August 2016

-Quality control failures: CalGang


-Report writing: "This officer..."?


-DL #'s: exempt from accidents?


-NIBRS transition: what to do


-Training seminars

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PD sued for removing critical Facebook comments

 Fresno police release shooting video: demonstrate transparency

Arkansas police break records law in handling of crash reports 
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On Quality Control of Records: agencies still failing. 

Case-in-point: CalGang Database
Police agencies which refuse to recognize that quality control of police reports should include Records personnel correcting errors are begging for problems.  Quality control is an integral part of any industry which produces goods, services AND documents.  

Recently at our LERM conference I was conducting a presentation on records operations and was interrupted by a naysayer who argued against QC of police reports. Said curmudgeon attempted the liability argument, the legal argument and, ultimately refused to think beyond the confines of ye 'ol "that's how we've always done it" approach. It's quite frustrating when I encounter this mindset since even the most basic level of online research would reveal insight into the matter.  Sometimes even the agencies who hire us resist the idea of Records correcting reports and don't recognize that's what got them into trouble in the first place. 

So yet another case has made the headlines- and has made the argument for just exactly why police records need to be double checked even after supervisory review...

On Report Writing: who is "This Officer"?
Does your agency accept reports written in 3rd person? In 2016, this shouldn't be an issue but unfortunately some still write reports in this archaic (and confusing) style.  
DL Numbers & Accident Reports. Exempt?
The question of whether driver's license numbers are exempt and need to be redacted from accident reports has been a touchy subject for a while now. The issue centers on the interpretation of the federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act which addresses the use of DL numbers.  The issue has made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Hopefully they will take the case and issue a finding.  
NIBRS Is Coming. What You Need To Do
PRI has developed a proprietary NIBRS transition model to assist agencies with data analysis and conversion, business process re-engineering, systems and validation testing, code table repairs, training, agency marketing and pilot phase to go-live implementation.  Now is the time to start preparing. Some states are issuing grants for technical and consultative assistance.  You can check with your state LE agency or grant administrator.

Crime Stats & UCR for the Police Executive: Pacific Grove, September 19, 2016


Learn everything you need to know about your agency's numbers and how to keep your stats accurate. @ Pacific Grove Police Department


Evidence & Records: retention and destruction Wharton, TX Sep. 20, 2016


Learn what the law requires: how long should evidence be kept? What about the records associated with the case? When the court sends a letter saying the evidence can be destroyed, should it be? @ Wharton Civic Center


Managing Social Media & Body-cam Records Hollister CA September 29, 2016


All of the information you need regarding the current legal requirements and pending legal changes in your state for the proper management of social media and body-cam records. @ San Benito County Sheriff's Office


Building a Model Police Records Unit: Alcoa, Tennessee October 11-12, 2016


Law enforcement's premier records management course. Learn about the management of records operations, information, data and personnel. @

Alcoa Police Department


Managing Social Media & Body-cam Records Burnet, TX November 3, 2016


All of the information you need regarding the current legal requirements and pending legal changes in your state for the proper management of social media and body-cam records. @ Burnet County Sheriff's Office


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