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Issue: #4June 1, 2015
Unicameral Session Wraps Up May 29

IIAN Tackles Uninsured Independent Contractor Issue


The 2015 Nebraska legislature's "long" session ended one day early, on May 29.  Of the 41 bills on IIAN's "watch list" which impact insurance agents, consumers, or the industry, 12 passed, and one was killed.  Big "I" representatives testified at committee hearings for four bills early in the session.


Uninsured Independent Contractor Bill Ready For Action Next Year

        IIAN's top issue for the two-year legislative session, LB 276, was introduced by Business & Labor Committee Chairman Burke Harr of Omaha at IIAN's request, to address the growing problem of independent contractors who do not insure themselves for workers compensation.  After a successful grassroots campaign by IIAN members earlier this spring, LB 276 was advanced to General File (ready for first-round debate) unanimously by members of the Business & Labor Committee, with a  compromise amendment limiting the scope of the bill to construction work.  Since it was not named a "priority" this year, LB 276 will be "carried over" to the 2016 "short" session, and is well-positioned to move forward next year.  In the interim, IIAN will work with senators and stakeholders on possible improvements.  
Download IIAN White Paper  on why LB 276 is needed in Nebraska, and what's in the bill as amended.  


Among the insurance-related measures which did pass this year are:
Transportation Network Company Regulation/Insurance - LB 629Prescribes regulation and insurance requirements for transportation network companies (TNC's - like Uber and Lyft).  Effective September 1, 2015, the TNC and driver must provide standard liability insurance when the TNC app is turned on and $1,000,000 in coverage in route or with passengers on board. Transportation Networking Companies must notify drivers about insurance coverage/deductibles and that many personal policies do not provide coverage when the TNC app is logged on. Personal insurers may exclude coverage to TNC drivers and drivers must have comprehensive and collision coverage if required by lien holders. 
Workers' Compensation "Package" - LB 480:  Includes non-controversial, employer-friendly revisions, including the denial of Workers' Compensation benefits if an employee knowingly and willfully makes false statements when applying for a position with the employer.

Limited Liability For Agri-Tourism - LB 329:  Promotes tourism and rural economic development by limiting a landowner's civil liability when allowing public access for agricultural, historical, cultural, and other agri-tourism activities for a fee. Liability will be limited only for injuries occurring as a result of conditions or hazards that are an integral part of the land or waters used for agritourism activities on the landowner's property. The bill states that visitors must be warned of potential dangers by a posted sign or in a contract.


The following bills will be carried over to the 2016 session:  

LB 223 (change Insured Homeowners Protection Act, with amendment); and
LB 632 (health benefit plans - allow producer compensation outside of policy premium, with amendment).  IIAN met with Sen. Scheer, along with NAIFA and NAHU representatives, this spring to discuss an additional amendment to LB 632.   The concepts of the bill will be the subject of an interim study this coming fall (LR 324).
LB 628 (electronic posting of P&C policies and notices) ended the session stuck in the Banking, Commerce, and Insurance Committee.  IIAN supports LB 628, pending an amendment providing further protection for consumers and insurance producers.


Killed: LB 213 (withhold insurance proceeds for demolition) - IIAN testified in opposition at the bill's hearing. It would have required the insurer to withhold 10% from the insurance proceeds for a materially damaged structure, to be placed in escrow by a city or county.

For a recap of all of the bills on IIAN's watch list - click here.
Read the full text of any bill using the "Bill Search" feature on the Unicameral website - click here.
IIAN PAC Sponsors Governor's Reception May 4 In Lincoln

Your PAC Dollars At Work


L to R:  Jeremiah Gudding, Cody Krull, Kevin Krull, Governor Ricketts, John Deadorff, Vincent Christensen at the Governor's reception on May 4 in Lincoln.
Thanks to support from members of IIAN's "Circle of Eagles, IIAN's political action committee (IIAN-PAC) was a major sponsor of a fundraiser for Governor Pete Ricketts on May 4, at Billy's Restaurant in Lincoln.  The reception was attended by young agents from IIAN's first inaugural "Innovative Leadership" program, and their agency managers, who visited with the governor and other administration officials.

Did you know . . . 
that in last November's general election, IIAN-PAC distributed $17,200, and scored a 72% victory rate in 24 Unicameral races, successfully helping to re-elect seven incumbents who took up leadership positions in the 2015-16 Unicameral session, along with independent agent Mark Kolterman from York.  IIAN-PAC also endorsed and supported Governor Ricketts before the election.
Or that your national Big "I" political action committee (InsurPac) is now a "$1,000,000 PAC", representing more than 5,000 independent agents nationwide, and distributed more than $1.8 million in the 2014 campaign cycle resulting in an amazing 93% congressional victory rate

With so many industry-related issues before Congress - click here - and IIAN's bill to solve the problem of uninsured independent contractors (LB 276) coming back to the  Unicameral in 2016 - your support is needed now more than ever!  The reality is that even the best lobbyists and effective grassroots action can't get the job done without our ability to speak with a unified voice through our two Big "I" Political Action Committees.


Our goal is to expand our "Circle of Eagles" - a significant group of Nebraska independent agents who pledge their support of the Big "I" government affairs agenda by investing in InsurPac and IIAN-PAC.  Click here to see who joined the Circle in 2014.

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