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From IIAN's Agency Services DivisionMarch 2013
IIAN's New Remote Staffing Solution - WAHVE
Members Can Save Up To 40% On New Staffing Expense
IIAN is excited to introduce our newly endorsed remote staffing solution -  WAHVE (Work At Home Vintage Employees). WAHVE's mission is to provide the highest quality, most innovative onshore remote staffing services to insurance agents, brokers and insurers. WAHVE can help achieve significant savings and growth by recapturing the brain trust of insurance industry retirees.

WAHVEs can be used on a full- or part-time basis to perform project work, complete all types of process work in support of agency managers and customer service representatives, including checking policies and certificates of issuance, or fill a CSR or sales/marketing position. A WAHVE can also help support existing producers by freeing them up to spend more time with clients so the agency or company can be more client-focused than process-focused.


Learn more about this new member benefit by clicking here  - and visit WAHVE's web site here.  For immediate questions, contact Phil Harr at IIAN - 1-800-377-3985,
Try IIAN's "Market Search"
Free Service For Big "I" Member Agencies and Companies
Are you trying to find an immediate market for a hard to place commercial or personal risk, a specific product/service, or a market for a book of business?
IIAN has created a pathway to quickly help you seek and find a market.  This new members-only service will reduce the valuable time you spend searching for markets!   Y
ou make your secure request online - your request will then be e-mailed to participating IIAN Associate member companies. Upon receipt of your request, interested markets can respond directly and privately to you.   

CLICK HERE to login and access IIAN Find A Market.

Be Ready For Flooding From Spring Thaw

   During the spring, frozen land prevents melting snow or rainfall from seeping into the ground. Each cubic foot of compacted snow contains gallons of water and once the snow melts, it can result in the overflow of streams, rivers and lakes. Add spring storms to that and the result is often serious, spring flooding. 
   Make sure you are not giving your clients the wrong perception of the flood risk and also that you are offering the coverage.  Say something like:  "We are all at risk for flood.  You may not be required by a lender to carry flood insurance, but you are at risk.  Let's find out your flood zone to see if you are in a high, moderate or low risk zone and then see what the insurance premium would be.  For a quick check, visit ."
   Big "I" Flood can help you determine the zone and the coverage for your clients.  Visit:  for more information on Big "I" Flood or contact program manager, Linda Mackey (; 800-221-7917, ext. 5380

As a member of the Big "I", your agency has access to exclusive markets and services for your agency and your customers.  When you're looking for a stand-alone or specialty P/C market, premium financing, or help with life and health markets - remember we're here for you! 

IIAN offers your agency all of these high-quality members-only products and services through Nebraska Agency Services Corporation (NASC), IIAN's wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary.  


Call us any time!  1-800-377-3985

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