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Exceptionally Clearing Cases in UCR 
These conditions must be met first in order to claim an exceptional clearance: 
  1. The offender must have been identified.
  2. The exact location of the offender must be known.
  3. There is enough information to support an arrest, charge and prosecution of the offender.
  4. There is some reason beyond your control preventing an arrest or prosecution.  
Officer and consultant Nick Selby and his partner have launched StreetCred, a predictive intelligence software used to track down fugitives much more efficiently.  Increase revenue and cut down on man hours with this built-by- cops system. Nice work Nick!

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  CJIS Security Policy 5.2 Released 8/9/13 
CJIS Security Policy 5.2 has been released and includes several key changes.  Be sure your IT personnel and TAC are aware of this new release. The purpose of CJIS policy is to:
Provide guidance for the creation, viewing, modification, transmission, dissemination, storage, and destruction of CJI data. This policy applies to every individual-contractor, private entity, noncriminal justice agency representative, or member of a criminal justice entity-with access to, or who operate in support of, criminal justice services and information.

Key additions to 5.2:
  1. Personal firewall/antivirus software update requirement.
  2. Employment of white lists and black lists as an alternative control. 
  3. Devices that have been rooted or altered not authorized.
  4. Ensure that CJIS is only transferred between CJI authorized applications or storage areas of the device.
  5. Mobile Device Management service with a centralized administration capable of at least:
    • Remote locking of device
    • Remote wiping of device
    • Setting and locking of device

The use of smartphones, laptops, PDA's and net books which are used for criminal justice information and services must be compliant with this policy.  A mobile device management system helps achieve compliance and information security.  With the "bring your own device" (BYOD) phenomenon, this is important. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement chose Airwatch to manage its mobile devices. 


UCR and Crime Stat Presentation IACP 2013
Ed Claughton, CEO of PRI Management Group will be leading a panel presentation on UCR at IACP 2013 with Chief Ronal Serpas of the New Orleans Police Department and Inspector Bill Jessup of the Milwaukee Police Department.  "Crime Stats & UCR for the Police Executive: How to Stay Accurate and Out of the Headlines" is expected to be a popular session given the headlines lately on this topic. 
See us there Oct. 20th.

Orlando Police & Fire CAD Project

PRI Management Group has been selected as the City of Orlando's consultant to provide procurement and management services for the selection of a new CAD, AVL and MDC system for the police and fire departments.   


PERF Releases Report on COMPSTAT  

PERF's new report, "Compstat: Its Origins, Evolution, and Future in Law Enforcement Agencies,"  traces how Compstat came into being, how it changed as it spread to hundreds of police agencies across the country, and where it's headed for the future.  A great read.


Louisiana Chiefs Fall Conference

PRI Management Group will be providing Louisiana records management training at the LACP fall conference on Oct 17th. Designed for command staff personnel, learn about what can and cannot be released to the public and how to manage agency records in compliance with LA law.   


 Police Records Training Seminars 

Building a Model Police Records Unit
A 2 day class for all police records personnel. $375 

The only one of its kind, this two day course was developed by current law enforcement personnel and has received excellent reviews. Learn how to minimize liability, improve performance, empower the records function, build professionalism, and increase customer service. Designed for records managers, clerks and supervisors, this course teaches you how to run the records unit as if it were a business: efficiently, legally and customer focused. Learn practical techniques that will improve the operations of this critical support component.

  • Develop a records management plan
  • Gain compliance with UCR standards
  • Developing efficient report correction workflows
  • How to legally correct reports after the fact
  • Disposing of records legally and efficiently
  • Reviewing and approving reports
  • Developing a report writing manual
  • Developing a records unit manual
  • Developing performance and accountability standards
                  October 10th-11th Panama City Beach Police

Details & Registration Here

 More locations in Texas, California and Louisiana coming soon. 

Managing Police Records   
All you need to know about the release and retention of public info. $195 

This class provides the information you need to ensure your agency is in compliance with public records law. Do your personnel understand what information can really be released and when it should be destroyed? Learn how long to keep records, in what format, and what the requirements are for managing information:

  • What can be released to the public and when 
  • Keeping track of what was destroyed and when
  • What records are permanent?
  • Records retention schedules and procedures
  • Police reports, email, financial records, supporting documentation, and more.
September 16th Crestview FL Police Dept.

December 11th Cocoa FL Police Dept.

Details and Registration Here 


00% of attendees at our last class rated it as "excellent".

Read actual course reviews here

Attendees receive a workshop manual, certificate, and great training that is hard to find.