide; the comorbidity of ADHD, Oppositional/Defiant Conduct and Conduct Disorders; and the emergence of Designer Drugs of Abuse. Jessica and Ben participated in all six and a half hours of education that was provided by the presenters. 


Our visit wrapped up with an onsite overview of Hazelden's services and a tour of their extensive facility expansion project. Which upon completion  'will make it possible to help exponentially more young people, ages 14-25, find freedom from addiction'. This was an opportunity to share evolving evidence based practices; professional approaches to treatment; and to collaborate with a growing network of professionals to provide the best care possible for youth and their families.


In conclusion our visit to Minnesota was both productive and informative. We at the Last Door hope to always learn from and work with as many different resources as possible in hopes to better our practice and knowledge in the field of addiction services; as well as to continue our collaboration with treatment facilities in the USA. 


Last Door was Hazleden's Guest for a networking dinner in Minnesota, USA


Laugh for Recovery, tickets are selling out



Vision Cafe


vision cafe
Vision Cafe
On November 5th  Last Door Staff and Board of Directors met to shape Last Door's future through informal conversations that matter . . . Guided by the Vision Planning Committee  
Last Door's new Vision Statement will help establish the unique contribution that Last Door Recovery Society makes to communities. 
Stay tuned for the new Vision Statement which will be released during 2014's 30th Anniversary Celebrations!

Alumni of the Month


Alumni of the Month, Curtis L


I started using drugs in my early teens, and by my late teens, things had gotten so bad I wanted to quit drugs. I tried on my own for a couple years, but it was starting to become clear that I could not do it on my own. I decided to try treatment, where I learned that in order to stay clean I had to change. But I wasn't ready to do that. As things got progressively worse, I spent some time back and forth between treatment and recovery homes, until I had just about given up on being clean. I believed that treatment would never work for me, and there was no hope for me getting clean, I would live and die a junkie.


On May 18th, with the strong encouragement of a family friend, I decided I'd give treatment one last chance.  That friend dropped me off at the Last Door, and I was instantly welcomed into a group session among people who I would soon form meaningful friendships with that I still hold to this day. I was told "welcome home", and for one of the first times in my life, I felt home.  I told myself "this time I will do whatever it takes to stay clean". This time I was willing to change. Over the 6 months I spent at The Last Door, I completed a set of steps, I worked with a sponsor, and formed a solid support group of friends. Living clean was not only possible, but it was a lot of fun.


Today I have everything I could ever ask for from life. I'm 18 months clean, and it's not a struggle to live without drugs. That alone is a miracle I never would have thought possible 18 months ago.  I have good relationships with family, and friends, I have a job that I love, and I have plans for school and everything seems to be falling right into place for me. Today I am following my dreams and I can truly say that without The Last Door, and the staff there, none of this would have been possible for me.


Thank you,


Curtis L. 

Clean Date May 18th, 2011

Curtis at work on his tower

Parents Group Pot Luck


Parents Group


Parents of Residents enjoy a Potluck Dinner on November 21st.  


Last Door Family Program is designed to offer support for regaining trust, ensuring responsibility, gaining forgiveness and achieving structured accountability.   Last Door's Parents Group is every Wednesday at 7 pm.  Call Don, Peter or Blair for more information regarding Parents Group.


Watch this video clip about Parents Group.


Parent of an Addict
Parent of an Addict

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