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Records News
Portland Police records backlog still exists

OH Supreme Court rules police video is public record

MO police union sues department over records

Court: Private university's police not subject to state public records law

PD sued for removing critical Facebook comments
Video Redaction Services
We provide secure, remote and timely redaction of law enforcement video.  Why hire staff when you can get up and running and responsive to records requests today. See details here.
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The Best Training Seminars Around
Over 1500 professionals trained.  Our courses consistently receive excellent feedback.  We keep it interesting and relative; information provided by people who have worked on the job and know what they're talking about.
Evidence & Records: retention & destruction

Building a Model Police Records Unit Seminar

Crime Stats & UCR for the Police Executive Seminar

Managing Social Media & Body-cam Records Seminar
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Law Enforcement Failing at Crime Reporting

At the center of the law enforcement profession is the proper reporting of crime. Doctors report medical data, schools report student data and police report crime data. Law enforcement is failing miserably at this most fundamental task.

I am utterly amazed at the number of agencies I meet and work with that are oblivious to what case management really is, what exceptional clearances are, and the proper way of writing/reporting crimes. I am further amazed at how many do not follow standard case management and case assignment procedure and therefore aren't sure which cases are closed, which are cleared, which are unfounded and thus have very inaccurate crime stats...

Thank You!
Lt. Ed Claughton (ret.)
President, PRI

As 2016 closes, I wanted to say thank you for all you do for public safety! Your role in ensuring the proper management of what is really important information including all those police records, data, video and more, should never go unnoticed. 

PRI also thanks you for your loyalty and business, making 2016 our best year yet! We work hard to support this profession and take great pride in ensuring success for our clients.  With NIBRS on the horizon (for everyone), records requests on the rise and the push for open data there is much work to be done- and we're here to help.  

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

NIBRS Conversion: are you ready?
NIBRS reporting will be implemented nationwide by 2021. Some states have already started the transition and it's really important for your agency to be prepared. Making the conversion requires planning, training, implementation, testing and monitoring. This includes data analysis and conversion, enhanced quality control, systems and validation testing, code table changes and educating your citizens and elected officials about the change in crime numbers that will come about. 

PRI consulting includes end-to-end NIBRS conversion services, ensuring your systems and personnel are ready and your city is prepared.  Contact us today and we'll take this off your plate and ensure a successful outcome. 
Norman OK January 4-5
Berkeley CA March 1-2
Rome GA March 8-9

The only one of its kind, this two day course was developed by current law enforcement personnel and has received excellent reviews. Learn how to minimize liability, improve performance, empower the records function, build professionalism, and increase customer service. Designed for records managers, clerks and supervisors, this course teaches you how to run the records unit as if it were a business: efficiently, legally and customer focused. Learn practical techniques that will improve the operations of this critical support component.

Evidence & Records: Retention and Destruction
Pensacola FL January 11
 Doral FL February 1
      St. Augustine FL March 1 
      Vandalia OH March 24

Learn what the law requires. Is it a record or is it evidence? How long should evidence be kept? What about the records associated with the case? When the court sends a letter saying the evidence can be destroyed, should it be?

              Winter Garden FL January 13
Frederick CO February 2
Williamsburg VA February 23

All of the information you need regarding the current legal requirements and pending legal changes in your state for the proper management of social media and body-cam records.

Roseville CA February 27
Fontana CA March 16

Reading a UCR report is one thing; articulating the numbers to those who ask about them is something entirely different. We teach you what you need to know to understand, explain, review, and report your crime statistics correctly. Learn why your crime analyst's numbers are always different than Records. Ensure that your agency stays out of the headlines and free of questionable crime reporting. 

Nampa ID January 18
Yuba City CA January 26
Garden City GA February 9

Public records law is rapidly changing around the country. Is your agency in compliance with current requirements? Do your personnel understand what information can really be released and when it should be destroyed?
Ensure the success of your records management operations with our consulting services:
  • NIBRS conversion
  • Retention schedules/records destruction
  • Document imaging
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Digital records management
  • Report corrections procedure
  • IT systems planning and implementation