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Body-worn Cameras Without a Plan: Trouble 


 Have you deployed cameras without a policy or plan of action? In our Body-Camera Records course we teach agencies the legal requirements and best practices for managing these new types of records.  During the discussions occurring in these seminars we are quickly learning that way too many agencies are deploying cameras without even a plan or policy in place.  Accordingly, we have met agencies that don't release ANY video and others that release them ALL.  Both approaches are violations of public records law in most states.  If your state has yet to legislate public records law related to video, then you must go by what existing law says.  To arbitrarily deny all requests or conversely release everything is to ask for a lawsuit served on a silver platter.  Learn the right way to stay in compliance at our training.


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Yes, They Are Records
Next to body-worn cameras, social media has taken law enforcement by storm over the last several years.  Used as a community collaboration and communication tool as well as an investigative tool, Twitter and Facebook have become standard operating procedure- but usually without "records" in mind.

What we are learning in our police records training seminars is that most agencies don't realize they are producing "records" which, depending on the content, may be subject to retention and release requirements according to state law.

If the information published has to do with official agency business in any way, the records must be archived according to an approved retention schedule. Additionally, if your agency is posting, as one example, a wanted photo related to a homicide offender, that record must also be retained for evidentiary purposes.  If a case gets solved according to information submitted to your Facebook or Twitter account (a tip), you can bet the information will become the subject of discovery and great interest in any court proceedings.  

Archiving Systems

There are companies who have developed archiving software systems to address these concerns for law enforcement that provide the ability to archive, track, research and dispose of historical social media (and email) posts. These systems can save you a ton of work and provide the ability for these records to be automatically destroyed according to your retention schedules. 

PRI has reviewed some of the systems on the market and recognize one that we like so much we have partnered with them:


PRI provides training in social media records management. Learn what the law requires in your state at one of our seminars!


Law Enforcement Records Management Conference August 8-10, 2016 
InterContinental Hotel New Orleans
LERM Conference
Professional development, networking and technology exhibition, all in beautiful reborn New Orleans!  This will be a great conference with training opportunities in today's records management operations and technology.  With a line-up of industry experts and vendors on display, attend the conference for just $295 or $250 for multiple agency attendees. 
Sponsors and exhibitors: this will be a great conference with opportunities for your own break-out sessions, direct marketing and more.  See details here.

Managing Social Media & Body-cam Records Folsom, CA November 13, 2015

Friday November 13, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM PST

All of the information you need regarding the current legal requirements and pending legal changes in your state for the proper management of social media and body-cam records.

Folsom Police Department


Building a Model Police Records Unit: Sausalito CA December 1-2, 2015

Tuesday December 1, 2015 at 8:00 AM PST -to- Wednesday December 2, 2015 at 4:00 PM PST

Sausalito, CA Bay Model Visitor Center. Law enforcement's premier records management seminar.


Managing Social Media & Body-cam Records Plano, TX December 10, 2015

Thursday December 10, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM CST

All of the information you need regarding the current legal requirements and pending legal changes in your state for the proper management of social media and body-cam records.

Plano-Richardson Police Training Center


Crime Stats & UCR for the Police Executive: Birmingham, AL, 2015  Dec 16, 2015

Wednesday December 16, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM CST

Learn everything you need to know about your agency's numbers and how to keep your stats accurate.  Birmingham Police Academy


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PRI Management Group specializes in assisting law enforcement with the proper management and fiscal control of these time consuming projects.  We have worked with most of the systems on the market and have managed police records units, IT units and tech projects in our former policing and technology careers.  

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