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During the Valentine's Day season, our minds are filled with loving thoughts of those we cherish. We value these bonds above all others, and as such, we have a day devoted specifically to showering our friends and family with love. Unfortunately for some, the devastating epidemic of breast cancer has plagued their lives and taken a physical and emotional toll on their loved ones.


Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released new statistics for breast cancer in the United States. We are disheartened to see that Massachusetts still has some of the highest incidence rates, ranking 12th in the nation. On Valentine's Day, we can seize the opportunity not only to feel grateful for the relationships we are blessed with but also to take steps to protect the future of these cherished bonds.


While other organizations make important contributions to early detection and treatment, MBCC is one of the only organizations asking the critical questions: Why are so many women developing breast cancer? And how can we prevent it? Increasingly, research is pointing to environmental factors as key to understanding the staggering breast cancer rates. A study at Silent Spring Institute identified over 200 chemicals that cause mammary tumors, many of which are common in our homes and workplaces. It is up to MBCC to educate the public, advocate for increased funding for preventive research, and push for public policy that reduces human exposure to these toxic chemicals. Over the years, we have made strides towards a future with less exposure to environmental carcinogens, but we need your help to actualize this goal.


We know that you understand the significance of working towards breast cancer prevention through the reduction of environmental links to the disease. Please consider a gift to MBCC this Valentine's Day season in honor of those you treasure. Donations from our supporters help us continue our important work so that we may protect the health and future of loving relationships for generations to come.


Your tax deductible contribution will help as we strive to end this epidemic. To keep in touch with MBCC, please include with your donation your updated contact information. If you are interested in our planned giving program, please contact us for more details. Be assured that your charitable dollars work directly for the prevention of breast cancer. We depend on your much needed support to keep our organization actively working on your behalf, and for that, we extend our deep appreciation.




Happy Valentine's Day!



Margo Simon Golden
Board of Directors President
Cheryl Osimo
Executive Director


at the Massachusetts Statehouse


The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition recently partnered with sister organization Silent Spring Institute to advocate for a greater investment in the environment and women's health at the Massachusetts Statehouse.


On January 24th, Silent Spring Institute (SSI) researchers and MBCC briefed legislators about how SSI studies of hormone disruptors in ponds can help protect Cape Cod drinking water. This is a perfect example of the powerful partnership between Silent Spring Institute and the Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition. 

Right to left: Silent Spring Institute's Kathryn Rodgers, volunteer Sylvia Connor, Silent Spring Institute's Dr. Laurel Schaider and MBCC Board President Margo Simon Golden


Tips to Make a Difference


This is the second installment in our series of recommendations for steps that YOU can take to reduce your exposure and to reduce your household's impact on the environment.


Support the Act for Healthy Families & Businesses

Formerly known as the Safer Alternatives Act, the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow (MBCC is a member of the Governing Board) has been influential in the re-filing of this bill in the new congressional session. Thank you to all who contacted legislators to urge them to co-sponsor this bill, but our work is not done yet! We must continue contacting legislators to actively support the bill throughout the legislative process. Let your legislators know you would appreciate their continued support of this bill as a way to better protect your health from hazardous chemicals that are linked to breast cancer and other diseases. 



Support responsible wastewater management in your town

Attend town council meetings, and bring the issue to the table. How is your town managing its wastewater?

Advancing Green Chemistry in Vietnam
This past November, MBCC Board of Director member and Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health and Sustainability at UMass Lowell, Joel Tickner, met with footwear and apparel brands and their suppliers in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam to discuss how to advance safer chemistry through supply chains. Tickner identified the changing trends in policy and the marketplace that are requiring leading edge firms collaborate and invest in safer chemistry, including screening of chemicals and evaluation of alternatives. Tickner was a keynote speaker at the AFIRM Suppliers Seminar, which convened 400 suppliers, third party testing companies, and brand representatives. He spoke about how suppliers should advance safer chemistry in their own companies through: toxics use reduction, alternatives assessment for substances of concern, and research and development in green chemistry. This will give them a competitive advantage in a marketplace that is increasingly concerned about health and environment.


MBCC Board of Directors member Joel Tickner presenting in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam on how to advance safer chemistry through supply chains.
A Piece by Florence Williams 
Image courtesy of photographer Tom Fitzsimmons
NY Times Op-Ed Contributor, Florence Williams, writes about participating in the pilot study of Silent Spring Institute's dietary intervention research. 

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