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 An Era of Ultimate Law Enforcement Transparency 

Automated license plate readers.  Drones.  Body worn cameras.  And Edward Snowden. What do these topics all have in common?  They're all practically household names and they all produce information which is heavily scrutinized and under attack.  The microscope on law enforcement, and its tools, it seems, isn't going away anytime soon.


A bill before the Kansas Legislature seeks to force law enforcement and prosecutors to make public the probable cause affidavits that support search warrants, which have been sealed since 1979.


The emerging laws which seek to balance privacy rights against law enforcement effectiveness through new police technologies mandate that agencies know precisely what they're doing and have systems and protocols in place to remain compliant. 


Who is at the center of it all? The two units which must work hand in hand on a daily basis to carry out the information management lifecycle: Records and I.T.- two groups of people with 2 very different functions with very similar goals in mind- producing accurate and timely information. These entities must be trained, empowered and relied upon to properly manage records and data.


We are truly in an era of transparency and the rules governing the legal management of information produced by law enforcement are many to say the least- CJIS policy, FOIA, CFR and UCR. It can be a daunting task to comply with it all; but, once an agency understands the lifecycle of information management and develops sound business processes in each of the steps within the lifecycle, it becomes a much easier proposition.  So here it is...


Every bit of information that an organization produces and receives as part of official business, whether on paper, in a computer, audio recording or videotape is: 



  1. Created
  2. Collected
  3. Processed
  4. Maintained
  5. Disseminated
  6. Disposed   




Our Building a Model Police Records Unit seminar provides the training your agency needs to manage information correctly, efficiently and professionally.  See our training schedule below...sign up today. Class locations have limited space and fill up quickly!  See you there.. 


 Police Records Training Seminars

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Building a Model Police Records Unit
A 2 day class for all police records, command and IT personnel. $375 

The only one of its kind, this two day course was developed by current law enforcement personnel and has received excellent reviews. Learn how to minimize liability, improve performance, empower the records function, build professionalism, and increase customer service. Designed for records managers, clerks and supervisors, this course teaches you how to run the records unit as if it were a business: efficiently, legally and customer focused. Learn practical techniques that will improve the operations of this critical support component.

  • Develop a records management plan
  • Gain compliance with UCR standards
  • Developing efficient report correction workflows
  • How to legally correct reports after the fact
  • Disposing of records legally and efficiently
  • Reviewing and approving reports
  • Developing a report writing manual
  • Developing a records unit manual
  • Developing performance and accountability standards
  • What technology can do for your agency
   Burlington, NC April 10-11th
Anchorage, AK April 17-18th
Orlando, FL April 24-25th
Georgetown, TX May 1-2nd
Highland Park, IL May 6-7th
Galt, CA May 19-20th

Managing Police Records   
All you need to know about the release and retention of public records and data.

This class provides the information you need to ensure your agency is in compliance with public records law. Do your personnel understand what information can really be released and when it should be destroyed? Learn how long to keep records, in what format, and what the requirements are for managing information:

  • What can be released to the public and when 
  • Keeping track of what was destroyed and when
  • What records are permanent?
  • Records retention schedules and procedures
  • Police reports, email, financial records, supporting documentation, and more.

 Orlando, FL. March 14th


Crime Stats & UCR for the Police Executive   
Everything you need to know about your agency's numbers 

Designed for the law enforcement executive or other employee interested in obtaining a very practical understanding of what UCR is, how it works, what it's designed for and how to explain it to those who question your numbers! Regarded by many attendees as the best UCR explanation they have ever heard, this class provides you the information you need to keep your crime stats accurate. 

  • How crimes are counted and cleared
  • The real difference between persons crimes and property crimes
  • Why your analyst's numbers are always different than Records
  • When can you really exceptionally clear a case?
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls to accurate stats
  • Keep your agency out of the headlines
  • Are your officers reporting multiple crime incidents correctly

Orlando, FL April 4th

Hamilton, OH June 9th


Our classes are consistently rated as "excellent" by attendees.

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Attendees receive an electronic course material, certificate, and great training that is hard to find. 




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