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Legal Brief

As of April 2012, Florida statute 119.071(4) exempts home addresses, telephone numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, and photographs of active or former sworn or civilian law enforcement personnel. 
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Exceptionally Clearing Cases in UCR 
You must meet these conditions first: 
  1. The offender must have been identified.
  2. The exact location of the offender must be known.
  3. There is enough information to support an arrest, charge and prosecution of the offender.
  4. There is some reason beyond your control preventing an arrest or prosecution.  
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_Leadership in law enforcement still an issue 

wrong way
In the last Records Room I mentioned an article about a failed police technology project in Pennsylvania in which the Chief displayed utter disregard for the concerns of his police officers.  Granted, maybe there's more to the story than what's in print but a leader should always put their employees first. It's just another reminder of how important strong leadership is. 

What happens where there is no leadership in the world of information technology management? 
  • A new system or new computers are purchased and end up sitting around in an office somewhere.
  • The wrong system or the wrong computers are purchased altogether.
  • What should cost $100,000 ends up costing $1,000,000.
  • What should only take about a year takes 5. 
  • Nothing works the way it should.

5 years.  That's how long one agency I know allowed a new computerized scheduling and payroll system to sit around on the shelf.  Shameful.  Nearly $100,000 paid for a system which is already half way through its technological life and police officers who are off are still having to be called on the phone one by one by a supervisor to work a shift when there's a vacancy.  OT and leave slips are filled out and routed by hand- a process which delays payroll almost every time checks have to be cut and keeps the payroll clerk in a constant game of catch-up. 


Copies of traffic crash reports can now be obtained online by the citizens and insurance companies who need them with the click of a mouse.  What does this have to do with leadership? How about the bureaucrat who doesn't want to get the system even though it doesn't cost the agency a dime because "we're not ready to go there yet".  Not good.


Why does this happen?  A few reasons include: 

  • Sometimes people emotionally empower themselves by creating an environment in which they always appear to be needed for something. What's really happening is they're creating bureaucracy and punishing everyone else for their intentionally created backlog.  
  • They're insecure and as such constantly have to be the one in charge. They micromanage and fail to let their employees work. 
  • They lack basic leadership skills. 
Be a strong leader and make solid decisions without being afraid.  Seek input from your staff.  Involve them in the decision making process.  Show respect and be honest.  Be a leader. 

 Police Records Seminars 

Building a Model Police Records Unit
A 2 day class for all police records personnel. $375 

The only one of its kind, this two day course was developed by current law enforcement personnel and has received excellent reviews. Learn how to minimize liability, improve performance, empower the records function, build professionalism, and increase customer service. Designed for records managers, clerks and supervisors, this course teaches you how to run the records unit as if it were a business: efficiently, legally and customer focused. Learn practical techniques that will improve the operations of this critical support component.

  • Develop a records management plan
  • Gain compliance with UCR standards
  • Developing efficient report correction workflows
  • How to legally correct reports after the fact
  • Disposing of records legally and efficiently
  • Reviewing and approving reports
  • Developing a report writing manual
  • Developing a records unit manual
  • Developing performance and accountability standards

June 13-14, North Charleston, SC. Police Dept.   

June 27-28, Los Angeles, CA  
July 25-26, Meridian, MS Police Dept.   
August 15-16, Santa Fe College Police Dept. Gainesville, FL   

Oct. 10-11, Panama City Beach Police Dept.

Managing Police Records   
A 1 day class for anyone who manages agency records. $195 

This class provides the information you need to ensure your agency is in compliance with public records law. Do your personnel understand what information can really be released and when it should be destroyed? Learn how long to keep records, in what format, and what the requirements are for managing information:

  • Learn the latest public records law
  • Keeping track of what was destroyed and when
  • What records are permanent?
  • Records retention schedules and procedures
  • Police reports, email, financial records, supporting documentation, and more.
May 31, 2013 Orlando, FL   

September 16, 2013 Crestview, FL  



100% of attendees at our last class rated it as "excellent".

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Attendees receive a workshop manual, certificate, and great training that is hard to find. 



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