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Kansas votes to open some police records


FL Sheriff uses Google Search Appliance to search records 


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Did you know this about UCR?
Just because a warrant is obtained doesn't mean you can claim an arrest or an exceptional clearance. 
In order to clear a case by arrest when a warrant is obtained, the warrant has to be served.
And just because a warrant has been obtained doesn't necessarily mean you can clear a case by exception unless all 4 ex-clear requirements have been met.
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  Online police reporting risk! Agencies beware.
Systems that allow citizens to file a report online with a police department, include a narrative of the incident, and obtain a case number, can do so for illicit purposes.  PRI recently learned of a department that identified possible abuse of their online reporting system, thanks to their thorough quality control procedures. 
An astute records employee began to see a pattern of reports containing almost the exact same narrative describing how a person's identity was stolen.   All of the narratives read the same but the individuals names were different.  The department suspects these were false reports filed for the purposes of avoiding negative entries on the individuals credit histories by claiming ID theft to the credit bureaus.
Another place such abuse can occur are reports filed for "stolen" cell phones for the purposes of filing false claims in order to get a new phone.   

While these are great systems to have, their is plenty of room for abuse which is all the more reason police agencies must have thorough quality control procedures in place. This means reading reports, checking them for errors, omissions, UCR compliance and well written narratives which articulate the details of the incident and justify the title/classification. Failure to do so is what gets agencies in trouble- something PRI has written plenty about in past articles and has lot's of experience in.


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Building a Model Police Records Unit
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  • Develop a records management plan
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  • How to legally correct reports after the fact
  • Disposing of records legally and efficiently
  • Reviewing and approving reports
  • Developing a report writing manual
  • Developing a records unit manual
  • Developing performance and accountability standards
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Managing Police Records   
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  • Keeping track of what was destroyed and when
  • What records are permanent?
  • Records retention schedules and procedures
  • Police reports, email, financial records, supporting documentation, and more.
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Crime Stats & UCR for the Police Executive
Everything you need to know about your agency's numbers
Reading a UCR report is one thing;  understanding what the numbers represent and how to explain them to those who ask is something entirely different.  We teach you how. UCR is highly misunderstood and this class will provide the police executive or other interested employee a very practical understanding of the program. This class will give you the tools you need to understand, review and report your crime statistics and UCR numbers correctly (2 different things!).  Learn about what UCR is for, how it works and why it's done.
  • How crimes are counted and cleared
  • The real difference between persons crimes and property crimes
  • Why your analyst's numbers are always different than Records
  • When can you really exceptionally clear a case?
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls to accurate stats
  • Keep your agency out of the headlines
  • Are your officers reporting multiple crime incidents correctly
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