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From IIAN's Agency Services DivisionDecember 2012

When Things Are Changing . . . . 

                              . . . . You Can Count On OCI

The Best Health & Group Benefits Markets & Service

Changing times often mean great opportunity - especially when you have a marketing partner like OCI.  

Don't pass up those commission dollars!  

For over 25 years, OCI has seen the Health insurance marketplace change and evolve. From the first days of managed care to the current consumer driven health care models, OCI is always looking for the best products to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. OCI has a simple philosophy - to help insurance professionals in the confusing and complex world of Health insurance and Employee Benefits. 

Now, more than ever, is the time to diversify your agency by partnering with IIAN's Health and Group Benefits marketing partner!  Click here  to see how OCI can take the hassle and bother out of Health Insurance and Employee Benefits - and watch those commission dollars come rolling in.
As a Big "I" member, your agency will find an unparalleled level of assistance with OCI:

  • "Preferred-status" access to a wide range of employee benefits, individual and senior health, and dental insurance -- and customized marketing support.
  • You call the shots with your clients! OCI will work with you at whatever level of involvement you need - they can provide front-end, back-end, and complete customer service.
  • OCI's rewards are equal to anything in the marketplace, guaranteed.

Having somewhere to turn with questions and problems, makes OCI the type of clearing house that your agency will appreciate.


To get started contact Mark Schlange at OCI - 402-330-8700   

Questions?  Call Phil Harr, IIAN Marketing Representative

RLI's Stand-Alone A+ Rated Personal Umbrella Policy Includes Excess UM/UIM Coverage 

Protect Your Clients & Your Agency

RLIYou can do your clients a tremendous service by asking them to consider the risk of not protecting themselves against uninsured and underinsured motorists - and you might be surprised how easy it is to provide high limits and cost-effective protection using a personal umbrella policy, like the RLI stand-alone personal umbrella through the Big "I". Not only will you protect yourself against a leading cause of agency E&O claims-failure to offer coverage - but you will also bring to the client's attention the risk of no liability coverage in the event of a major injury - and increase agency revenue at the same time. 


For situations where the insured is with disparate underlying insurers or the umbrella carrier on the primary does not have excess UM/UIM, IIAN members have an excellent alternative. IIAN's long-time company partner RLI offers $1 million of excess UM/UIM coverage in Nebraska with every personal umbrella policy.   For more information, click here or contact Cheryl Novacek 1-800-377-3985,

Imperial PFS Can Help You Retain Business 

Flexibility Is Key In Premium Financing

As pricing in some lines is on an upward trajectory, your clients are all looking for the most economical and efficient way to purchase everything - including their insurance coverage. IIAN's premium finance partner - Imperial PFS - has the flexibility to assist your clients in a hardening marketplace.


Nebraska representative Mike Keegan says, "I believe the true value of our services comes from our ability to be flexible when it comes to special requests and circumstances. Although most loans are done at 25% down and 9 monthly installments so we remain collateralized in the loan, we have offered assistance with alternative terms when an IIAN member is trying to help a client. An increase in the number of monthly installments, an adjustment to the down payment, and/or a lower interest rate are common ways we can assist.

We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and semi-annual payment plans. We also have a payment plan - Deposit Agreement - where the insured places his down payment in escrow with Imperial PFS and we finance 100% of the annual premium for 11 installments. We pay the insured 3.25% or prime rate on the deposit. At renewal, since we already have the insured's previous deposit we simply finance the new term for 11 monthly installments again without an additional down payment. This type of program can help IIAN members retain the insured's business for a number of years."  
And remember - when you choose Imperial PFS, you support IIAN education and advocacy programs!  Give Mike Keegan a call - 800.255.6316, Cell 913.461.7594
As a member of the Big "I", your agency has access to exclusive markets and services for your agency and your customers.  When you're looking for a stand-alone or specialty P/C market, premium financing, or help with life and health markets - remember we're here for you! 

IIAN offers your agency all of these high-quality members-only products and services through Nebraska Agency Services Corporation (NASC), IIAN's wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary.  


Call us any time!  1-800-377-3985

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